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Types of nctizens when NCT has a comeback:

wowwww thank you everyone for 100 followers im so emotional rn ❤ isdhjwocjw jkjk anw to celebrate that, i have made a long ass post about the kinds of nctizens i have come across when there is a comeback coming up. once again, thank you everyone!!

1. the mother: look at my bby isnt he so adorable he grew up so much pls feed him more i wabt to see him healthy oml hes so squishy-

2. the unprepared: oMG iM nOT REadYy wAht iM sOo aTACKEDT RN SEND HELP ASAP idisIDJWCKSJC-

3. the rich kid: oh wow look at my wallet its still full gotta buy morE ALBums aNd merCH

4. the broke fan: ameyziNgGg my money disappeared aLL of a sudden ¿¿? whAT IS THRIFTINESS IDK MAN aLL I KNOW IS THAT IM BROKE

5. the cute fan: //chirpy voice// ihihihihihi oh my goshhh look at him hes so cute hihihi im blushing hihihi

6. the artist: hOW AESTHETICALLY PLEASING i have to draw this brb gonna get my materials ready

7. the fashionista: look at his outfit ITS SO GORGEOUS his shirT I GOTTA GET THAT GOD BLESS UR STYLIST

8. the hairstylist/hairdresser: neW haiR SAVE ME wait waht save mark first jfc his scalp-

9. the fanfic authors: oH wOw I SUDDENLY HAVE AN AMAZING IDEA i have to turn it into a stOry

10. the super supportive fan: look at tHEM thEyre so tALented suppORt my babies yaLL betteR BUy theiR aLbum-

11. the emotional one: look at how far tHey haVe grOWN i remember when they were just in smrookies waiT IM GEttinG teAry eyeD i need some tissUE-

12. the protection squad: pROTECT MY BBYS they doNt deseRve hate at aLL :

13. the verbally/physically violent fan: wHat¿¿¿? unTaLeNTED ¿¿?? yALL BETTER GET READY BC I WILL FIND U AND BOMB UR HOUSE oH anD did i forgEt tO saY tHat i aM goiNG TO PUnch yOu in tHe tHroat-

14. the meme master: //pauses vid// AHAHAHAHAHAHAJKSHSKDJA LOOK AT HIS FACE HAHAHHA HE LOOKS SO FUNNY oadskidjwk i haVe an idEa foR a meMe jusT A seC

15. the makeup artist: wOw LoOk at tHat heaveNLy faCe i loVe the eyeshadow cOLor ooOOo i have a feeliNg that i can do thiS look wait i gotta look for my brushes-

16. the dancer: amaziNg choReo iT looks so cOOL/cUte i waNna try to dance iT alryT gotta memorizE tHe steps here we gOoOooo

17. the singer: //hears the bomb ass vocal line// whOooOoaaaA thatS SO COOL im gOnna siNg it //clears throat// //ends up slaying it as per usual//

18. the one who streams 25/8: the wifi is gOod rn so i’ll opEn a few incognito taBs and stream the hell out of this song gotta get it to 100000000000000 views

19. the busy kpopper student: oH wow i have a chemistry homework, a history essay about that era, 6 reports about this thing..wow thats a LOT. bUt what is lifE anw gotta watch more vids i’ll just fail this time

20. the one who attends events/concerts: OOoOoooooOooo GOtta gEt thiS bannEr and show my support for tHem and iM gonna screAm rip my lungs and throat-

21. the chill fan: oh wow look at them they look so beautiful awww im so happy for them yayyy

22. the pervert: oh shit he looks hot wAIT IS THAT HIS //gasps// ASS OSCJWBCIWK

23. the unloyal hoe: what is bias¿?? :“))) i may or may not bias the whole group bUt who the hell actually cares-

24. the one who thinks of smrookies: tHeyre so taLented and amazing but you know whats better? hansol, kun, jungwoo, and yukhei geTting to debUt in NCT

25. the pure gibberish: OudjwndojskxkķkwndnsjchijICJSNXKNA JSNXSKMSJbw Jxjwnakxiajzkkwkkn //heavy breathing//

N O T E: This isn’t meant to offend anyone at all. This is just pure fun. I hope you guys find something funny in here because i had to squeeze out all my brain juice for this. I literally have someone in mind for each category lol. which one are you?

btw feel free to add more categories :D

Which do you guys prefer

Actual Character, Pennywise the Dancing Clown? 🎈

Or his most recent actor, Bill Skarsgard?🎭

BTS find out you’re insecure about your cellulite

“Could you pretty please write a BTS reaction to you being really insecure about your cellulite?  It would be amazing and I’m pretty sure a lot of people would appreciate it.” - professsionalsinner

I hope this is alright!  I know it’s short, but I will explain why at the end.  Please enjoy! XOXO - Lace 


He would ask you to not to worry about your ‘hideous bumps’.  He’d truly see no problem with your cellulite and would just want you to see yourself the way he sees you.

“Jagi, please.  I love you.  You’re beautiful just the way you are.”


He would be upset that something so insignificant would make you think so low of yourself.  He wouldn’t care about it and he’d have trouble understanding why you did.

“You look great, y/n.  You always do.  I don’t understand why you are so bothered by this.”


He would point out things he was insecure about on himself to show you that you weren’t alone.  Then he’d start playfully and lovingly kissing the areas where you felt your cellulite was the worse.

“Please know that it doesn’t bother me.  I think you are no less beautiful now than you’ve always been.”


He would sit down and ask you why you were self-conscious about your ‘lumps’.  When you told him it’s because they make you feel gross and ugly, he’d become very sad. 

“I don’t like that you feel this way.  You are stunning, please understand that.”


He would understand being self-conscious about something and would help you find ways to 'fix it’.  He’d make it very clear, though, that he didn’t see you any differently because of it.

“I think you look amazing, but I want you to be happy with yourself.  What can I do to help?”


He would try and cheer you up when you started crying about how 'disgusting’ you felt.  It would completely shatter his heart to know you felt this way about any part of yourself, but he would have to make sure you felt better before he could be happy again too.

“Don’t talk about my princess that way!  She is the most beautiful person both inside and out!  Nothing about her is gross!  I love her and all of her cute little dimples!”


He would be very frustrated, bordering on angry with how you felt about your cellulite.  He wouldn’t be able to understand how someone so perfect could find a 'flaw’ in or on themselves. 

“Please, jagiya.  Why can’t you see how gorgeous you are?  You are perfect, so please stop doubting that.”

 Now, let me explain why these are so short.  When it comes to writing about things that are as personal as insecurities, I feel that a super long, detailed reaction kind of takes the personalization out of it.  I feel it can become so specific that the reader will no longer be able to apply it to his/herself.  I like to write it generally so the reader can kind of custom fit it to their own specific situation.  I hope this makes since.  I hope you enjoyed! XOXO - Lace 

What’s better than greeting young girls dressed as Wonder Woman with “Hello, brave warrior!”