waaaah :')


So this show is trying to make us believe that Tikki and Plagg don’t feel a presence of each other in that classroom even though show hinted two times that Kwamis feel presence of other Kwamis. 

I can’t stop thinking about the Reveal being caused by one of them accidentally seeing the other one’s Kwami. It’s not so romantic but it would be funny to watch how interactions would change if only one of them knew other’s true identity. Can’t decide who would I prefer to find out first but Plagg appears to be a more careless one and more likely to be accidentally seen. 


When Toad is mad, he isn’t such a fun-guy…

Voiced by Me
Poem by mostlyharmlessmurder

PJO / HoO / ToA - Will Solace and Nico Di Angelo Moodboard

note: this is the first moodboard i’ve ever made in my entire life and i’m feeling meh about it but its solangelo and hand-holding feels like something they do a lot :’))

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