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i miss the lilo water fights, i miss louis being a general menace onstage, i miss liam yelling “sing it” and telling the crowd they’re the loudest when he said the same thing the night before, i miss harry’s weird rants (see: poutine) and wacky outfits with his titties out, i miss niall jumping into the air so high he defies the law of gravity, i miss larry doing their power couple strut down the runway, i miss harry interacting with every dad he saw and spitting out his water resembling a whale, i miss the fan interactions, i miss how carefree and fun the concerts were and how that one time when they were having technical difficulties they gladly sang act my age about a dozen times, i miss all of it

Imagine Rafael finding out you can speak Spanish

(A/N: For Anon. I hope you and everyone else enjoys this! Sorry, it’s short as well!) 

Disclaimer: I don’t know Spanish so all the Spanish in this is from Google translate. So I’m sorry if it’s incorrect. 

Imagine Rafael finding out you can speak Spanish

Your Dad always empathized how important learning languages was and always encouraged you to pursue it. You can remember the lecture he gave you and your siblings when it was the right time. Always encouraging you all to go and take the opportunity to learn a second language. Not only does it have cognitive benefits, it also helps you become better learners as well as help you understand cultures other than your own.

But the most important reason for him was that it would help you connect with people. Like it had helped him. When your Dad first became a cop all he knew was English and he didn’t have any interest in learning another. That was until he was the first responder to a crime-scene and he couldn’t do anything because he couldn’t speak to the victim or the witnesses. He had to wait and depend on someone else to help these people. And he didn’t like that. His job was to protect the people of the city and that meant everyone in the city. That weekend he started learning Spanish. He also went on to learn Russian as well as Gaelic.

He became a lover of languages and you were definitely the same. Your siblings all learned second languages as well but none of them loved them like you did. It may be because unlike them you learned your first-second language very young and not in high school like them. Danny learned Spanish, Erin, and Joe learned French and Jamie learned German.

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one subtle, yet also stark difference between gmw and andi mack is… the kids are dressed like KIDS! take andi’s chill overall shorts and sneakers outfit, for example! riley and maya were legit wearing 6 inch chunky heels to school!!! they had the funkiest clothes and perfectly styled hair, etc. granted, lizzie mcguire had cool outfits and wacky hairstyles, but it still felt “young.” i’m 23 and I’d watch gmw and look at their outfits and think “oh wow… is this how middle schoolers are dressing these days?! am i THAT out of touch? because this doesn’t seem normal/relatable…” I think Disney got amber’s look on point though. it’s very basic 2k17 instagram-obsessed freshman in comparison to andi and her friends, lol.

Day #14: Favorite outfit

Gloria’s patient gown with childlike self portrait and sticking mud clods and that flowerpot trailing behind has got my heart:

I’m also madly in love with Edgar’s appearance, especially with tats (how astoundingly they glow in Black Velvetopia!):

And jeez, how can I not to mention Loboto’s wacky outfit. I love everything in his odious look:

Things to consider:
-eyebrows on fleek
-not evil
-very welcoming actually
-most sexualy confusing creature alive
-designs clothes for supervillans
-the Edna Mode of supervillan fashion


My four main (current) Miitomo outfits as well as my Miitomo QR code for all those requesting non-wacky images of my outfits as well as the code!

In Order:

Outfit #1 - Princess Dress Set

Outfit #2 - Steampunk Dress Set

Outfit #3 - Blue Rose Bouquet Dress Set

Outfit #4 - Lacy Cherry-Blossom Dress Set

and of course my Miitomo QR code!

Hopefully Nintendo will add in a way to send out friends requests to ANYONE, but for the time being if you see me on any of your existing Miitomo Friends “Friends Lists”, feel free to add me, I accept every friends request I get!

The Life Of An Underage Little

I wake up in the mornings (half-way stwill asweep because I love sweep.) I go to school dressed in my wacky outfits that I despretly love (everyone else tinks i’m crazy for what I wear. But, I can’t help that I WOVE overalls and wedges; although I shouldn’t wear them.) I come home from school (and let me tell you, sometime I just come home and crash out on my bed. I grab my Snoopy stuffie and cuddle it till it suffocates which worries me.) and spend time with my mom. She tinks i’m goofy because I like to make jokes and giggle but, that’s just me. I go to my room after a while, and put my puppy on my bed so I can cuddle with him until, he jumps off and plays around. I’ll read, or play music and dance all crazy like no ones watching me (but, I know my mom comes in and looks at me dancing), or i’ll sit on the balconey and talk to the people passing by, although, I shouldn’t be talking to strangers. Then, i’ll watch my favorite TV shows (Tom and Jerry or Spongebob) till I get sweepy and go to sweep.

Although, I go to sweep with no daddy and I weally want one,. Maybe, I’ll have a daddy one day

TRANSLATION: What Stars' Golden Globes Outfits Are REALLY Saying

Hours of thought go into the making of a red carpet moment. What a star looks like, what brand she wears, what color, what her hair looks like - all of this is carefully calculated into her star image. That is, it must add up to how we, as the audience, see her. If it doesn’t, we get upset. 

(I.e.: If a wacky star wears a wacky outfit, it’s ok by us. If a poised, perma-polished star does, well then off with her head.)

This year I’m revealing what the stars are actually saying with their Golden Globes 2015 outfits.

What if the Autobots didn’t come back to Earth for like a decade or something because they were so busy, and Bulkhead’s out looking for Miko, like he’s traced her new address and everything to find out where she went. He parks in the street and waits on her to come outside, doesn’t even call her, just waits to make it a surprise so he can see that happy look on her face. She’s all grown up, she has grown out her hair (still black with pink highlights), she’s in formal clothing instead of her wacky teenage punk rock outfit, and she’s next to this bulky looking fella who works in construction (like he looks like Bulkhead if he were humanoid) and that’s her boyfriend. Bulkhead’s starting to get sad and thinks she’s moved on, so he’s about to drive away when Miko spots her old friend by the curb and, without even warning anybody, she just runs over and throws herself onto the hood in a mock hug and she’s got a tear down her face as she says “I missed you, Bulk.”