Why must every villain be an INTJ?

Every type has the potential to be a bad guy.

Not to mention how many opportunities we’re missing by not bothering to have the other types as villains.

Imagine a silly ENFP villain who keeps getting sidetracked when she’s trying to explain her devious plans and constantly goes off topic, and can’t stick to one scheme because she sees so many possibilities for destruction.

Imagine an ENTP villain who invents a million different kinds of wacko malevolent machines meticulously designed to destroy you– unless of course you’re that one person who makes the less-used Fe kick in and he battles with his own guilt, until he inevitably settles on finding a way to program the machines to avoid JUST you.

Imagine a villainous ESFP who enthusiastically steals nice things to fill her home with– only to get caught each time due to poor planning before inevitably getting out of it each time by befriending whoever catches her.

Imagine a disillusioned ISTJ villain who’s somehow become convinced that whatever he is doing is right simply because it’s the way things have always been done and is actually a pretty cool dude under the surface– once he opens his eyes.


I’m tired of INTJs being the only one who can get typed as a villain, and besides we have to admit– if all villains were INTJs, would the villains be failing so often? No. INTJs prefer to work behind the scenes, meticulously planning for all possible scenarios, never making their intention obvious. If they were going to play bad guy they would make sure they do it right.

God forbid any villain actually be an INTJ– if so, we are doomed.