As we grow and earn, we remember all the problematic things we used to say/do before we realized how wrong we were. Although I identified as a woman, I tried so hard to distance myself from being “one of the girls”. I used to say things like, “All my friends are boys because girls are just so… (mean, catty, shallow, dramatic, sensitive, complicated, two-faced, etc.)”

Wow. I was so wrong, and I had no idea. When you’re young, there’s a temptation to project this idea that you’re “not like other girls”. Really, you should be saying, “I am not the type of girl that society tries to portray girls to be”, rather than taking it out on stereotyped and jilted women. Girls are awesome, and we’re stronger when we look out for one another.

anonymous asked:

hi! i came across your gif blending tutorial and i got stuck at the part where i'm supposed to resize the b&w katniss gif. i've selected all the layers and change the image size, but instead of the b&w pic only, the whole image got smaller. :( what am i suppsed to do? will you please free me from this frustration, thank you very much! x

Wow i made that tutorial so long ago i barely remember it! The only thing I can think of that you’ve done (as i can’t go back to the psd from when i did the tutorial as it’s long gone) is when you tried to resize, the underlying bottom layer picture was selected on the right hand side with the rest of the frames/layers. Make sure everything but the bottom colour pic is selected before you resize (plus all the animation layers are selected), then it shouldn’t resize the whole image, just the gif.

Hope that makes sense! If not feel free to come back to my ask again (preferably not on anon as it’ll be easier/quicker to explain to you personally) :)