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You know what’s kind of exciting? Since gemstones are pretty much just elements and minerals compressed by gravity and and heat (and gravity and heat and those same elements exist pretty much throughout the known universe) it’s very likely that alien races, no matter how different their biology is from us, are going to encounter more or less the same gems and gemstones we have. So a planet of beings we could scarcely comprehend and that could scarcely comprehend us could watch a marriage proposal and still understand that a grand gesture of emotion is being made because, wouldn’t ya know, they exchange those same hyper compressed nuggets of carbon to express their affection too? What a wacky coincidence!

And then maybe there’s life in other places where the composition of their planet is vastly different and almost exclusively corundum and they have enormous mountains of emerald and sapphire and its their favorite building material because its so common and pretty and then they come to our planet and they’re like look! look at what those humans are wearing! and its emeralds and sapphires and they realize how highly we value and adore the basic building blocks of their home planet and their entire species just swells up with pride because those little squishy pink and brown aliens think their world is just as beautiful as they do.

And we all achieve a greater understanding and appreciation for each other because no matter how differently we may function or behave we all have a special appreciation for these colorful little lumps of pressure and heat that goes beyond our vastly different biology.

Diamonds are a sentient beings best friend!




OKAY LIKE UH it’s no secret that Dr. Ogura super resembles Hugh’s Laurie’s character Dr. House from House MD



So Ogura’s seiyuu is Hiroyuki Kinoshita(木下 浩之)!! right YOU’ve heard him in the anime??

well FUCKINg guess what!!!

He ALSO does the Japanese dub voice for Dr. House!!!

>>>>The voice in action!!!<<<<

(bonus interview with Kinoshita about House ig)

I mean my conclusion for this post is that this is probably blatant? Or a wacky coincidence. Either way its kinda funny

I’ve seen a lot of people debating the Team Parent!Combeferre trope on my dash lately and it got me thinking about that, and I realized WAIT, he actually NEVER does that? Like, any at all? WHICH IS WEIRD, because everything about his introduction seems set up for it! But NOPE– Combeferre’s version of balancing out his friends is debating and challenging political ideas. On the domestic side? If someone’s going to be  herding the cats, making sure friends behave themselves and Play Nice With Others and Go Out and Get Some Sun and wear nice clothes, goodness, you’ll feel better…

It’s The Never Be Lawyers crew. Within the Amis themselves, it’s *especially* Bossuet and Bahorel, and Joly later, at the barricades. (There’s no doubt Courfeyrac does the Life Mentoring Thing, but it’s always with Marius, who, frankly, needs all the help he can get. With his other, more-assured friends, Courfeyrac is much less Mother Hen.) Bahorel’s the one giving fashion and relationship advice (yes, that is terrifying, but IT APPARENTLY WORKS?!?); Bossuet’s the one helping people with homework and being Team Therapist pre-barricade (where he and Courfeyrac both take up the role); he and Joly are the only ones who appear aware that weather is even a thing that exists.  THE LAW SCHOOL SLACKERS ARE THE TEAM PARENTS.

It’s a wonder any of them lived as far as the barricades, really.

Five Minutes Older -- Chapter Three: Unappreciated In My Time

Chapter One - Chapter Two - Chapter Three - Chapter Four - Chapter Five -  Chapter Six - Chapter Seven - Chapter Eight  - Chapter Nine  - Chapter Ten - Chapter Eleven

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This is chapter three of the Time Stuck AU fic, where Mabel is trapped back in time with a younger version of Stan.

Mabel, Arkansas, 1979

“Who wants gas station burritos?”

“I do, I do!” Mabel yelled, raising both hands. Stan put a warm, plastic-wrapped package in one and a bottle of soda in the other. As he settled into the driver’s seat with a cup of coffee and a package of his own, Mabel clambered over the divider and into the passenger seat.

While Stan had been getting gas and food, Mabel had changed into her back up sweater, brushed her hair and pulled it back with a headband. She’d also covered her scrapes with a couple of band aids and used a water bottle from her backpack to wash her face. She felt much more ready to face the day now.

“Oooooh….hot on the outside, cold in the middle.” she said, taking a bite of her breakfast. “It’s like two burritos in one!”

“Heh.” Stan smiled at her while she ate. “So, uh, how often do kids need food again? Like, once a week? That’s close, right?”

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lindlarpd  asked:

Hey, huge fan of your work. I just started watching Cracked "After Hours" and wanted to ask if you meant to include a certain reference. In the video "4 Movie Apocalypses That Would Be More Fun than Reality", ~6:41, M. Swaim throws water out into the desert behind him, then says, "Surely we must die". Was this a reference to the Biblical verse 2 Samuel 14:14 which states "Like water spilled on the ground, which cannot be recovered, so we must die..."? Sorry if I'm not the first to ask this.

Hahahha. Nope! That’s just a wacky coincidence. This is the second time we’ve accidentally inserted a Biblical reference in a Cracked video (the first time was in Agents of Cracked, when people were sure that we were referencing a specific passage based on the time my watch showed [2:22]).

I just saw a pic from the David Bowie video with Tilda Swinton (haven’t actually seen the video). Her hair’s done to look vaguely like his, and they’re wearing identical suits.

So, David Bowie and Thom Yorke just happened to release music videos featuring themselves and a woman wearing identical suits and hairstyles, a mere couple of weeks or so apart?


paynegerouslyinlove-deactivated  asked:

Is it me or is Niall becoming the band's new Top Hoe? I don't recall even Harry or Zayn being linked to so many women this aggressively. I can't believe they axed Niallissa before Sophiam and even Zerrie...I was sure it'd outlast Zerrie, at least. And he's been linked to, what, three other women in the last few days? And right before OTRA Europe begins too. It's like M!M is not even trying to make it look real anymore.

Yeah, I was surprised to see such an aggressive Niall-the-ladies-man push today. There was so much I missed this one earlier:

Niall Horan has ALL the ladies falling at his feet this week and this afternoon Fifth Harmony’s Camila Cabello, Dinah Jane Hansen were positively raving about the One Direction star.

Niall hung out with the girls at the Britain’s Got Talent final on Sunday night and again afterwards, when a group of celebrities all headed out to Libertine nightclub in London for the ITV wrap party.

Camila Cabello and Dinah Jane Hansen told Capital FM that they enjoyed the Irish star’s laid back manner and amazing sense of humour and it sounds like they were rather smitten by the Steal My Girl hitmaker.

Really? This is fantastic. I’m so entertained. Niall is killing it. So let’s do a check list of all the ladies who will meeting up this Saturday to rumble for Niall’s affections at the Summertime Ball:

  • Camila Cabello
  • Dinah Jane Hansen
  • Ariana Grande
  • Jade Thirlwall

Another one of those wacky coincidences! I can’t wait for The Sun to report how Niall ran from dressing room to dressing room like…

If what they’re doing with Niall is any indication of how 1DHQ is gonna play it this week and beyond, I can’t wait to see what’s next. :P