HEY GUYS one of my main art tablets broke and I need to pay to get it repaired. :’)
So how about some commissions?
I’ll start by opening a super special for line art!
Lines not suit your fancy? I’m offering rendering too!

You can find the full info here: http://mnstrcndy.tumblr.com/commissions

(you probably should read that anyway it has all the rules and info)

If you would like to contact me for further information you can Email me!
Thanks for checkin it out


Up until three days ago I thought one of my cacti is just that.. a normal cactus, nothing exciting. I found a cutting in a pile of garbage about two years ago and never thought much of it.

Following the appearance of a monstrous bud three days ago and the following bloom of this huge-ass white flower i learned that it is in fact the Costa Rica Night Bloomer, and that it only flowers for one night every few years, which is sad but incredibly special.

Good thing I obsess over all my plants, regardless if they seem noteworthy or not, so i have pictures of its growth stages.

Behind the Medic: T-1 days to board exam

Guy on phone from Prometric (testing center for my Family Med board exam tomorrow): “This is just a courtesy call to remind you what time to come and what to bring. Do you have any other questions?”

Cranquis: “Not right now, but tomorrow I’ll have 320 questions, and I’ll be glad for any answers you want to provide at that time.”