episode 001-004.

  • ‘something’s coming. something hungry for blood.’
  • ‘wait a minute. did you hear that?’
  • ‘we’re in deep shit!’
  • ‘don’t be a pussy!’
  • ‘just twenty more minutes!’
  • 'yeah, she’s turning into a real jerk.’
  • ‘the cause of the power outage is still unknown.’
  • ‘he came home last night, right?’
  • ‘that’s disgusting.’
  • ‘do it, freak!’
  • ‘it’s like you have superpowers or something.’
  • ‘we just made out a couple times.’
  • ‘i’ll climb through your window. she won’t even know i’m there.’
  • ‘mornings are for coffee and contemplation.’
  • ‘he’s not like that. he wouldn’t do that.’
  • ‘the entire east wing will be evacuated within the hour.’
  • ‘she can’t have gone far.’
  • ‘you think you can steal from me, boy?!’
  • ‘this isn’t some lord of the rings book.’
  • ‘do i make myself clear?’
  • ‘is that why you ran away?’
  • ‘you gotta answer a few of my questions first.’
  • ‘all i know is that she’s scared to death.’
  • ‘you think we got a problem here?’
  • ‘we should be helping look for him.’
  • ‘i always had a distaste for science.’
  • ‘i always figured there was enough going on down here, i never needed to look elsewhere.’
  • ‘this is crazy.’
  • ‘smile looks good on you.’
  • ‘we’re not going back.’
  • ‘i know i haven’t been there for you.’
  • ‘i don’t even barely know what’s going on with you.’
  • ‘i should’ve been there for him.’
  • ‘this was not your fault.’
  • ‘do you guys hear that?’
  • ‘is that blood?’
  • ‘you’re freaking her out!’
  • ‘this is mental.’
  • ‘she’s probably a psycho.’
  • ‘and tomorrow night, we go back out.’
  • ‘hey, um… i never asked your name.’
  • ‘i can’t eat.’
  • ‘you can’t get like this, okay?’
  • ‘we’ve been waiting six hours.’
  • ‘we’ve been searching all night.’
  • ‘he was scared.’
  • ‘if he sees the cops, he’ll think he’s in trouble. he’ll hide.’
  • ‘he’s good at hiding.’
  • ‘cops are good at finding.’
  • ‘you’re in trouble, aren’t you?’
  • ‘they want to hurt you? the bad people?’
  • ‘just stay here, okay? stay here.’
  • ‘what do you say? are you in or out?’
  • ‘oh god… that’s depressing.’
  • ‘i just wanted to say, you know, um… i’m sorry about everything. everyone’s thinking about you.’
  • ‘he’s a smart kid.’
  • ‘all that matters is, after school, the freak will be back in the loony bin, and we can focus on what really matters.’
  • ‘pretty.’
  • ‘just trust me, okay?’
  • ‘i’m so sick of your excuses.’
  • ‘he’s not coming, is he?’
  • ‘you shouldn’t like things because people tell you you’re supposed to.’
  • ‘i don’t know where my boy is. he’s gone.’
  • ‘did you see him? last night? on the road?’
  • ‘i’m not mad at you.’
  • ‘is everything okay?’
  • ‘promise.’
  • ‘i need you alive for the next few days, at least.’
  • ‘missing kid, suicide… you must feel like a big city cop again, huh?’
  • ‘are you out of your mind?!’
  • ‘i think she knows what happened to him.’
  • ‘do you know where he is?!’
  • ‘stop it! you’re scaring her!’
  • ‘that boy was never very good at taking care of himself.’
  • ‘why am i just hearing about this?’
  • ‘it’d be super weird if i’m not there…’
  • ‘it’s just a loud noise. it’s okay.’
  • ‘they won’t tell anyone about you. they promise.’
  • ‘we wouldn’t have upset you if we knew you had superpowers.’
  • ‘what is “friend”?’
  • ‘you promised that you’d go.’
  • ‘we’re gonna have a great time.’
  • ‘he just wants to get into your pants…’
  • ‘make sure i don’t get drunk and do anything stupid.’
  • ‘you ever feel cursed?’
  • ‘hey, come back inside.’
  • ‘you are a cliché, you do realise that?’
  • ‘yeah, she’s smart, you douche!’
  • ‘you’re bleeding.’
  • ‘just go ahead and go home, okay?’
  • ‘jesus, you scared me!’
  • ‘i didn’t think it’d be a big deal.’
  • ‘you can talk to me.’
  • ‘nothing happened.’
  • ‘you need to stop this, okay?’
  • ‘people are looking for him and they’re going to find him.’
  • ‘can you just try and get some sleep? can you do that for me?’
  • ‘you seriously think that the weirdo knows where he is?’
