This is a translation of the Drama CD that came with the limited edition of SHOW MUST GO ON!! by Fourpe/UraShimaSakataSen

This took a long time because of the RPG terms, how long the audio track was and fastpacedspeakingwhydotheytalksofast but I’m finally done! Thank you for waiting! As usual, please message me any corrections you find!

U: The era of great adventures. It dates back 100 years.

Sa: At the sound of thunder, monsters appear, preying on those lost on their journeys from the continent

Shi: However, at the time there was a warrior going by the name of a hero. He slayed many monsters.

Sen: And so the hero said “I will defeat the Demon King who disturbs this land, and bring back the Demon King’s treasure, with heroes I have yet to find.”

U: 100 years later to this day, countless heroes roam the lands. This is the record of our great adventure. Hero, Urata.

Sa: Battle Master, Sakata.

Shi: Sorceror, Shima.

Sen: Fortune teller, Senra. The four of us join as a party, and go on this great adventure to find the Demon King’s treasure.

U: Even though this is our first go..

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Velvet: Edward! 

Edward: waaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!

Velvet: Okay buddy calm down. It’s okay mommy can fix it. You need to control your anger though. You can’t just throw fits whenever your not happy with something okay?

Bringing out her tools, Velvet fixes the dollhouse and wipes away Edwards tears before carrying him upstairs.

EXO reacting to you answering all correct on a TV quiz

Suho: “That’s my smart girl!” *mama suho is proud*

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Chen: *screams everytime you get the answer right* That’s my girlfriend!!!

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Baekhyun: *Does his victory dance because he is so proud of you*

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Xiumin: *Looks at you lovingly and wonders how he got so lucky with such a smart girl*

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D.O: You are so smart! I can’t believe you knew that much about movies *he is mindblown*

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Kai: “WAAAAAAAAAAA jagiya you are amazing!!”

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Lay: *he’d get so excited for you*

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Sehun: “wow! how do you do that jagi THATS CRAZY!”

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