A star was born in my heart

A KagSan AU fanfiction, by MimmyWritingFanfic (me).

Sango is a hardworking fast food employee. She graduated highschool early and has been struggling to maintain a job since after her father died, leaving her and her brother alone. Her job sucks and she barely makes any money. But there’s always a bright side.

I’m not the best at summaries, but I hope I’m getting better..?

Anyway, AU where Sango works at Wacdnalds full-time after graduating highschool early, and tries desperately to make enough money to care for herself, her brother and cat. Almost all of her co-workers are jerks, it’s a fast-food job so even working full-time she hardly makes anything. Since it’s Wacdnalds, though, she’s bound to run into Kagome because she’s always there. 

The name is based off of Kagome’s character single. I thought it sounded like a good title.

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