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Crocodile Relationship Headcanons

  • Crocodile in a relationship would be crocodile with his ride or die, in the most unaffectionate straight forward way possible. We all know he’s not going to confess his undying love anytime soon, but if he’s a relationship with you, you need to realize he isn’t in for the sex. Especially if he established as being a relationship in public, be damn sure he has some strong feelings for you. I’m saying he loves you, but Crocodile may take time to realize that with his workload and stress. Good thing your there to help him out
  • he pampers you, and he does it because he can, and he likes to constantly remind you that no other man can treat like he can and does. If he walks by this dress, or perfume, or clothing he thinks will make you look more than you already do, he buys it. Now he won’t just come up to you and tell you, he leaves it for you to find because he’s not really good at being affectionate. And he appreciates you don’t pressure/piss him off about being affectionate.
  • Crocodile has what I call a near silent relationship. By this I mean you two can go on through your day being apart for awhile, and still carry on. He finds you not being clingy hella attractive, and he rewards you when he realizes himself he wants to see you and have you in his presence.
  • I think the cutest thing you two do together is when it’s nighttime and Crocodile goes out on the balcony for a cigar, and you just go up to him and sit in his lap and lay across his chest and he just hums in approval. Now it’s one of the only sentimental thing between you two, because crocodile likes wrap his good hand around your waist, and you remove his cigar when he wants puff. The sweet part how you just know when he wants too
  • When he went to alabasta, I like to think you, revenge, and anger was the only things keeping him slashing every annoying person he was around.
  • Date night is a fun night for you two because it almost always ends in bed. However He likes how you dress up and you two go out to the casino together just being a power couple, and everyone is all like “damn” tbh you probably feel like queen or something. That’s why crocodile tries to make you feel like, despite what he says or his actions.
  • Crocodile probably goes to bed waaaaaaaay later than you. And he finds it endearing if you attempted to stay up and wait for him, but he just call you stupid, pushing you, then pull you on top so you can lay on his chest. However that’s the only form of any cuddling you’ll get from him. You can sit in his lap, yeah he likes that, it’s gets him going for sure.
  • Sometimes he cancels date night to many times because works is being an overload, so he found in his office help sorting files and all sorts. He really approved of that, and just sat beside you. He only scoffed and smirked when you self declared yourself as his secretary with special benefits.
  • fancy everything is thing. I think crocodile was dirt poor once, and he merge wants to go back, so he works hard. It probably he a couple of years after marriage before he tells you this. But hey, he acknowledges you staying by him.
  • Pet names are a thing, buts it’s probably not what your thinking. Crocodile absolutely does not mind if you chose to call Daddy in private times, even if you two were alone. In the beginning of the relationship he call you’d woman. But the more closer you two become, he starts to actually say your name. In a casual conversation between you two, he drops a hint by saying he was annoyed to always refer you as your last name, when it be much easier to take his last name. It was sweet but his tone of voice didn’t sound like it though, still has the same effect anyway😉
  • public displays of affection from Crocodile are increased by jealousy. Crocodile will get jealous if he feels your getting too much attention from the unwanted masses. He understand how drop dead gorgeous you are in the outfit he picked out, but staring for longer than 2 seconds means your asking for a challenge.

You know how I draw the einiosaurus… einiosauruses… einiosauri… the hornfaces of my dinosaur calendar project thingy with tail manes, right?

I based it on reading how early ceratopsians like psittacosaurus and protoceratops had quills on their tails, but I hadn’t seen the source of that knowledge myself. At least I thought it might have come from fragmentary fossils with hints of quills, and that maybe the science people examining said fossils could deduce the presence of the quills from tiny pieces or faint impressions or something. You know, since often paleontology is a science of jigsaw puzzles.

Well, I just did a search about it, and turns out there is at least one full body fossil of a pretty great condition found, where you can clearly see the bristles by the naked eye.

Image source (and a bigger image) here.

These are the earliest ceratopsians. Einiosaurus was waaaaaaaay later relative species.

I think I’ve been validated.