Mafumafu: “Soraru was unusually hyped for once and said “My stamps came out so if you don’t advertise it I won’t do any work, you know. I am putting my life on the line for these LINE stamps. Please, waaan, uwaaan”, so I’ll help him advertise. He seriously can’t be helped huh. Seriously.”

Soraru: “I didn’t say that. I didn’t say any of that”

Mafumafu: (LINE Screenshot - 3x “Thank you” Soraru stickers)

Soraru: “Hey stop that”


Sonhos mudam, paixões passam, corações partidos e restaurados. É questão de tempo, amadurecimento dos pensamentos. O novo fica velho, a novidade se torna clichê. O 16 vira 17. Feliz dezessete anos. Feliz mais um ano de vida. Que para você seja um ano novo, os problemas fiquem no passado. Construa um muro de sentimentos bons. Esqueça os dias de tristeza, lembre de momentos inesquecíveis. Que hoje seu dia seja só sorrisos e abraços, de lembranças boas do passado. Peque fotografias antigas e veja fotos da sua primeira festa de aniversário. Olhe para o bolo, só havia uma velinha, agora veja você mesmo, se olhe no espelho, olha como você está diferente, olha a mulher que você se tornou. Agora eu estava olhando nossas fotos, eu ri, sabe por que? Lembrei dos nossos momentos. Lembra da nossa viagem? Lembra que eu fiquei com ciumes? Lembra que na escola meu cabelo é o seu preferido de bagunçar? Lembra do boliche? Eu levei o mala-sem-alça do meu namorado e você odiou? Lembra quando eu estava viajando e você me mandou uma mensagem e eu fiquei desesperada para falar contigo… Você é a pessoa que eu mais confio, a única que sabe tudo sobre mim, desde uma besteria até de loucuras que já fui capaz de fazer. Espero que esse seja só mais um ano de vários para a nossa amizade. Ainda teremos muitas histórias para contar. Seja feliz, hoje é seu dia.

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Fandom’s upcoming movie’s official trailer gets released

me: Better not watch that, it’s not a tease, Oh no. It’s the OFFICIAL stuff man. I don’t want to spoil it for myself

me: Goes on tumblr, starts scrolling





me: Cries while putting hand in-front of laptop in a useless effort to shield myself against the impending bombardment of spoilers

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Prompt: "My favorite song came up on the radio and here I am dancing like the world is going to end today…not noticing I left the curtains open until I hear you laugh from the apartment in front of mine"

The soundtrack to Stefan Salvatore’s life would most likely begin with “Wanted Dead or Alive” by Bon Jovi. He and his best friend Lexi realized that this song, and only this song, was suitable for theme song purposes. 

When the song comes up on shuffle, Stefan naturally has to stop everything he is doing to sing along. He sets aside his newspaper (yes, he still gets his delivered) and begins bobbing his head up and down and snapping his fingers to the beat. 

Innocent enough, right? It’s only when the chorus is about to begin that he raises his voice from that hushed and breathy singing-to-yourself-voice to what most might consider melodious yelling. 



Three minutes in and he raises his air guitar, passionately strumming along to the guitar solo now in full-swing. Eyes shut and torso turned inwards, almost as if the guitar is weighing too heavily on him, Stefan gives and gives until the last verse of “dead or alive, dead or alive” repeats and the guitar once again takes over, closing out the song.

All could have gone unnoticed if he had remembered to close his window before his rendition. 

The very audible, “Oh my God,” from the building over stops him dead in his tracks. 

He turns, his face probably tomato red, only to see a spunky blonde with eyebrows raised and a hand just barely covering her mouth. 

Stefan just smiles and looks to the floor, partly because he’s embarrassed and partly because she’s gorgeous and he can’t believe she just witnessed that, of all things. 

He walks closer to the open window. 

“How much of that did you see?” he asks, knowing her answer won’t be good. 

“Most, if not all,” she replies. 

He runs a hand through his hair because he doesn’t quite know what to do with his hands, and then apologizes. 

“Oh, don’t be sorry,” she says lightheartedly. “Can I expect this kind of quality entertainment from you everyday, cowboy?”

“Of course, ma’am.” He chuckles a little before tipping his imaginary hat to her. 

“Good,” she smiles out, and shuts her window as if nothing ever happened.