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When Toad is mad, he isn’t such a fun-guy…

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Poem by mostlyharmlessmurder

PJO / HoO / ToA - Will Solace and Nico Di Angelo Moodboard

note: this is the first moodboard i’ve ever made in my entire life and i’m feeling meh about it but its solangelo and hand-holding feels like something they do a lot :’))

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My apologies

Hi guys!

I have a few things I need to address and apologise for

1) For those waiting for the “To Promise” series to be continued, I apologise that it’s taking so long. Unfortunately I was suddenly inundated with other pieces I need to write and are time sensitive ( for Mysme After Dark and Zen Fan Zine etc) but I will get back to it ASAP. 

2) For ruining (sacrificing) so many panties to the Panty Gods. It was a necessary evil.  

3) Making bad lists

So yes, my apologies- I will get back to work on my current series and thus be able to continue with smut fest and angst fest and properly plan for Jumin x MC week :) I thank you for all your patience. 

ghostkani  asked:

I'M HERE WITH THE WHOLESOME FLUFF, how about the matsus each reacting to their respective s/o suddenly being way more affectionate than usual for no apparent reason? they just pull their matsu into a tight hug outta nowhere, give him loads of kisses/snuggles and mumble about how lucky they are to have him, etc etc (●♡●'

Osomatsu: tbh i feel like Osomatsu is the type that will never turn down physical affection if he’s receiving it from someone he likes, so he 1000% accepts his s/o’s cuddles and sweet words. he wouldn’t know what he did to warrant the extra love, but i don’t think he would question it, either.

Karamatsu: he’d be so surprised !! but !! he’d love it so much ?? like, please PLEASE shower this boy with all the physical affection, he really needs/deserves it. he’d just be so pleasantly shocked that he’d try to play it off cool, but he can’t hide how touched he is to hear how much you love him.

Choromatsu: he’d be the first to ask what is wrong. like, don’t get me wrong, he would LOVE the extra physical affection. he would be blushing so much, but he can’t help but wonder if something is the matter, bc all this affection feels a little unwarranted to him and he doesn’t understand. if nothing is the matter though, then he just smiles and blushes harder and accepts it.

Ichimatsu: his s/o would be snuggling the heck out of him and telling him how lucky they feel to have him, but i think he just shoots it down at first. like, he tries to argue with his s/o that he’s really trash and doesn’t deserve them or their affection, until s/o finally shushes him with some loving hair pats and face kissies. then he just kinda melts and accepts it and he’s a happy kitty.

Jyushimatsu: BRING IN THE BIG OL JYUSHI BEAR HUGS he squeezes the life out of his s/o and showers them in love right back, returning the favor. he doesn’t even think for a second to question the extra love because tbh, random shows of affection sounds like something Jyushi does to his s/o too.

Todomatsu: so this boy loooooves being pampered. he’s like a spoiled pet, he just can’t get enough of being told how great he is and how much you love him and feel lucky to have him. and physical affection/hugs/kisses/etc.? even better. but at the same time, despite how much he loves the attention, something feels weirdly off to him and he would still feel the need to ask if something is wrong, just to be sure.