July 19, 2013

@Say_boy03: good night kk and I summon you to twitter. Read this tweet in the morning and leave a selca please. A reference pic below ^ㅁ^ dahaet kkk @imSMl (summon)

July 20, 2013

@Say_boy03: he must not have waken up yet…. Havent checked twitter yet…. Does he have his alarm off…. How could… The summoning not work…. (His love) has cooled…….… But still kkkkk summon @imSMl !!

July 20, 2013 Sungmin replied

@imSMl: @Say_boy03 summoned!! Why did you call me through tweets~ you should have just sent me a text.. K i woke up at 8~kk 

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lydia jokes and pokes fun at the fact that she’s the “sane one” now but she is their best help because not only does she know how they all feel but she can read their faces and read the telltale signs and know when they’re not okay or are lying about being okay. and when that happens she brings them together and they realize that they need to deal with their shit and not just ignore it.

basically she’s doing what they didn’t do for her.

Can you guys imagine how guilty Sasuke will be when Sakura gets pregnant and starts vomitting and such? Like when she feels sick and shit, he would be like:

“I’m sorry, Sakura.”

“For what, Sasuke-kun?” Because really, he hasn’t done anything but be a supportive husband and do nice things for her to make her feel comfortable.

“For making you feel like this..” As if he’s feeling ashamed, Sasuke looked down to avoid her eyes.

Since the moment he got “redeemed”, Sasuke never stopped making Sakura feel loved.

He did everything to make her happy. He gave her all the things in the world he thought she rightfully deserved.

He spoiled her.

Jewelleries with precious gems and stones from Suna, dresses made from the finest silk from Kumo, an expensive set of kunais and shurikens, his time, his surname.

Including his heart.

To make up to the lost time he’s spent while away from her.

To make up to every teardrop she has shed for him.

To make up to everything he’s done that hurt her.

To make up to the person who has loved him all this time after everything.

To make up to her.

When he returned to Konoha, he vowed to himself that he will protect Sakura at all costs. But now, she’s suffering all because of him. All because of his greed and lust and his consuming love and all because he can’t get enough of his wife.

Sakura gently stroked his cheek and pinched it. He looked up, confused by her actions.

She gave him the warmest of all smiles, the smile she reserves for him, he thinks, and poked his cheek with her finger.

“You’re so cute, Sasuke-kun. It’s not your fault! How many times did I tell you that it’s completly normal for a pregnant woman to experience nausea?!” Enough to make her feel like a horrible person for making her husband say sorry countless of times.

“Really, you need to stop blaming yourself.”

Well, we all know what happened. He never did stop feeling guilty.

He still thinks he almost lost her that time when she became pregnant. Not even when everyone including Tsunade, the greatest medical ninja and his wife’s shishou says it’s completely normal.

He never believed them.

He would never believe them. Sasuke thinks.

It’s never normal when your wife, who can move mountains with a mere finger, is pale and sick and weak like she’s going to di-

Unconciously, both his Sharingan and Rinnegan activated.

Sakura is the only thing in the world that he can call his.

His wife, his home, his heart.

He can’t imagine his life without her. He never wants to lose someone dear to him again.

(…happy thoughts, Sasuke, happy thoughts. Think of how cute your baby girl will be.. Think of how little Sarada would look so much like her beautiful mother that it would break your heart.. Hn, fatherhood suits me.. I’m a father, shannaro!!!!!)

After repeating his mantra that saved his sanity for long-ass years, he calmed down.

Long story short, because he is Sasuke and Sasuke is a dork, Sasuke was traumatized. Thus, the reason why Sarada is an only child. Hahahhahahahhah i honestly don’t know what this is sooorry