wack donald's

The classic two dimensional wife of main male character trope? Also is he supposed to represent the governor before Arnold Swarzenegger[sp]? I’m assuming since Mr. Peanutbutter is an actor he would be a parallel to when Arnold ran for governor. Also for those of you outside of California and not aware of politics or Hollywood actors doing stuff, back in the 2000′s we elected a Hollywood actor to be our governor. He even did a second term. Sounds just as wack as electing Donald Trump.

It’s funny because California is still like one of the best states. 


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Man, fuck Donalds!!! Donald T. said Donald S. got "set up by a very, very bad girlfriend". Trump, Sterling, Draper, Rumsfeld, all fucking racists. Donald Glover tho <3

Lotta wack Donalds out there.