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Mama Bear

Fandom: Supernatural

Pairing: Lucifer x Reader

Summary: You’re out for blood when you find out your and Lucifer’s son has gone missing; You find out the oldest Winchester doesn’t know not to take a baby away from it’s mama.

Warnings: Language

Notes: I know all these characters didn’t all “exist” at the same time or get along but for the sake of the story, let’s say it’s a perfect world, and they do. Also the layout of Bobby’s house isn’t exact so just ignore that. I had a dream similar to this; i’m in my second trimester and had a dream that someone took off with my son without my permission or knowledge and i turned into a fireball trying to find him and it was actually a pretty great dream lol so i decided to turn it into a short story. Nothing against Dean it’s just funnier if it’s him in the hot seat. Usually i put all the photos in the beginning but i’m gonna try and insert them throughout the story, hope it doesn’t interrupt anything. The ending i kind of winged so hope it’s not a complete deflate.

A new tradition had started among your ever growing family; there was you, the Winchesters, Bobby, Jody, Claire and Alex, Crowley and of course the angels; Castiel, Gabe, Michael, Balthazar, and of course Lucifer your husband. Since the angels and Crowley not everyone had similar feelings about most holidays, the only one left unarguable was New Years. It was the only day of the year your entire family could come together and not start any sort of fight. So it was agreed upon that everyone would come over to Bobby’s and spend the holiday together. It was a rocky start trying to get everyone to stop trying to kill Lucifer and vice versa be civilized at first but over the years it became everyone’s favorite day.

This year would be your and Lucifer’s son’s first New Years and so even more friends came into town to see him. The house was filled with fellow hunters and a few trusted creatures. Garth had brought his new family and even Benny stopped by to see Dean the baby. It was nearing midnight and everyone was well settled in and ready for the big count down to go off on the television. Everyone that you could imagine was there except for (the fashionably late) Balthazar and mysteriously you.

The boys, Bobby, Crowley, Castiel, and Lucifer had settled into Bobby’s office with the sleeping baby. There were plenty of people and creatures in the universe who weren’t so thrilled about you, Lucifer’s wife, or your son, the literally spawn of Satan. No one or thing would dare try anything tonight will a house so full of powerful beings and hunters but even so, the boys were keen to stay by his side, especially with you not present.

“Wow, he’s such a beautiful baby, you and y/n are really lucky Lucifer.” Lucifer smiled across the room at the two Winchesters huddled around his sleeping baby. “Thanks, he’s definitely the light of our lives. Castiel, another beer?” “Sure,” Cas grabbed a second beer and threw it towards his brother, “when is y/n coming? I find it strange she’s not here yet, she loves new years.” Sam passed the baby off to Dean’s arms, “Yeah, and i’ve yet to see her without Killian in her arms the two are so attached, where is she?” He opens his own beer and takes a seat by his brother. Dean continues to cradle the baby in his arms, smiling down at him, “She’s still at her and Lucifer’s home in Hell getting ready. She should have been here by now though, she said she’d be right behind Crowley and i, we left hours ago. Did she say anything to you?”

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Cat and Mouse

Table of Contents     f 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 

Chapter I.  Heartbeat

“I, _______ ________, swear to serve under SPY Organization for eternity.”

Who knew one sentence, could affect someone’s life forever.  The day I said those words, my nightmare began.  It was the day my fate was decided.  An eye for an eye.  I was a killer.  And I would be killed one day.  I ended people’s happiness.  And one day…someone would end my misery.  Everyday…I wait…wait for that someone to appear.  Until then, I was to live in this nightmare of torturous facades and suppressed tears.

※               ※                 ※

Your long black hair flowed like ocean waves as you ran as fast as you could, away from Luhan.  Your heart fluttered with excitement and a chill of wonder.  Sinfully, you turned your head to take a short peep at where he was.  Your eyes widened in amazement – not because he was just steps behind you, but because his face expressed such determination and anger.  It frightened you, but you were intrigued.  Something about this man made you confused.  He was your enemy, but you didn’t hate him. 

