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Why Doom's multiplayer isn't an arena shooter

You know Bethesda messed Doom’s multiplayer up real bad when even IGN is calling them out on it.

Bethesda President: “Okay so ID Software is hard at work on the singleplayer campaign of DOOM,  Escalation Studios is working on SNAPMAP, but who do we get to make the multiplayer? I mean, it’s DOOM so its gotta have a multiplayer. DOOM invented deathmatch!

Bethesda Employee: “What about Certain Affinity?”

Bethesda President: “You mean the guys who made the worst multiplayers of both the Call of Duty franchise AND Halo franchise? Who also really fucked up the Master Chief’s collection’s online which is STILL broken to this day from what I hear?”

Bethesda Employee: “Yeah.”

Bethesda President: “ I can’t think of anyone less qualified to do the multiplayer for such an iconic, legendary series such as DOOM. Call them up!”

I just… what the fuck, man. The fact that they’re also doing paid DLC for the multiplayer that includes maps and weapons which is only going to split up the player base, further ensuring the multiplayer dies within’ 3 months is just… WHAT THE FUCK KIND OF WACKY TOBACKY ARE THEY SMOKING AT BETHESDA?!