you need to watch this, seriously

“We have our moments of drama and hate towards each other but, isn’t that what a real family does?”

We are more than a fandom, we´re a family.


Sry I have no words.

Yuta (Magical Boy of Moonlight Night Ver.) Unboxing

This is just a quick post with really bad photos since its dark, but anyway. Even though he’s an older release I do want to review him eventually, but it will have to be after I get back from the US (so August I suppose).
Background info - THIS was the Yuta that made me pay attention to the EX Cute line back in 2012 and has been the doll I’ve wanted all this time. He had a really short preorder period and thus became pretty rare and expensive very quickly after he was released. I see him up for over $400 on ebay, and 25000 yen is the cheapest I have ever seen him on Mandarake. Luckily, I won him on a yahoo auction using a proxy site for significantly less than that. (I, uh, had checked Mandarake/Yahoo auctions almost every day just to see if he was there for a non-outrageous price).

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