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A news clip on Sota Yamamoto’s appearance at Chubu Regionals, his first competition in over a year. Please do not use/repost my translations without my permission.

Chubu Regionals, which took place over the weekend in Morikoro Park in Nagakute, Aichi. The person who gathered not only the gazes of the audience but the media’s attention as well was Aichi Mizuho High School third year, Sota Yamamoto.

At the Junior Grand Prix Final three years ago, he and Shoma finished 1-2 in the world. Yamamoto was sailing smoothly through life. He had mastered a quad and was a prospective candidate for the Pyeongchang Olympics.

Sota: Even when I move up to seniors, I want to aim for a gold medal on the Olympic stage and do my best.

However, he was held back from shining as a senior last March. He fractured his right ankle during practice. Yamamoto, who was going through severe rehabilitation, was cornered with further trials. The same area was fractured two more times. While his past rivals were charging to the top of the world, he was unable to skate and his days were frustrating. Without his injury fully healed, over a year passed, and the Pyeongchang Olympics approach in just 4 months.

Sota: If it were me from some years ago, I definitely would want to go to Pyeongchang Olympics, and I would think it’s something I have to go to. After coming this far (with my injury), I can’t quite give up. Normally people would give up after coming this far but…

While understanding that his chances are close to zero, he can’t give up on his Olympic dream. Yamamoto made the decision to participate in Chubu Regionals, the first round of selection for the Pyeongchang Olympics. Welcomed by huge cheers, he takes the ice for the first time in a year and a half. His injury is not completely healed, so his jumps are only singles. Even so, while enjoying the happiness of skating in a competition, he goes step by step. His friends who watched over his painful rehabilitation cheer him on.

Sota: I was able to receive the audience’s warm applause and cheers, so I had fun while skating.

He was able to do what he could to his utmost. After a year and half, the clock hand has started to move again. As long as the possibility for the Olympics exists, he will move forward.

Sota: I think the period of time that I have to work hard will still continue, so I want to do my best to answer the fans’ support.

7 Minutes in Heaven

It was just a dumb game suggested by the jock with no brain at this party you shouldn’t have even gone to. Someone would spin the bottle twice and the two people it landed on would play 7 Minutes in Heaven. You didn’t think it’d land on you anyway.

But then it did, and you rolled your eyes because there was no way it would land on-

But then it did. Laura Hollis was looking at you with a shy smile and light red coloring her cheeks and your breath caught in your throat.

You hear the jock cockily asking if he can watch, see a tall red head shove his arm, and then a shorter red head nudge Laura. She stands up at the provocation and starts making her way to the closet.

You aren’t about to follow her because it’s Laura Hollis . The dorky Junior you’ve had a crush on since that Oral Assignment in English Lit.

Then you see Laura turn back to you, hurt crossing her face as she realizes that you haven’t moved. You quickly stand up and follow her after that, because if there’s anything you’d like to see on that pretty face of hers it’s not hurt.

It’s dark in the closet and the quiet click of the door shutting behind you makes you swallow. You can barely see her wide eyes curiously looking into yours before you don’t see anything at all.

Instead you feel lips pressing against yours and hands clutching at your shirt and a tongue finding its way into your mouth.

You’re shocked, to say the least. Until you get into your mind that Laura Hollis is kissing you so you start kissing her back.

Your hands are on her cheeks, in her hair. She’s pressing you hard against the door and you didn’t think someone that small could have that much strength.

You don’t mind a bit.

She teasingly pulls back, bringing your bottom lip between her teeth with her. She lets it loose and it snaps back and she smirks.

The look in her eyes makes your knees weak.

Then your lips are smashing together again, and this time it’s you who initiates it. She moans into your mouth and you’re pretty sure if she does that again you’ll never leave this closet.

You snort. She pulls back.

“Something funny?” She asks, her voice breathy and scratchy and giggly and perfect.

You smile back and chuckle. “It’s just… I haven’t come out to anyone yet. And we’re in a closet right now.”

Laura looks around herself as if she’s only just realized she’s in a closet. Then she looks back at you and says, “Me neither.”

She lets out an adorable giggle and you can’t stop yourself from laughing.

You’re both cracking up at the irony and holding each other so you don’t fall when you hear a knock on the door and the jock saying that time’s up.

You both stumble out of the closet, trying to contain your laughter.

“Have fun?” The jock asks with a raised eyebrow and the implication obvious.

The tall red head huffs and says, “Oh please. Like they actually did anything in there.”

You share a look with Laura and do your best to hide your smile.

When you leave the party later on, Laura slips a piece of paper into your hands as she walks past you and through the door. You open it when you’re in your car and smile.

“Here’s my number. Maybe we can get to know each other better than just seven minutes in a closet :)”

It seems so innocent and kind and dorky and perfect. Just like her.