“Hey, slowpoke!  Is that all you’ve got?” you teased, glancing back to look at his expression again.

So much emotion ran through his liquid warm eyes.  Never in your life had you seen such emotions.  You were an assassin – a murderer – a corpse with no emotions.  At least that’s what you were taught to be.  Shaking your head, you dismissed the thoughts.  You continued to run, turning onto an alley. 

Uh oh. 

Your eyes widened.  Dead end.  You cursed under your breath.  As you reached the metal gates that blocked your escape, you jumped up, ready to climb.  However, a hand grabbed you by your arm and dragged you down.  You gasped and swallowed.  No.  Wrong.  I am not scared.  I am fearless…He pinned you to the wall and took out his badge.

“I am Sergeant Luhan.  ________ ________, evidence shows that you are linked with a homicide.  Please follow me back to the police station.  From this point on, everything you say will be recorded,” he spoke, glaring at you.

You were stunned and speechless.  But you knew you needed to get away.  Your arrest would cause the whole SPY Organization to topple down.  You stared at the dagger that resided in your pocket.  It would be easy to stab him but you felt your arm grow weak.  You couldn’t…just couldn’t stab him.  You didn’t know why.  Luhan is my enemy.  Stab him.  You need to get away, _______.  Stab him.  You gritted my teeth, trying to dismiss your subconscious.  Argh.  Do it!

“NO!” you refused aloud.

 With his eyebrows furrow, he asked, “No, what?”

Ignoring his question, you forced your eyes shut and…kneed him…unfortunately at the worst possible area.  He fell down to the ground, pain written across his face.  You bit your lip guiltily.

Taking a few steps forward, you whispered. “A-are you okay?”

He didn’t respond to you, but you knew you couldn’t do anything to help.  Remembering that you had to get away, you ran to climb the gates again.  Unknowingly, you glanced back at the fallen man.  With an unwilling sigh, you climbed over the metal bars and headed back to SPY Organization’s Headquarters. 

The moment you reached your destination, you ran into your room and locked the door.  Placing a hand over your heart, you listened silently as a “thump thump” rhythm was heard.  Pacing heart beats – something you never felt before.  You witnessed dying hearts – hearts that were begging to survive, but were eventually stopped.  Those were the hearts of your victims.  You didn’t understand why hearts beat.  What purpose did they serve? 

“C1314, Leader wants to see you,” a familiar voice said, from outside your room.

“Okay, I’ll be out in a second,” you replied.

It took you a few minutes to calm your heart.  As soon as you did so, you walked towards the core of the headquarters – your Leader’s room.

“Good evening, Leader,” you greeted.

“_______, where did you go today?” he inquired.

“I was just checking to make sure Yoon Hyebi kept her promise,” you answered.

Tapping his chin, he asked, “Did she?”

“No, Leader.”

“Then, I am sure you know what to do, _______,” my leader said with a smirk.

Nodding, you replied, “Yes, Leader.  Kill her son, Lee Jonghyun.”

Your leader waved his hand, notifying that you were dismissed.  You nodded and stalked off.  Images of Luhan’s pained expression flashed through your mind and you cringed.  I wonder if he’s okay.  No.  Stop.  Stop _______.  Taking a deep breath, you got dressed into a black long-sleeve top and pants.  Skillfully, you attached your dagger securely onto your belt.  You were ready – ready to commit another crime; to end another life – ready to go to Hell.  Heading out of the headquarters, you were met up with familiar sneers and false encouragements.

“Hope you break a leg,” one laughed.

“Better yet break your neck, Honey,” another spoke.

Angry, you slammed the door, creating a loud echo. With a sigh, you began walking off to find Yoon Hyebi’s son.  However, your legs unintentionally guided you to the familiar alley where Luhan and you had been earlier.  You paused, debating whether or not to check if he was still there.  Luhan is your enemy.  With a sad smile, you strolled off to your target. 

