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idols: rose ♡                                                                                                                                                ↳ roseanne park (1997)

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((thats too wild,, ur too wild .. !!!! uuuh

1. my art development over the weeks
2. a spider didn’t kill me once
3. I didn’t wimp out from being in a relationship and now I have a really amazing girlfriend????!?!??!?!! How did I do that
4. I’ve been handing in work on time more often????? I think
5. I sleep a lot and I think that’s better than not sleeping at all))

The stages of me, shipping people

me: *saw 2 people interacting with each other*
me: awww look at them, they’re soooo cute
me: yep. definetly. shipped

SoMa Week 2017 Day 2 - FAMILY (ft. FlaMakNess Nisekoi AU Collab!)

–She wondered how she got herself caught in this position, cursing her family name, cursing the boy beside her who seemed just as displeased as she did. Papa leaned in to whisper the dos and don’ts– which was entirely unnecessary– and she shoved him away with her elbow, a little repulsed that he had so little faith in her own unwillingness to engage in any amorous act with… with Soul. Before she could storm off, said newly appointed boyfriend was shoved into her side by his brother. ‘A picture with the new couple, Albarn? Or are you still the non-commitment type?’ Her father pushed her closer in response…

heeere’s day 2! loving the support so far! please remember to support @flamedork and @l0chn3ss‘ works!

the image above is kind of a screenshot redraw to this (but flipped):

Ness’ oneshot here (soon) (snippet above) and Kirste’s art here (snippet below)

No #sin this time, but still good I think

                It starts out with the little things. For me it always begins this way, but this time was different. A slight brush across my skin left burning embers that were hot for days. His words were a song; whispers a melody. Under his spell he kept me and I was more than happy to stay there. He could throw me to the flames, and there I would wait for him to return. Distance allowed my mind to reflect on my feelings and decide against them but when he got close- against my better judgment- the feelings won out every time. I know shouldn’t be with him. But that doesn’t mean I can’t want to be. And here I am now.

                Tearing through the wind and rain in the forest, the chill settles deep into my bones. My lungs are on fire, begging me to slow down. I don’t until I see him in the clearing. His uniform shirt is all but ripped completely to shreds from the battle. Another small raid on the castle and he took all 12 men on all by himself-his men would have only slowed him down. Sword in hand, his back to me I can see every tense muscle. Still going full speed he slowly turns to me breathing heavily. He tosses the sword to the ground and spreads his arms catching me as we tumble to the ground.

“You always know how to make an entrance.” He mumbles lovingly into my hair and sits us upright, brushing the tears from my face I didn’t even know were there.

I run my fingers through his soaked hair and his eyes flutter closed. I kiss both eyes and softly brush my lips against his. When I pull back those dark blue eyes pierce right through me acknowledging every thought and caressing my very soul.

“I love you.” He states it as if it were a fact that the entire world already knew to be true. My heart warmed.

“And I you.” I answered as though I had said it for many lifetimes. And I truly did, I loved him with everything I had.

My Oliver.

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HC for dally flirting with y/n and her playing hard to get please??? Also I love your account😇💓


- Dallas first sees you at like Ponys school or something like that
- his first thought is something along the lines of
‘This broads a real looker, she’ll be mine in no time man.’
- lol this fucker thought wrong
- he went to go talk to you and you could tell he was being real flirty and touchy feely and you weren’t gonna lie to urself he was real attractive but there’s no fun without a chase
- ‘Hey doll how bout you give me your number and I’ll give you the time of your life.’
- 'So if I give you my number you will leave me alone?’ You smirked at his shocked expression
- he was like waaaaaaa why she no want THE Dallas Tucker Winston
- but instead he’s like 'Ur real fiery ya know that? How bout we go see a movie tonight?’
- 'you wanna go to the movies?’
- 'ya.’
- 'ok have a real nice time while ur there and why don’t you tell me about it tomorrow?’
- he is honestly so frustrated but like so intrigued??????
- he gives up for the day and goes over to the Curtis’
- 'Hey Pone you know this girl that goes to ur school, looks like a grease has real nice, eh I would say shoulder length wavy brown hair, big green eyes and battered black and white chucks?’
- 'uh ya?’
- 'interesting. Aye kid uh how bout you tell me more about this girl?’
- okokokokokokok he is like so into you after the talk with Pony
- if he sees you he will just start thrown these flirty remarks at you left and right
- you guys kinda made it a game now where you both would flirt with each other and honestly Dallas loved your confidence and wittiness
- after he finds out you can fight?????
- he has to get you to be his girl
- ur still stubborn tho
- he would start doing nice things like opening doors for you, holding your stuff, taking to eat and small stuff like that
- you would tease the poor boy so much
- like you try and fluster him
- *heavy sigh and grunt*
'Whats wrong?’
'Oh nothin my neck and back just hurt.’
'Oh.’ *flusteredness but trying to act cool*
'Dallas you think you could rub my shoulders for me, please?’
'Ya sure, sure.’
- he will start flat out asking you out and always get a 'I’d rather date a patient man than a demanding boy.’ In return
- it kills him
- the gang teases him so much cause he is usually never this into a girl
- when you finally accept his date HE IS SOOOOOO GIDDY AND NERVOUS AND HAPPY
on the inside tho cause he’s a tough man

  • Me: WHOA whoa whoa everyone's talking about this fanfic so i should read it
  • Me, after reading Anterograde Tomorrow: TT_____TT I AM NEVER TOUCHING ANGST FANFICS EVER AGAIN //cries at the sight of green and yellow Post-It notes//
  • Me, a few days later: omooo~! i loved watching absolute boyfriend so i know i will love this fanfic ^-^
  • Me, after reading Absolute Chanyeol: //hugs myself and cries// DO YOU THINK YOU CAN JUST DO THIS TO ME? MY TEARS ARE POURING OUT ALONG WITH MY FEELS //sobs uncontrollably//
  • Me, a few days later: "Arbitrage" . . . hmm cool title... oh & they are race car drivers in this fic omfg that's so hot, i MUST read this!!!
  • Me, after reading Arbitrage: O_O jongin... //unable to speak anymore//
  • Me, after a few days: //sigh// my heart may never recover from the pain i felt whilst reading those fanfictions..
  • Me, after a few days more: waaaaaaa, it's chanbaek!!! >0< but 10080?! What does that even mean? omg now i'm REEEEAAALLLLYYYY curious~! //decides to read it//
  • Me, after reading 10080: //deteriorates into a pathetic sobbing puddle of tears and feels and pain//

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Wuv ur art AAAA *Q//w//Q* C-can I request?? Ever seen/heard bout Echotale ? It's a really good story! The Au made by my senpai :@Yoralim Can ya make an Echo G!sans X frisk ;;w;; THANK YOU BERRY MUCH AND LOVE LOVE UR ART ~ <3

Thank you!!!!////><✌︎

I know about Echotale a little!
G!sans is very coool!!!♡♡
I want to draw with him more!!!


here’s my gift for @princesshyakuya for the @mikayuugiftexchange!!! they wanted to see fem!mika and fem!yuu at the beach!! i chose this prompt out of the three bc it seemed really fun to draw…….. i really hope you like it!! 💕