I’m tired of rain and saddle-sores and being scared all the time. There’s ale here, and rabbit to eat, and the bread will be better when I make it. You’ll see, when you come back. You will come back won’t you? When the war is done?” He remembered who she was then, and added, “My lady,” reddening.

…Then it was time to go. When Hot Pie asked if he might kiss milady’s hand, she punched his shoulder. “Don’t call me that. You’re Hot Pie, and I’m Arry.”

—  A Storm of Swords

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Could u please do a scenario where Kacchan w/his wife&3yrs old son? Like the son has a toy resemble his dad's appearance but he broke the head of the toy accidentally so he cried like a crazy coz he though his dad is gonna die and it took ages from his parents to comfort him? But when Kacchan tried to fix the head, he end up by breaking an arm so the son went wild with his crying so Kacchan told him that hero doesn't cry, his son replay to him that he wants to be a cow coz he likes milk 😂

I couldn’t start doing this because I was laughing for like 10 min straight it’s so hilarious

Katsuki finally had a day of and he enjoyed one quiet and peaceful morning with his family. They just finished their breakfast and now he was sitting on the couch watching the news with his wife next to him. When the commercials started he dedicated his attention to his son who sat on the floor and played with a toy similar to his father. The day Katsuki found out his child inherited his quirk he felt so happy that he took him to the toy store and promised to buy him whatever toy he picked. When the child pointed at this particular one and said “I wanna be like daddy!“ Katsuki just melted on the inside. Now he watched his son play and without noticing a smile formed on his lips. He looked at his wife and wrapped an arm around her unsure how he ended up in this little paradise. It was just too perfect. He closed his eyes to savor the moment but then…


“What’s wrong?“ His wife ran right away in the direction of their son that suddenly stared crying. Katsuki got up and slowly approached his son while scanning him for bruises or cuts but he had none so Katsuki furrowed his eyebrows.

“Why are you crying?“

“Dad I’m so sorry.“

“Huh?“ Katsuki looked questioningly at his son who lifted the toy in his hand.

“I broke your head and now you’ll die because of me.“ The child seriously thought he had killed his father so his cries echoed throughout the whole room. His mom caressed his hair and pointed at Katsuki.

“Don’t cry. As you can see he’s alive and well.“

“But his head fell of. He can’t live without a head.“

“What? This is not some kind of fucking voodoo.“

“Katsuki! Don’t swear in front of the child.“ Katsuki just growled while his wife picked their son and hugged him in an attempt to calm him down. “I’ll take care of this and you try to fix the toy.“ He continued to grumble but picked up the toy and its head. “Look, your dad will fix it and he’ll live.“ The child was still sobbing but staying in his mother’s arms soothed him a little. His mother sat on a chair and put him on her lap so he could see how Katsuki repaired the toy. When he put the glue he pressed the head a little bit too hard which brought him a remark from his wife.

“Don’t put so much force into it or you’ll end up breaking it again.“

“I know what I’m doing.“ She tried to convince herself that there was no way he could mess up something as simple as this. After a few minutes he grabbed the toy by the legs and turned it upside down.

“It’s ready and as you can see I did my job right.“

“Daddy’s alive!“ His son exclaimed happily and reached for the toy but at that moment the head fell off and rolled down on the floor. The child’s eyes filled with tears.

“Don’t cry. Your dad is just trying out different methods. He still has more to try so it’s too early to cry.“ Somehow she managed to stop the child from crying but Katsuki felt frustrated by the thought that he failed to fix one stupid toy. He squeezed the toy which made a cracking noise and soon enough an arm joined the head which rested on the floor.

“Waaaaaaaaah!“ Once again the child cried but now that he had gained energy from resting his voice came out louder than before. Katsuki was already angry and this situation wasn’t helping him to relax one bit.

“Just shut up and I’ll fix it.“

“But daddy you have only one arm. You can’t.“

“Please don’t cry.“ His wife was so helpless that she resorted to begging but Katsuki was tired of her way of doing things. His little boy needed to grow up as a man so Katsuki stood up in front of his son with crossed arms and demanding voice.

“Stop crying. Heroes don’t cry and you can’t become a hero if you continue like this.“

“But I don’t wanna be a hero.“

“What?“ This felt almost like he was hit by lightning.

“I wanna be a cow because I like milk.“ And now the lightning struck. Katsuki was unable to move or speak while he stared with eyes wide open. On the other hand his wife barely contained her laughter. When Katsuki came to it he narrowed his eyes and looked at his son.

“What the fuck?“

“Katsuki! Stop swearing in front of him already! Ok darling, how about we go and buy some milk then?“

“Yes!“ The child was no longer crying but Katsuki was left gazing into the distance with an angry and partly absent look on his face. Katsuki closed his eyes. He wasn’t sure how it happened but somehow he ended up in hell.