“Target found,” you whispered to yourself, out to habit.

You peered from across the streets to where he was.  Blankly, you stared.   A row of cops stood, guarding the house.  Luhan’s people. You scanned into the house.  Lee Joonhyun sat on a chair – a rocking chair to be exact.  In his arms was a tiny bundle.  You squinted, trying to see what the object was.  For a moment, the identity of the mysterious bundle was the only thing you wanted to know. 

“Wa waaa waa” the bundle cried.

 A baby.  You closed your eyes, and shook your head.  A flash of your past ran through your mind.  However, your life belonged to SPY. That was that.  Unwillingly, you opened your eyes and observed the place once more, before rushing across the street.  With one stroke, you sliced a cop’s stomach.  Ignoring the rest, you kicked the door down.  The surviving cops ran to stop you, but they weren’t at your speed.  With another stroke, you took them all down, their necks glazed with crimson liquid.  Dying hearts. You gasped. Your heart began to pace.  Sweat trickled down your forehead.  You blinked, confused.  Lee Joonhyun was gone.  The abandoned baby kicked its little feet, crying to be picked up from the cold marble floors.  Momentarily, you felt weak and helpless.  You leaned forward to pick up the baby, but paused midway.  These bloody hands of mine…had no right to pick her up.  You crunched your hands into a fist. 

Just as you were about to leave the baby alone, you felt a hard blow against your stomach.  Helplessly, you flew backwards, hitting the wall.  Angry, you glared up to your attacker.  Luhan.  You watched silently as he picked up the baby with utmost care.  A sour feeling pricked at your chest. 

Glaring at you, he accused, “You won’t even leave an innocent baby alone.”

You opened your lips to defend yourself, but nothing came out.  Instead, you observed as Luhan carefully handed the baby back to Lee Joonhyun. 

“Go into the storage room and lock the door,” the sergeant told him. 

Before Joonhyun could walk a step, you rushed towards him, but your plans were spoiled by Luhan.  You grunted in frustration.  You were a top assassin.  Never did it take you more than five minutes to kill someone.  You attempted to push pass him, but he didn’t budge.

“Stay out of this, or I’ll kill you,” you threatened.

“Then kill me,” he replied.

You hissed, separating your lips to curse at him but seeing his determined expression, you remained speechless.  You didn’t understand why someone would risk his life for another.  It didn’t make sense.  Even Lee Jonghyun abandoned his own baby just now.  Luhan…was so…different.  You tried to interpret what was going on with his mind but you couldn’t.  All you knew was that Lee Joonhyun had to die.  If there needed to be sacrifices, then so be it.  Hesitantly, you took out your dagger and threw it at Luhan’s direction.  He dodged.

“You missed,” he half-teased.

I didn’t try.

Your neck began to ache.  Your slender fingers touched the back of your neck, where your sinful mark was.  People have often wondered why you never tied your hair up, despite being an assassin – even though you knew that by leaving your hair down, you ran the risk of leaving evidence.  Slowly, you glazed your finger across the barcode- C1314.  The moment you entered SPY, you were permanently marked as their property.  The barcode on your neck was the evidence that would haunt you for eternity.            

You growled in frustration.  Before you knew it, you had elbowed Luhan in the stomach.  You ran as fast as you could to the storage room.  Kicking the door open, you encountered the most outrageous situation you’ve ever witnessed.  Opened window.  Baby.  Lee Joonhyun held his baby by one hand, ready to let her go…drop out of the window.

“Don’t come here, or I’ll throw her out the window!” he hollered.

“I am an assassin, do you think that trick will work on me?” you said coldly.  But it did.

By now, Luhan had caught up with you.  His eyes widened.  He pulled you back by the arm.  In the process, your ear passed against his chest.  Heart beat.




