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the RFA’s MCs

Zen: Zen’s MC is an outrageous flirt, like this girl goes from 0 to 100000 in 2 seconds. Zen’s always torn between being impressed and embarrassed because she spouts out the corniest lines with a completely straight face; the greatest discovery of Zen’s life is when it turns out she blushes like a fire engine when he flirts back. She fits perfectly at his side, sweet and easy, and listens to every word he says. She understands; loves him a little more for his imperfections. 

Jaehee: Jaehee’s MC is so whipped, she likes Jaehee so much omgomg. She’s so positive and vibrant and cheerful everyone forgets that she gets insanely competitive over Jaehee’s attention. And there’s the way she’s sweet, but with a petty edge like a cat: she loathes Jumin with so much intensity it’s scary, and even when she’s complimenting Zen it’s all ‘ya ur abs are nice but Jaehee’s hair is still waaay prettier’. 

Jumin: Jumin and his MC’s relationship is built on perfect understanding and mutual trust, which is how Jumin knows that his MC is terrifyingly smart. Smart enough to run circles around anyone in the RFA, smart enough to beat them all at their own game. What’s more unbelievable is how kind she is; she gives him her heart, her early-morning smiles and she fills his life with laughter, with light. Teases him for his little ways so that he, slowly, begins laughing too. 

Yoosung: Yoosung’s MC is the founder and chief member of the Yoosung Protection Squad. will literally pelt Seven with anything she has in her hand when he tries to bully Yoosung. nothing can make her light up like listening to Yoosung talk about his interests, and she’s so earnest in how much she loves him, she wants to grow up and grow mature with him so that they can always stand side by side. 

Saeyoung: Saeyoung’s MC:steadfast, whimsical, sometimes gets lost in shopping malls. Kind of oblivious, in the sense that she has trouble figuring out other people’s emotions, but somehow she’s always laser-focused and deadly accurate on what Saeyoung’s thinking or feeling. Sometimes she dreams of approaching trains, and pushing Saeyoung out of the way just in time. Stubborn about her own feelings, fights for what she thinks is right, and he falls for her over and over, he never stood a chance. 


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Ur roommate/bestfriend yoongi text IS THE BEST ONE EVER😂😂kumamon tho

Hahahaha THANK YOU I’m glad you like liked ittt!🤗🤗 I didn’t expect you guys to ike it that much, like while doing it, I was like “I feel like I’m going waaay too far with this” but seems like it turned out great? 😂

i remember i used to mutually follow somebody that would avidly debunk everybodys homestuck ship like “UR SHIP ISNT CANON!!!!!!! TOO BAD YOUR SHIP!!!!!!!! ISNT REAL!!!!!!!!!!!! THEREFORE ITS GROSS” like this person was waaay over the top and theyd put a special emphasis on how karezi was canon and davekat would never be

anyways i wonder how theyre doing nowadays haha