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Now that LOK is over, what are your top (feel free to pick any number-ten, five) overall favorite episodes?

I’m not really good with ranking my faves, but I will rank my number one out of all the episodes in the series.


This is the Legend of Korra, but for the longest time it hasn’t been about Korra. Some episodes have focused on Korra too, but there were so many subplots that went along with it. But this time, we see everything in Korra’s eyes and not how people saw her, no other character was the main focus. The portrayal of depression is accurate, this is one thing I deeply appreciate in the show. (As someone who had depression in the past, I relate to this so much)

Some notable points:

1. Korra receiving letters from her friends and though they mean well, It’s hard to be happy for them when things aren’t going good for you. Your life is standing still while it seems like they’ve moved on. (The use of voiceover shows the distance between Korra from her friends)

2. Katara finally having a big role after being shafted in the previous books, I’m glad that she was had a pivotal role of Korra’s healing. She was perfect for it as she has gone through PSTD herself and she knows the pain and pressures of being the Avatar, her patience is also undeniably strong as we’ve seen in ATLA. She uses Aang as the perfect example, not saying things like “Aang suffered too, you know! more than you!” I believe people get receives this kind of statements that are unhelpful to one’s recovery. Rather, she says “Aang suffered, You’re suffering right now. I believe you can get through this just like Aang did” She’s not belittling Korra’s suffering, she also lets Korra shout at her as she understands her frustrations, and she believes in one’s ability to recover by giving her the right motivation. This eventually led to Korra’s first step to recovery. 

3. Its also seen on the episodes after this one, but it portrayed that Recovery isn’t that simple. You can get better but sometimes you fall back to misery no matter how hard you try. Visually, you can see Korra’s physical changes, she’s not as muscular as she was before. I think that sort of defines her in a way because she’s always been the girl who’s in shape but now she was “rusty”. Its really hard to go back to the person you once were when you’re depressed. 

4. The scene where Tenzin visits her and she tries to display to him that she is much stronger (paralleling the first episode) but the effects of her trauma remain. Another is the scene were Korra tries to go back to Republic City but she’s faced by her darker self, it was her trying to convince herself that she was ready but she wasn’t. 

5. Isolation, it’s a common act as there are times you feel the need to be alone and figure out things on your own, no matter how great your support system is. That scene where she wrote a letter to her parents on being fine? I interpret it as something like you don’t want to burden people with your problems or sometimes you don’t feel like you’re needed by anyone at all. Thats why when Korra finally reunited with Jinora, Ikki, and Meelo in The Calling, it was really touching to see the first people who welcomed her with open arms in Republic City when everyone was against her being there, made sense they’re the ones who will bring her back. Korra’s isolated from the people who loves her too long and it made her forget that she is loved by others.

6. Dark!Korra was a cool concept, Depression is truly battling with yourself and most times, it wins. 

Then here’s the rest, in no particular order.

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