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APH France: WTF?

Okay, so recently, I’ve been feeling a bit love/hate thing with France’s character and how people see him. I’ll admit though, that I’m coming to love him and all that, but what I don’t understand is WHY DOES MOST OF THE FANDOM THINK FRANCE IS SOME SORT PERVERT? Just why? 

Guys read his character profile! 

He loves ‘manipulation activities’? Hell, not only that but he likes sketching and singing, agriculture and fashion design-? He’s pretty talented and smart, if you ask me.  
And yeah sure, he gets touchy with the others but if he’s given a firm ‘no’, he stops. 

 Stop making him out to be the pervert or rapist! And yes, there’re strips that show him doing this and that, but it’s because nobody told him to stop

Not only that but he’s pretty responsible; it just doesn’t show. 

Because he keeps his attitude light and carefree, so it’s hard to know whether it’s serious or not. But looking at it with a different perspective, France said something pretty philosophical. 

We all know France isn’t someone to take on seriously, but at least once in a while, look at him from a different angle than what you’re used to.

maybe gin sometimes keeps hiji company when the shinsengumi is swamped with paperwork… and gin gets bored at some point and uses hiji’s lap as a pillow… and a little afterwards hij falls asleep on gin

gin-san can’t get up and their arm is getting cold y'know…

ginhiji commission done for gintamajustaway !!! aaa 。゚(。ノωヽ。)゚。

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hey so uh, telling people to un follow you because they think shaladin is tolerable, you're stooping PRETTY low. Y'all need to stop judging people for what they ship tbh, it's so ridiculous. Even the Official Voltron producers don't mind it, so WHY IN THE F U C K do people keep on being so pushy about it. I respect your opinion my dude, but don't be telling poeple on your blog to un follow you if they think it's tolerable.

hey uhhhhh??? unfollow me dude, its gross

oh gosh, one of those “if you see this I tag you” thingies! How exciting and unexpected waaah

Name:  Kayleigh
Nickname: Kee, Kay, Ratt
Hogwarts house: Hufflepuff
Height:  5’!
Sexual orientation:  Demisexual! c:
Ethnicity: White
Favorite fruit: Strawberries!
Favorite season:  Fall
Favorite book/series:  The Belgariad!
Favorite fictional character:  I love me some Woobies the list is too long. RAKKA THOUGH
Favorite flower:  Lilacs!
Favorite scents:  Rain! RAIN I SAY. Also..Lilacs. Also beef stew oh no I’m hungry
Favorite color:  Slate Blue!
Favorite animal:  C-H-I-C-K-E-N-S
Favorite artist/band: I like a lot of different things!
Coffee/tea/hot chocolate: coffee, but I gotta drink decaf
Average hours of sleep: left to my own devices, like 12 buuut normally like… six?
Number of blankets you sleep with:  MANY. ALL. I NEED.
Dream trip:  Nah dude I’m good. Chicago was fun though.
Last thing I googled: Is the term “float” in the context of “money for change” widely used. APPARENTLY NO? I got a lot of coding questions
Blog created: This blog in particular was umm 2015
Number of followers: 25
What I post about: Art, fun tutorials, things that make me smile, things that make me laugh, really fun things, things I want to share, animes I like, Steven Universe stuff..c: mhm!
Do I get asks regularly: oh gosh! I got one last week, it was very nice of them. c: It was the first one in I think….um…a year?

I would tag some folks, but anyone I know has already been tagged!

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