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The TF2 Super Summer Charity Stream is Happening Today!

Text taken from SkyminSlash’s SSCS video:

The Super Summer Stream is a 24 hour charity event to raise money for Child’s Play occurring from July 23 10 AM PST - July 24 10 AM PST. There will be essentially 2 parts to the stream. The first 12 hours will be North America participants and the second 12 hours will be European participants with the Australians sprinkling in where ever they please.

There are planned to be A LOT of guests within the TF2 community especially several big and small TF2 YouTubers, so you may just see your favorite there! Giveaways and events will also be a big part, but remember guys this is for all the kiddos out there in need of help!

TF2 Super Summer Stream Twitch channel -

Super Summer Steam Group

This event is live now, so be sure to check it out and donate to a great charity if you can!

LL Sunshine Theory Time

((Possible Spoilers?))

Okay, so I think the reason Kanan and Dia get annoyed/worked up whenever school idols are mentioned is because when they were in their first years with Mari, they were trying to form an idol club too.

When the 2nd years are looking at their clubroom, Chika notices that there are lyrics on the whiteboard… which might be the lyrics the 3rd years were writing when they were in a school idol club.

And since Mari left in their first years, this would cause obvious tension between the Kanan, Mari, and Dia. That’s why DIa doesn’t want to be reminded of idols (and tells Ruby to put away the idol magazines when Dia is a first year) because of Mari’s absence and the possible discomfort it caused between the 3rd years.

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It must get awkward for jewish ups workers on bring your spouse to work day and ups official brings hitler in

I’m sure it does. The sad thing though is that so many kids grow up thinking of Hitler as this distant thing without knowing how insanely intelligent and direct he was. Pure evil but the kind of villian that destroys half the world before he is put down and has an almost godlike air about him for many people back then. That’s whom we have to watch out for now. Hitler was never secret about his plans.


Here are the episodes for day one of the two week marathon. (I uploaded them on a different account just in case)

Dad 76 wearing an aloha shirt is my aesthetic tbh

i’m watching john’s awesome con panel A MONTH LATE I KNOW I’VE BEEN BUSY (that’s a lie i’m just lazy af) and apparently, the new torchwood comics will touch up on the mystery of face of boe? could this mean we’ll finally find out if it’s really jack?


we’re going to learn jack’s REAL NAME from the big finish audios! the ones they recorded last month will include 5 torchwood audios and 5 doctor who audios, and one of those will prob mention(?) his name