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i miss the lilo water fights, i miss louis being a general menace onstage, i miss liam yelling “sing it” and telling the crowd they’re the loudest when he said the same thing the night before, i miss harry’s weird rants (see: poutine) and wacky outfits with his titties out, i miss niall jumping into the air so high he defies the law of gravity, i miss larry doing their power couple strut down the runway, i miss harry interacting with every dad he saw and spitting out his water resembling a whale, i miss the fan interactions, i miss how carefree and fun the concerts were and how that one time when they were having technical difficulties they gladly sang act my age about a dozen times, i miss all of it

anonymous asked:

nothing personal, but u kinda come off as privileged and lazy; no set aspirations and no desire to get a job bc ur well off financially. you paint yourself as someone who spends half her day online and the other half perusing for wacky outfits to post online. wish you'd reveal a more significant facet of yourself.

tbh this is v rude! i have MANY set aspirations and i’m not sure why you think you have the right to assume that i don’t? i don’t want a normal job and right now i’m taking the time to figure out what it is i want to do to make money on my own. yes, i am EXTREMELY privileged that i am able to go to school in NYC and not work. and i’m very aware of that. but you have no right to tell me i have no aspirations just bc i got lucky in the fact that my parents can currently support me???? i want to get an internship over the summer but rn i simply don’t have the time. lol if you watch my videos you would clearly be able to see that i care about much more than social media and creating “wacky outfits” so idk where u r coming from here. 


My four main (current) Miitomo outfits as well as my Miitomo QR code for all those requesting non-wacky images of my outfits as well as the code!

In Order:

Outfit #1 - Princess Dress Set

Outfit #2 - Steampunk Dress Set

Outfit #3 - Blue Rose Bouquet Dress Set

Outfit #4 - Lacy Cherry-Blossom Dress Set

and of course my Miitomo QR code!

Hopefully Nintendo will add in a way to send out friends requests to ANYONE, but for the time being if you see me on any of your existing Miitomo Friends “Friends Lists”, feel free to add me, I accept every friends request I get!

Favorite Celebrity Style of 2015 : Ranveer Singh (Day 9)

Ranveer Singh is turning out to be one of Bollywood’s gems after giving a memorable performance in Bajirao Mastani. Not only is he an amazing actor, he is one charming person which energy like no one else!

But I’m here to talk about his out-of-the-world fashion sense which only he can pull off. From Rohit Bal to Krity De Cunhe, he has tried it all and while some may not have liked it, majority loved it!

Be it the airport trips or red carpet events, his wacky yet pretty stylish outfits always makes him stand out. So, let’s take a trip to his 2015 fashion road.

For promotional (and other formal) events, his outfits are mostly styled according to his movie, so, expect a lot of fashionable spice coming up!

And for the red carpet events, he mostly keeps them normal with suits but the spice is still on!

I personally look forward to his appearances very much and hope there are many more in 2016…

Ranveer’s style is eccentric!

Watch on stopandimaginelove.tumblr.com

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