“Lee Joonhyun-ssi, please calm down.  That’s your own baby,” the sergeant spoke.

“You useless police said I would be safe!” he cried.

You didn’t know what to do.  The conversation between the target and Luhan began to sound like an old faded out CD. Your attention resided on the baby.  You were scared – truly scared. Your heart paced and your eyes became watery.  You watched, speechlessly, as your target began to loosen his grip.  You rushed ready to hold onto the baby, but your sudden interruption startled Lee Joonhyun.  He let go. 




You felt your heart stop.  Feebly, you dropped to your knees.  No.  No.  No.  Tears clung onto the edges on your eyes. 

Softly, you whispered, “The baby’s innocent…how could you …”

“Y-YOU KILLED HER!  If you didn’t try to kill me, I WOULDN’T HAVE LET GO!” Lee Joonhyun screamed.

He’s right.  You turned around to Luhan.  He was frozen in place. 

You have a mission, ________. 

Sniffing your unfallen tears back, you drew your dagger and aimed it straight at Lee Joonhyun’s heart.  It pierced through, right at the center of his chest.  Dying heart.  You couldn’t take this any longer – you had to get away.  Seizing your escape, you ran to the opened window and jumped down. 

The baby lay, lifeless. 

“Move…” you begged, “Move!” 

You reached out to touch her soft cheek, but pulled back.  Bloody hands.  With the rest of your strength, you ran as fast as you possibly could.  That night you didn’t return to the Headquarters.  Instead, you stayed in the alley where Luhan and you had been.  Right there, you cried –cried for the first time in ten years. 


a/n: Uh oh, there’s a crazy storm outside so my internet keeps dying!!! >< hope it works this time!!

Hope you guys enjoyed first chapter!!!  :D  i love you guys, really.  >3< you guys are the only ones able to keep me sane these days.


Ogni tanto vorrei avere un pubblico di spettatori americani in casa.

Ché tanto quelli si esaltano per ogni cosa.

Esco dal letto la mattina:
- “Wooooooow yeaaaaaah” applausi scroscianti.
Faccio colazione:
- “Woooo Woooo Woooo” esultanze da stadio.
Accidentalmente mi cade una fetta di pane a terra:
- “Ahahahhahahaha” risate goliardiche.
Mi arriva un sms che dice Ti voglio bene:
- “Uuuuuuuuuh” sospiro da rivelazione amorosa.
Alla fine era mia mamma:
- “Ahahahahahahahahah” risate di derisione.
Vado a farmi la doccia:
- “Woooouuhahahahahhahaha” applausi interrotti da solide risate.
Mi aspettavo più applausi, dai:
- “Waa waa waa waaa” qualcuno ha portato una trombetta da presa in giro.
Inizio ad incazzarmi:
- “Ahahahahahahahahahahahaha” risate di derisione che persistono.
Li mando a fanculo:
- “Oooooooooh” sorpresa, sgomento, si offendono.
Li caccio di casa.
Non posso.
Sono voci che esistono solo nella mia testa.
Passa l'infermiera a darmi le medicine.
- Come andiamo oggi, tutto bene? Le sentiamo ancora le risate?
- No. No. Per niente. Sto guarendo. Presto potrò uscire, vero?

Safehouse Impressions


TOday in the safehouse I’ll be presenting you with high quality impressions of the rest of the crew, so let’s be getting started!!!

First off is the slick bastard denying his midlife crisis- Dallas!!

I’m Dallas, hi, I’m the sexy one. *waggles eyebrows*

Next up is my buddy with the beautiful eyes- Chains!


Then there’s Houston, who’s been kinda pissed since we broke out Hox…

“I’m Houston and nobody likes me, ;__; waaa waa waaaaahhhh!!!”

But then Hoxton gets all pissy that Houston is being pissy and he’s all


Then there’s this other guy. ¬_¬ Whatever. Wolf out.

There. *mutter* Fookin’ John Dick.