Omg this is pure gold!

GD first: Yaaaaaaaaah!   Waaaaaaaah!
T.O.P: Yaaaaaaaaaah!
GD: Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!
T.O.P: Hooooooooung!!
GD: *sexy* Yaaaaaah…

Hahahahaha i love this guys. 

From the Ground Up

Summary: Looking back, you realized you’d built your life together from the ground up.

Pairings: Tom Holland x Reader

Word Count: 2765

Warnings: Swearing. Serious illness (the Big C). So sweet you may develop cavities.

A/N: OK, shitty summary (again…), but here we have another country song based fic, this one to From the Ground Up by Dan + Shay. (Listen HERE!) This can be read as either a one-shot or as a very loose follow-up to Home Alone Tonight. However, given that it clearly takes place a long time after the events of HAT, I’ve included a playlist at the bottom of the story of other country songs that I think pretty well illustrate how things went in the time between when HAT ended and this fic begins. I may at some point revisit this and actually write the entire story, but I have other story ideas I’m mulling, so who knows.

Aaaaaanyways, [Y/N] = Your Name (duh)


You paced in front of the bed, arms folded tightly across your chest, as Tom sat propped against the headboard, watching you with concern over the top of his magazine. You’d spent the better part of the evening pacing around the house, agitated; you’d bought Tom a gift on Amazon and wanted to give it to him now. As stupid as it seemed, your agitation stemmed from the fact that you hadn’t placed your order early enough to get same day shipping, so now you were stuck waiting until tomorrow.

“Something’s up,” Tom said, dropping his magazine on the nightstand. He got out of the bed and came up behind you, stopping you in your tracks and massaging your shoulders.

“Nothing’s wrong,” you spit back, annoyed.

“I didn’t say something was ‘wrong,’ I said something was ‘up,’” Tom reminded you gently as he led you to the bed. He climbed onto it and patted the spot next to him, encouraging you to join him. You sighed and sat down on the edge, tilting your head down and running your fingers through the top of your hair. It was too much. You couldn’t keep it in anymore. You had to tell him.

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WAAAAAAAAH! Didn't he only do the glowy eye thing in the first Mario tennis game, the one he was introduced in? I think I remember reading somewhere that they dropped it because they decided to tone down Waluigi and make him less sinister because it didn't fit well with the cheery Mario franchise.

Actually its funny you say that because they used that animation in sports superstars (which was released this year). I was so excited to see it back!

I think what happened more is that in the early games Camelot didn’t really know what Waluigi was. They slowly shaped his personality in the following gamecube games which just happened to make him flamboyant and flexible.

They obviously liked it and ran with that, so now if any companies need an animation they just seem to make him pirouette or do a dance or something as thats the new norm :P

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Hi! I just finished reading Under the Aegis. Oh. My. God. DO YOU REALIZE YOUR BOOK DID NOT ALLOW ME TO SLEEP LAST NIGHT BECAUSE I WAS SCOURING THE INTERNET FOR ANY MORE FANFICTION OR FANART OR ANYTHING ELSE. I FEEL LIKE I HAVE BEEN SUCKED INTO A FANDOM THAT I HAVE NEVER FELT SO EXCITED FOR. -Ahem. Sorry I lost it a little there. But anyway just wanted to say your art is amazing, I love you and wish you happy health and once I figure out how to work the internet I will gladly pay for your coffee.

Waaaaaaaah thank you so much! This is good yelling! Don’t worry! 

I’m glad you read it and you’re so sweet to want to buy me a coffee, I appreciate it very much ;-;

BTS Reaction #9

BTS’ reaction after finding out you speak 8 languages.


*stops eating* “I never thought I could feel so unaccomplished and dumb while eating… thanks!”

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“Not bad, not bad…”

“Not bad? How many languages can you speak, Yoongi?”

*thinks really hard* “Korean and… English?”



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“Oh wow, really? That’s great, you must be really talented!”

“Aw thanks-”

“-but do you have an IQ of 148???”

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“Waaaaaaaah, I didn’t know my honey was THAT smart. Seriously, you’re way too talented.” *thumbs up and tons of kisses*

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“WOW, that’s really admirable jagiya! In fact, it’s so amazing, I’ll give you a reward!”

“Really?! What reward?!”

“Me.” *chases you around trying to kiss you*

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“That’s so commendable that I’ll let you kiss me once!” *pats his lips*

“How does that have anything-”

“-kiss.” *pats his lips*


“-kiss.” *pats his lips*


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“That’s great…”

*thinking: WAIT does that make me seem dumb in comparison to her??? Will she think that I’m untalented?!?!*


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