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Fenris in Fog

This is my submission for @teamblueandangry’s reverse big bang event: Glow Bang! As part of the event, I was teamed up with @wardenari who created an amazing fic to go along with my artwork. Please go check it out!

His First Friend - @wardenari

My goal with this piece was to create a visual story that represented the mystery that comes with the Fog Warriors and Fenris’s time on Seheron. I also wanted to take the opportunity to explore stylistic choices outside of my comfort zone as well as pattern making. I hope you all enjoy the art and fic as much as I do! <3 


Sometimes Saitama comes home and the air is pressing on him and his eyelids are burning and his feet are leaden and Genos is there and making tea and settling him on the couch and sitting beside him and radiating dry heat and Saitama can sigh and expel the entire day from his lungs and lean into Genos and Genos lets him breathe and places the warm mug in his hands so he has something solid to hold and Saitama is finally, finally allowed to acknowledge that not every day is easy and that there’s someone there for him.


my last vine ever, and of course is my dear riarkle…. 

can you believe our otp fit perfect to one of the most romantic songs ever 

Happy Halloween folks! Didn’t manage to draw something new on time, but here is the colored version of my free paper for undokai /;w;)/