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Imo the sole point of this Nazi discussion is that it doesn't really matter whether Pewdiepie is antisemitic or not, did it for lulz or not, is a nice guy or not - what matters is that he, as a YouTube star, is an authority to young people that follow him (and those are mostly 11-15s) and, no matter which type of humour he represents, he has to have some basic culture (esp given having so many followers). When he jokes like that, those young watchers learn that it's okay to say such things. (1)

You can be an idiot and say such things out loud in public, but as long as you’re some unknown no one, barely anyone really pays attention - okay, there’s some wacko, just ignore him. However when you’re a popular person and you can affect other people’s lives with your sole reputation, you need to know when to shut up. There’s no room for saying your opinions or jokes that can spread hatred when you’re a popular person. Besides, many people unfortunately can’t tell a difference (2)

between a joke that should not be repeated and is clearly only for the show and a funny behaviour with dark humour and free speech. What a shame that one of the most popular YouTubers doesn’t know that. Sorry for talking so long but I just wanted to express my opinion! (fin.)

Mhm, yes I agree with you. The main problem really is the kind of audience it reached, they are all incredibly impressionable - look at the uproar now. The thing is, he is well aware of what kind of audience watches his videos, he just doesn’t care idk if fame got to his head that he really started thinking he’s untouchable. 

The thing is, there is a line between saying things for a shock value and actually having humour that gets people thinking and still doesn’t dehumanise and mock victims. 

But there is a fine line and not everyone understands that which is okay, but putting a statement like that out there and having actual children trying to explain why it was all just a huge ‘social experiment’ of how far people would go for money - it’s not like that? 

I got told I should stop looking for the bigger reason in things, it’s not like that. People who try to defend what he did are trying to make him look like a saint, he’s not. He did it because he knew people would respond, all he wants is attention and now he got it. I don’t even want to know whether or not he wanted positive or negative attention, what ever he wanted, he got it now. 

I am only sorry for the people who know have to live with the consequences of his mindless actions. Who knows what his personal opinion on the holocaust is, I don’t know how well educated he is - he simply said it for shock value. 

Now all of his fans are trying to normalise statements like that defend him as if he really needs it (I highly doubt he even cares), the whole thing is - it just gives another boost of power to the right wing, because actions like that normalise making statements like that. 

What he said was wrong, yes. His intent? I don’t even what to know if he still uses his brain so… the aftermath and the impression he left on many young people is what worries me. 

Ah and don’t worry! Your input on the matter is very interesting and thank you for expressing it in a civilised manner.