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halloweek; day three

nitenai bokura wa hosoi ito de tsunagatte iru

Becoming a vampire isn’t really a big deal. All Bellamy has to do is switch to night shift, set up a subscribe and save order for cow blood on Amazon, and give up garlic bread. It’s pretty straightforward.

His new partner, though. She’s an issue.

based on prompt: ‘Buddy cop story where both officers are trying to hide that they’re vampires from each other.’ for anonymous

written by: Chash / @ponyregrets
edit by: Cat / @catja 
word count: 8517

The problem with being a vampire (or any other supernatural being) is the same problem there is with everything else, from what Bellamy can tell: the farther you are from being a cishet rich white human male, the harder it is. And of those, Bellamy is only a cis human guy, which means that his whole life he’s been dealing with shitty people who have shitty assumptions about him based on his race, class, sexuality, or some combination of the three. His life is basically one continuous intersectionality failure even before he becomes a vampire.

So, yeah. It’s going to be a pain.

“A pain,” Miller repeats.

“Yeah,” he says. “It’s not like I can’t deal with it, but, man. It’s going to suck.”

“If you say pun intended, I’m going to murder you.”

He snorts. “Shit, I wasn’t even trying. I wish that had been intentional. Maybe I’m just going to be a really good vampire. I’m a natural.”

“Fuck, I can’t believe we’re friends.”

“Plenty of people deal with this shit every day,” Bellamy points out. “It’s doable. One in–”

“If you start talking vampire statistics, I swear to god, I will go and find a stake and murder you.”

“Which would be a hate crime. Dick.” He flops back on the bed, putting his arm over his eyes. It’s very livable, being a vampire. Or very unlivable. It’s doable, he knows that much. Millions of people live semi-normal lives every day, as vampires.

“Vampire cops aren’t exactly popular,” Miller points out. Which he knew, obviously, but it was one of those things he hadn’t been wanting to dwell on too much.

“I know. I don’t have to tell anybody.”

“That’s seriously your plan?”

“I’ll tell your dad,” he says. Captain Miller is a good guy, and he likes Bellamy. “I need to put it in the arrest report anyway. So I explain the situation, tell him why I want to keep it on the down-low, ask to get reassigned to night shift. And then I just keep it quiet.”

“Drink blood out of a nalgene?”

He shrugs. “Thermos. Pretend it’s coffee.”

Miller shakes his head. “If my dad thinks you can try it, I guess you can.”

“I’m not letting this ruin my life,” he says, firm. “It doesn’t have to be a big deal.”

At least Miller is a good enough friend to not point out that it already ruined his life. He’s undead now. When your life ends, it’s also ruined, kind of by default.

But he can still make the best of it.

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I genuinely urge WA stans to not fall for the gaslighting that AntiWestallenstans is trying to engage in at this time.  They will attempt to tell you that they do not attack Candice and that this all a figment of our imagination.  I saved this chat for a couple reasons.  One the tumblr SnowOnBarry has admitted to being the primary person running the AntiWestallenstans tumblr at this time and will repeatedly claim that she is a Iris fan and act befuddled that Candice receives hate.  Secondly, a lot of SB blogs follow this account and yet nary a peep from any of them and yet they expect WA fans to police all perceived bad behavior.  In addition to that I have personally seen this antiwestallenstans tumblr call Candice YKW, this is code for You Know Who as if she is a thing and not deserving of having her name called.  

Perhaps coming from another person it would have some impact but when Anti-Westallenstans is the one coming up with list and calling people shitty you should know exactly the type of person you are dealing with and it is gaslighting at it’s finest.

New WA Police policy released on working with people who are trans* and/or intersex.

The Western Australian Police have released a new policy on how they will work with people who gender and/or sex diverse. This new policy (called LP-4.4 Transgender and Intersex Search Policy), will ensure that WA Police will:

  • Respect the preferred pronouns of people who are trans* and/or intersex
  • Ask people who are trans* and/or intersex whether they’d prefer to be searched by male or female officers
  • Attempt to detain people who are trans* and/or intersex in empty cells whenever possible to ensure their safety
  • Allow people who are trans* and/or intersex to choose whether they go into a male or female cell (if no empty cells are available)

From the new policy’s introduction:

It is the policy of the WA Police to provide professional and appropriate services to members of the transgender and intersex community and to ensure good practice procedures for Police personnel who may come into contact with members of these communities in an official capacity.

As with any member of the community, people who identify as intersex, transsexual or who have undergone gender reassignment surgery, have rights.  These rights are enshrined in both State and Commonwealth legislation, which make it unlawful to discriminate against a person who identifies as transgender or intersex.


9 News footage from 13th of March 2015 of the Heirisson Island protest being broken up. The police rolled in with officers on horseback, in cars and on foot. They took down tents and camping gear, however the sacred fire still burns and not one protester was removed from the island.

Where are my people supposed to go? To the streets and to the prisons?! This excessive display of force and the community closures shows that the WA government has no interest in the well-being and rights of First Nations peoples. 

Get angry and don’t be silent on this. 

(9 News is pretty crap, I know, but I could only find really short videos and this was the longest one I found.)

WA police murder a man who threw rocks at them.

Pasco, WA police killed 35-year-old Antonio Zambrano-Montes yesterday after the homeless man had a standoff with police where he threw multiple rocks at the officers.  Cops used a stun gun which had no effect, so as Zambrano-Montes tried to run away, police shot him multiple times.

If a homeless man is throwing rocks at you, he obviously doesn’t have a gun.  If you are chasing a suspect on foot, he’s not a danger to you.  A rock is not threatening your life.  The three officers involved in the shooting have been placed on temporary leave during the investigation which I’m sure will end in favor of the cops, but it sounds to me like lazy cops who’d rather kill a suspect than expend the physical energy to tackle him.

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WA police officers given suspended sentences for assault on Aboriginal man

What a surprise that the police officers caught on tape tasering an Aboriginal man, (Kevin Spratt) in custody over 9 times in a minute were only given suspended sentences and were allowed to keep their jobs. Spratt’s only offence was a refusal to be strip searched. The defence even had the gall to suggest that his screams during the tasering was ‘screams of joy’. Let’s not pretend this is a one off incident but in actuality a systemic part of our society in which racism towards our First nation people and police brutality go hand in hand.