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I’m tired of rain and saddle-sores and being scared all the time. There’s ale here, and rabbit to eat, and the bread will be better when I make it. You’ll see, when you come back. You will come back won’t you? When the war is done?” He remembered who she was then, and added, “My lady,” reddening.

…Then it was time to go. When Hot Pie asked if he might kiss milady’s hand, she punched his shoulder. “Don’t call me that. You’re Hot Pie, and I’m Arry.”

—  A Storm of Swords

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WAAAAAAAAH! Didn't he only do the glowy eye thing in the first Mario tennis game, the one he was introduced in? I think I remember reading somewhere that they dropped it because they decided to tone down Waluigi and make him less sinister because it didn't fit well with the cheery Mario franchise.

Actually its funny you say that because they used that animation in sports superstars (which was released this year). I was so excited to see it back!

I think what happened more is that in the early games Camelot didn’t really know what Waluigi was. They slowly shaped his personality in the following gamecube games which just happened to make him flamboyant and flexible.

They obviously liked it and ran with that, so now if any companies need an animation they just seem to make him pirouette or do a dance or something as thats the new norm :P


Omg this is pure gold!

GD first: Yaaaaaaaaah!   Waaaaaaaah!
T.O.P: Yaaaaaaaaaah!
GD: Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!
T.O.P: Hooooooooung!!
GD: *sexy* Yaaaaaah…

Hahahahaha i love this guys. 

BTS Reaction #9

BTS’ reaction after finding out you speak 8 languages.


*stops eating* “I never thought I could feel so unaccomplished and dumb while eating… thanks!”

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“Not bad, not bad…”

“Not bad? How many languages can you speak, Yoongi?”

*thinks really hard* “Korean and… English?”



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“Oh wow, really? That’s great, you must be really talented!”

“Aw thanks-”

“-but do you have an IQ of 148???”

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“Waaaaaaaah, I didn’t know my honey was THAT smart. Seriously, you’re way too talented.” *thumbs up and tons of kisses*

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“WOW, that’s really admirable jagiya! In fact, it’s so amazing, I’ll give you a reward!”

“Really?! What reward?!”

“Me.” *chases you around trying to kiss you*

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“That’s so commendable that I’ll let you kiss me once!” *pats his lips*

“How does that have anything-”

“-kiss.” *pats his lips*


“-kiss.” *pats his lips*


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“That’s great…”

*thinking: WAIT does that make me seem dumb in comparison to her??? Will she think that I’m untalented?!?!*


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Hey there !

Bonjour !
First of all, I really love all of your work, your fusions are a pleasure to see, and I visit your Tumblr everyday hoping to see more :-)

Second, I would like to share my own artworks with you ! Fusions of Peridot, Ruby and Sapphire, hope you will like them !

See you for more :-)
Au revoir !

Antoine, a french fan ~

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 my heart….  these.. are so amazing…  teach  meeeeee!!!