Literally a Child

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Wade Wilson x Reader

Literally a Child

Prompt: Hi I was wondering if you could do a Wade Wilson/Deadpool imagine. You’re young like 16 and you had to go live with him because of any reason and you’re pretty badass and he finds out but still treats you like a baby.

Note: Awwww Wade

Warnings: Language.

“Wade, you have to stop treating me like a kid,” you whined, walking back to the apartment you shared with Wade and Blind Al. You had lived there for six months since you had been kicked out of your latest orphanage because they didn’t allow mutants. Wade had found you kicking some bank-robber ass in an alley and offered you a place to stay.

“But you are literally a child.”

“I’m sixteen! Who are you, my mother?”

“You’re a mutant kid who’s seen the cruel side of the world and you need a fatherly-ish figure to keep your head in the right place. I mean, I’m not the best role-model on the planet, but I can teach you a thing or two about being a mutant. And kicking ass. Not that you need a lesson.”

“Damn right.”

“Now, did you get your homework done?”



remember how during the last Christmas episode Wade finally manned up and asked Zoe out?
and she gave him a well-meaning request for a rain check??
and how his face was basically the most adorable thing ever as he walked away???
because a rain check is not a “no”????

well, do you remember???????



I really thought nothing would ever top the “well you showed her how to be” + Zoe’s smile moment BUT I WAS WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

too many exclamation points/question marks?

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