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English things that I Hate that were never really properly explained/confused me. 

To vs Too

Too: adverb

- Also, much, or very. 

Eg. There was too much cake. || It was too far away. || “So what if I like him too?”

To: Adverb // Preposition 

- Moving towards // direction or result

Eg. He was going to go out. || She had to pay.  

Fewer vs Less

Fewer: adjective 

- A smaller number

Eg. There were fewer ship wrecks than expected. 

Less: adjective 

- A smaller amount

Eg. There was less water.   

Who vs Whom

Who: subject pronoun 

- References to a person. Usually undefined. If it can be replaced with “he” or “she” use Who. They are the subject of the sentence. 

Eg. Who are they?

Whom: object pronoun 

- A reference to him or her. If you can answer it with “him” or “her” use whom.

Eg. To whom are you speaking? (answer: Him) (”You are speaking to him”)

Affect vs Effect


Affect: verb

- to influence or create a change. 

Eg. I affect the weather. 

Effect: noun

- the result 

Eg. What are the effects of weather on sport?

Lose vs Loose

Lose: verb

- to not win, or to misplace something. 

Eg. Our team always loses ||  I always lose my keys. 

Loose: adjective

- not tight

Eg. I like loose clothing.


Can vs May

Can: verb

- has the ability 

Eg. He can run. || You can go to the bathroom. (You can go to the bathroom, but are not allowed.)

May: verb

- has permission 

Eg. He may || You may go to the bathroom. (You have permission to go to the bathroom)

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✿ 64 MarcoAce

64. Clinging hug

Marco has long since gotten used to some very overexcited greetings. He’s had Luffy fling himself out a window to say hello, Thatch almost fall down a flight of stairs, Haruta jump off a flight of stairs, and Ace usually barrels straight into him, sometimes sniggering and picking him up, laughing about how light Marco is. 

But this is weird, even by his usual standards.

Ace continues to cling to him, arms wrapped tight around his torso, and Marco can’t help but awkwardly pat his back, asking, “Are you okay?”

“My grandfather wants to meet my fiance.” Ace says to Marco’s shoulder, and Marco frowns, leaning back to stare at Ace.

“You don’t- have a fiance.” 

Ace casts him a pleading, desperate look, and Marco’s eyes go wide. 

Please!” Ace begs before Marco can scrounge up anything in his defence, “He’ll kill me for lying to him. Or at least make me do a training session with him! I’m fit but I’m not that fit!”

“Why did you lie in the first place?” Marco hisses, looking over Ace’s shoulder to see a ridiculously buff old man grinning at the both of them, his lips stretched as wide as Luffy’s usually went. 

“He keeps setting me up,” Ace whines.

“Just tell him no, yoi!” Marco says back, nose crinkling, but sighs in defeat and can tell Ace feels it when he’s gifted with a beaming smile and Ace quickly latching onto his hand. Ace bounces onto his tip toes and presses a quick kiss to Marco’s cheek.

“I owe you one.”

“Fuck yes you do,” Marco mumbles in reply, before giving Ace’s grandfather his most disarming, mild smile. “Hello, sir. It’s a pleasure to finally meet you.”

Ace’s grandfather laughs uproariously, “No need to be so falsely polite! I know you were trying to get out of this for months. All those trips right when Ace was supposed to bring you to dinner-” he slams his hand into Marco’s back, and Marco’s almost sent stumbling, looking up to see Ace’s grandfather still grinning, the hint of pissed mania to the glint of his teeth. “Can’t get out of it now, boy.”

While Ace’s grandfather laughs, Marco glares at Ace and hisses, “I’m gonna kill you.”

Ace grins sheepishly. “Love you too, birdbrain.”

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Hi Nari. I'm the one who sent you that ask about Unfairly(TM) being dragged into the MAS ship. In case you didn't figure that one out. :P Anyway, I saw you reblog my tags and first of all. How Dare. ;; You're so sweet. Second, I'm really glad you liked them, especially Ace hording gifts. Third, I have more...??? ;;;; &It's ur fault.

Oh man, i never figure a N Y T H I N G out,,,,Like….i can recognise ppl’s writing style but i wont ever go oh they’re the Same no matter how many similarities, ill just be like oh that’s funny, this anon speaks just like so-and-so!!! Haha, nice.

😘💕 idk ive Said this before but,,,,#sorry not sorry join us in!!! Polya hell!!!! We love and support each other in this not-so-tiny-anymore canoe!!!!!!! 👍

AND LIKE L O O K man you cant just say!!!!! That!!!! You’re like,, obligated to share them w/ me now dont hold out on me ///i need All the mas hcs in my life ♡♡♡♡♡