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K2, what's the probability that I'm dead inside because I didn't cry when I wached rogue one?

you didn’t cry when i died you are most definitely dead inside.

Serious question. I think I missed something when watching Star Wars. Why is everybody shipping Finn and Poe? They are the cutest cinammon rolls but I never thought of them as a ship. I feel like fandom always has to slash a pair of buddies no matter what. It’s like 2 men sharing screen, being good people and not being douches to each other = slash. And I’m looking at you too, Captain America fandom. Or SPN. And the thing is, I almost always only see this happening with male pairings. Two girls can be best friends and people do not automatically ship them. I thing that speaks volumes about how we, as a fandom, and as a society, see male relationships and man showing affection for other men. Or maybe I’m reading too much into everything. IDK.

Are these too going to be a canon pairing? I’m all for that if that’s the case, but I think I haven’t watched the same movie as other people or I’ve missed the memo xD I think my homoerotic subtext dectector is broken.


whyy??? It was soo good!! Especially when you start the anime and you look at the op and you’re just like wtf??? and then as you wach episode by episode you start to connect the dots

plus song is really catchy

If you start waching a new show:

1.  All the main characters will be so innocent and happy in the pilot.

2. You’ll fall in love with a character/s that’s always gets screwed over.

3. You’ll ship a non-cannon ship/s.

4. You’ll find a new otp/s that will mess you up.

5. Pain. Just lots and lots of pain.

5. There’s a high chance you’ll become obsessed with the show.

6. You’ll cry.

7  You’ll lose all hope.

8. The writers will fuck you up.

9. A character you love will die.

10. By season 2 all the main character are broken, sad and miserable people…

Logic: Don’t watch tv!

Brain: Watch it! Watch it now!

The Bay Window

*wipes tears*

I have toooooo much to say. But I gotta go to work.
This is the best episode ever - so much meta, symbolism, callbacks, character and heart. Amazing mise-en-scene, setting, costumes and blocking!
GM Sneak Attack is actually *really* relevant; so is the BMW The Beard tie-in with “the other one” that @yeoldeshipper​ is stringing together now.

C: The truth is, people get comfortable with what’s familiar. [BMW, archetypes]
T: Yeah, and when you get too comfortable, you don’t allow yourself room to grow.
C: The worst thing you can do is fold your arms and refuse to accept what’s gonna come anyways.
*Riley agrees, looks at Maya- then refuses to give Lucas back his boot.*

The story has been clear: here is just the stuff I gathered from the 4 episodes I’ve covered - see how much of it resonates with what you just wached.

The Corpanga misconception (x):

There is a misconception people tend to have about Corpanga: no one achieves the type of relationship C&T have by trying TO BE them (HINT: I wonder how many people the idea of Cory and Topanga has ruined?). BUT that kind of love is possible for all of us; it’s one we should aspire to (as per MJ), but it’s not achievable by us trying to slot characters in predetermined boxes. Corpanga is not this ideal concept; they’re two different people (characters) who have grown, faced and surmounted challenges as individuals and as a couple; that has made their love real and transcendent. […] Characters/pairings in GMW parallel different characters/pairings from BMW at various points in time; and they’re never completely the same situation. They inform us about patterns, motifs, principles that apply in the Jacobs-verse; but ultimately, these new characters are unique and have a journey to go through themselves. That’s how, by growing as individuals and really looking at each other,  they might eventually come to find that wonderful kind of long-lasting love that Cory & Topanga share (but no one will BE Cory & Topanga, and there is not one path to getting to that type of relationship; see: the Shawngela lesson). 

The Pilot - Civil War (x): A war we fought against ourselves….

So, we were indeed trying to find out who we were, as a people. Who am I? What should I be? 

Riley realizes that their friendship [hers and Maya’s] works when they are themselves, and they support and challenge each other. (I do have an issue in dealing with absolutes, as in the statement that Riley will always have to save her and get them out of trouble; true in some ways, but personal growth requires balance). In any case, the pilot itself establishes the relationship between Maya & Riley at the core - and its success is reliant upon them being true to who they are.

So this theme of identity is anchoring the show, and while rewatching more attentively, I remembered for some reason Erikson’s stages of human development from the little Psych I studied. In the adolescent stage, particularly, is the psychosocial crisis of ego-identity vs role-confusion, whereby we develop the modalities of being oneself and sharing oneself, which leads us to fidelity and loyalty. Basically, this mumbo jumbo means that when you’re stuck in role confusion (i.e. you don’t know who you are and you play a part in reaction to something), you end up dissatisfied and drifting, you have trouble figuring out what you want from life and relationships. Most importantly, not having a cohesive identity means you lag in developing fidelity, which is the ability to relate to people in a sincere and genuine way - a crucial foundation of good relationships.

GM Snack Attack: I wish the world was just you and me.  — Then it is (whatever you want) (x)

Then we get this conversation between Riley and Maya about the fact that there are other girls in the world, and that they will talk to Lucas. Watch Maya’s face there, particularly at other girls [Gifs 3-6]: it slots into Maya protecting Riley from harsh realities as well, but the dialogue is really notable. Unbeknownst to Riley in this situation, Maya is one of the other girls in the world (*cough* what if I ask the other one out *cough*), Maya does end up talking to Lucas a lot (and maybe more than Riley herself), and when the “triangle” (which is not really one, because we’re counting out Farkle - more on that in a bit) emerges in the climactic GMT, both girls are worried about the same thing - their friendship. This idea of the world being just Riley & Maya, a simpler world. And Maya wants to protect that then too; “I just don’t wanna have any more secrets from her.” But it’s unrealistic - this concept of just the two of them; it stilts both of their growths as individuals (despite how beautiful their friendship is, and the fact that, it will ultimately prevail).

GM Sneak Attack: Pearl Harbor Part 1 (x)

It was another sunny day in paradise before the sneak attack that changed everything. People who had viewed themselves as safe no longer had any security at all.

Parallels I alluded to:

SOL *key Lucas episode, cold open before Zay shows up*

M: So you don’t want anything to change?
R: No, don’t like change. Changes fills my pockets with pennies of uncertainty.

GMT2 *climax of the show so far with that campfire scene, which will live in infamy*

R: Maya! Will you please say something to him? I know that you care about him. It’s okay!
M: I just don’t want anything to change.  

I need to get to the detention scene.

Bay Window: all this FITS, and LOOPS everything together in a beautiful, poetic way. The themes, the questions, the struggle the show would explore with these characters was clear from the beginning.

P.S. All the freaking symbolism with the kids: Riley who wants a “handsome prince” (who does present!Riley call handsome in the episode!?)

P.P.S. Look at future!Maya wearing that red checkered Texas shirt, and future!Riley wearing that turtleneck. Also - last scene: Maya’s Pink Floyd shirt (The Dark Side of the Moon) with the open red checkered shirt; they’re letting a *bit* of change in their life from this point on.

But some things don’t change. I’ll leave you with this:

This show people is SO freaking SMART, it blows my goddamn mind.

(Explosition of feels. OK iM RUNNING LATE)