I inherited my first graphic tablet in 2010 from my boyfriend of that time because he had accidentally dropped the USB plug into a bowl of tomato soup and it wouldn’t work anymore for a while. The rubber on the pen pretty much dissolved and the nib hadn’t been changed for years even before that. But it was the only thing I had besides a mouse and I loved it to bits.

That is also why time and time again I just would not be able to bring myself to upgrade - what I had was fine, after all, and I didn’t feel like newer hardware would mean for better artwork. 

I still don’t think it does but after having a Companion on my desk now… I can at least definitely say THIS. IS. FUN. AHHH ♥

The GrutBrushes Photoshop brush stroke guide is here!

You can now see hand drawn brush strokes drawn with every single Photoshop brush on the site by downloading the brush stroke reference guide from the new ‘resources‘ section on GrutBrushes.com  It’s available to download as either a JPG or PDF (It’s a tall image, so be sure to zoom in!) Or view the online version where you can hover over a brush stroke and see it up close with a magnifier window.

There are more guides on the way, including a detailed brush stroke sampler for each brush that shows a standard variety of brush stroke drills. Inspired by the excellent real media brush reviews by  Teoh Yi Chie of Parka Blogs who turns reviewing art supplies into an art form of it’s own.

Of course, the best way to preview the brushes is still to click the play icon on each brush in the shop and watch it drawing ‘live’ in front of your eyes. But I hope the one page catalogs will be a useful visual references when you are looking through your list of GrutBrushes or just need some inspiration.

GrutBrushes Brush Stroke Guides:

GrutBrushes Online Brush Stroke Reference

GrutBrushes Brush Stroke Guide Cheat Sheet Now available! More info on GrutBrushes.com

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I feel like shooting myself cuz i lost lost the stylus for my Wacom tablet and a replacement costs $40 so i gotta find it. My mom said she’d pay half of it but still ew

Later today and the rest of the week I’m gonna be busy packing boxes bc I’m moving soon so I’ll probably find it somewhere in the house

Also, I’m gonna get Paint Tool SAI and use the hell out of that free trial so i can get some prints down. I’ve been thinking of selling prints for quite some time. I’m already creating an Etsy to sell Pearls Spear and Roses Sword and i wanna take the opportunity to start selling art on Etsy

Recommended Tablets?

My Wacom Bamboo Fun I’m pretty sure is on its last legs.  With me constantly reinstalling the driver only to have it crash sudden while working on art, figured its time to get a new one.  Think this baby is going on 6 or 7 years old now so its no surprised its acting up.

What tablets do you folks have and what would you recommend?  I’m trying to stay with Wacom but looking to stay in a good price range.