wacky wavy inflatable tube man

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The dark helped hide her away from the crew unloading freight and materials from the large ship that was docked nearby. It had been her only route to the place she’d heard could be hit next, though from what she wasn’t entirely sure. Still, it was a lead.

Now if it had been anyone else, maybe they could have made it through the maze of freight in a pretty cool, show-off kind of fashion. However, this was Eddie so she was more like a clumsy wacky wavy inflatable arm flailing tube man. She snorted at the thought, shaking her head before jumping and crouching behind a box before a man could catch her. She watched the flashlight bounce over obstacles and swing back and forth, but she could have sworn she’d been quiet on her way through. Despite how suspicious the movements of the flashlight were, the man himself seemed unperturbed, so as soon as he rounded a corner Eddie got up and continued at a faster stroll.

A nearby ladder caught her eye; the rooftops would ensure she’d get away, and that also meant she wasn’t far from a road.She hurried to the ladder, glancing back to make sure nobody had caught her, and then started her ascent. Don\’t look down… she told herself in her head. The metal was old, kind of creaky and cool to the touch; thankfully she had had to touch much colder things in the dead of winter, so she was accustomed to the temperature.

With one last heave, she pulled herself up onto the rooftop of the fairly short building, breathing a sigh of relief but refusing to look behind her.

Hmmm… she murmured to herself, taking slow, careful steps forward to see where she could go. A thin gap separated the building she stood on from another one, and she could see a ladder on the other side of the other building. All she had to do was hop over, and then she’d be free.

The woman failed to hear someone nearby, which is a surprise given she should have been paying a lot more attention to her surroundings, but instead focused on the gap. Fear clutched her, but before she could reconsider, she took a few steps back, and then took a running leap over the gap. A whoop of victory caught in her throat as she landed safely, but right in front of a stranger. She stared up into his face, eyes widening and a small squeak being uttered from tight lips. Her entire body tensed, and despite how nervous she normally was she was more like a deer in the headlights now. So many thoughts ran through her head she couldn’t properly function.

He can see you. Well, no duh. He can so easily kill you. Knife to the throat, pushed off the building, beaten to a pulp. You can’t defend yourself. Too close. Its suicide, you’ll burn yourself too. Goodbye world.

Finally she fell back on her ass, so overwhelmed by her own brain tht she couldn’t handle much at all. She forced herself not to cry, instead hiding her face with shadow and wrapping her arms around herself, before softly uttering the words,

Who are you…?