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When Toad is mad, he isn’t such a fun-guy…

Voiced by Me
Poem by mostlyharmlessmurder

My apologies

Hi guys!

I have a few things I need to address and apologise for

1) For those waiting for the “To Promise” series to be continued, I apologise that it’s taking so long. Unfortunately I was suddenly inundated with other pieces I need to write and are time sensitive ( for Mysme After Dark and Zen Fan Zine etc) but I will get back to it ASAP. 

2) For ruining (sacrificing) so many panties to the Panty Gods. It was a necessary evil.  

3) Making bad lists

So yes, my apologies- I will get back to work on my current series and thus be able to continue with smut fest and angst fest and properly plan for Jumin x MC week :) I thank you for all your patience. 

PJO / HoO / ToA - Will Solace and Nico Di Angelo Moodboard

note: this is the first moodboard i’ve ever made in my entire life and i’m feeling meh about it but its solangelo and hand-holding feels like something they do a lot :’))

//please do not claim as your own. if you see your photo and you would like for me to take it down, please tell me!// please do not repost without permission //


In honor of Sougo’s birthday, why not post a few more photos? So here, have a lil collection of fave pics from the ones I’ve taken in the past few days !! I wanted more variety but the best pics ended up being from this one outfit ; ω ; lighting is really bad to handle here at home!! As always the lens barely show, uwah // But I’m still happy with these!

Maybe I can never be as cute as Sougo, but when cosplaying as him, I surely do feel a lot cuter than I usually do! So that’s another reason why this boy is so special to me ♡ Thanks for letting me borrow your cuteness for these photos, my darling! ´ ω` ~♪

I love Sougo so much… And i7 in general! Because it brings me so much happiness in many different ways… I can’t help but feel a little emotional thinking about it waah ; ω ;” Yeah maybe I DO take fictional character birthdays too seriously but honestly? I don’t really care wahaha ~☆


Short clip of ‘Hangin

Ughhhhh starting to feel like I don’t have enough time to get everything done!!
My baby shower is in two weeks.
Liam’s birthday is at the end of July.
Gotta get Liam ready for his first year of school.
Gotta finish the nursery.
Gotta pack my hospital bag.
Gotta pack baby’s hospital bag.
Gotta prep meals so no one starves.
Gotta pray she doesn’t come early.
Gotta pray she doesn’t come while Liam’s at school, so I don’t have to worry about him panicking that I’m not there to pick him up.
Gotta remember to breathe.

This was a lot easier when I had Liam, and my only concern was him showing up eventually. Had no one else to worry about. Now I’ll have a four year old who freaks out when I’m sick. Don’t know what he’ll do when I’m just not here for a couple days.