wacky words

Need to come up with a consistent shade of Black that can be separate from pitch black outlines for different monitors.

Lot of my characters have black in their color scheme

What wacky word I came up can you read with no problem before you have to start squinting or struggling? And can you read that right text no problem?

[It’s based on that drunk whore Elsie, from Cabaret] You know, if I was ever gonna start a music festival, I wanted to have it somewhat be associated with a pill addicted dead hooker. [Yeah, well I mean we all do, but you actually thought of it. The first name was gonna be-] Well I was joking with you on the phone and I said Hullabaloo. And you were so into it! That’s when I went “Aw shit I should’ve called it Hullabaloo”. But Elsie to me is just so charming. Hullabaloo sounded like I trying to make it sound like Bonnaroo or Coachella or one of these kind of *wacky spirit words*. And, you know, “When I go I’m going like Elsie”.