  • ‘if there is something out there, i’m gonna shoot it in the eye - and blind it.’
  • ‘use your powers, okay?’
  • ‘if you get hungry, eat his snacks, okay?’
  • ‘i know the kid’s not in there, but i gotta check off this box.’
  • ‘no one breaks in here. certainly not some kid.’
  • ‘who’s in charge here?’
  • ‘science doesn’t make any damn sense to me.’
  • ‘i seriously have no idea who you’re talking about.’
  • ‘he’s in danger.’
  • ‘he’s dead.’
  • ‘i’m a dick.’
  • ‘he must really have something to hide.’
  • ‘yeah, this isn’t creepy at all.’
  • ‘this is called stalking.’
  • ‘that’s the thing about perverts. it’s hard-wired into them. you know, they just can’t help themselves.’
  • ‘maybe she freaked out when you went all psycho on the psycho.’
  • 'why did they hurt you?’
  • ‘friends tell the truth.’
  • ‘i understand.’
  • ‘tell me what to do.’
  • ‘i think something happened. something terrible.’
  • ‘this is CIA-sanctioned research.’
  • ‘i’m not saying that there’s some grand conspiracy. i’m just saying maybe something happened.’
  • ‘maybe he was in the wrong place at the wrong time and he saw something that he shouldn’t have.’
  • ‘hiding.’
  • ‘don’t waste your time with her.’
  • ‘we are not calling the cops!’
  • ‘please tell me it’s not the kid.’
  • ‘you were supposed to help us find him alive.’
  • ‘why did you lie to us?’
  • ‘what is wrong with you?’
  • ‘whoever you found is not my boy.’
  • he was hiding from that thing.’
  • ‘you’ve gotta stop this…’
  • ‘you’re talking about grief.’
  • ‘i swear to you, i know what i saw. and i’m not crazy.’
  • ‘i’m not saying that you’re crazy.’
  • ‘i need you to believe me.’
  • ‘i want you to try and get some sleep, if you can.’
  • ‘can you please stop that?’
  • ‘i thought we were friends, you know? but friends tell each other the truth.’
  • ‘you hurt me.’
  • ‘are you sure you’re gonna be alright here by yourself?’
  • ‘screw his funeral!’
  • ‘yeah, okay, but why didn’t you just talk to me? that’s crazy.’
  • ‘i don’t know… i was scared.’
  • ‘my parents are gonna murder me!’
  • ‘this is not an okay time for you to shut down.’
  • ‘maybe he’s haunting us.’
  • ‘he’s out there somewhere. all we have to do is find him.’
  • ‘you look pretty good.’
  • ‘we just talked.’
  • ‘the troopers are on duty and you should be safe because we think this is just an isolated incident.’
  • ‘remember, if anyone sees us, look sad.’
  • ‘do you think you can open it?’
  • ‘abort.’
  • ‘she’s missing and something terrible happened to her. i know it! and no one is listening to me!’
  • ‘just leave me alone!’
  • ‘pull me out! pull me out!’
  • ‘what? who is interested in this? this is so stupid.’
  • ‘mouth-breather.’
  • ‘i think that’s a real messed up thing to do.’
  • ‘grief shows itself in funny ways.’
  • ‘i shouldn’t have come here today.’
  • ‘she’s smart. she’s real smart.’
  • so why are you lying to me, man?’
  • ‘what’s your problem, bud?’
  • ‘stick your nose someplace else.’
  • ‘thanks for ruining the game, dick.’
  • ‘you’re gonna get us both killed!’
  • ‘she’ll find him.’
  • ‘i need you to find him.’
  • ‘hurt him?’
  • ‘i i guess i’d rather observe people than, you know…’
  • ‘jesus, the hell happened?’
It Was A Joke!

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Pairing/Characters: Bucky x Reader, Natasha and Sam

Warnings: Sad Bucky :(, night terrors. swearing

Summary: Reader has been a bit busy with work lately and just hasn’t had time to spend time with Bucky. So when Bucky wakes up after a nightmare, all he wants is Y/N. Natasha and Sam thought it would be funny to play a little prank on Bucky because he’s just “so whipped.”

Word Count: 1403

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Avengers Chatroom: The Other Quicksilver

Requested by the amazing @m-maximoffs

Pairings: Some Peter Maximoff x f!reader

Scenario: The Avengers watched X-Men Apocalypse. Reader really likes Peter Maximoff much to everyone’s dismay (*cough* Pietro *cough*)

Clint has created a chatroom.

Clint has invited Steve, Pietro, Tony, Wanda, Nat, Y/N.

Clint: So, did everyone enjoy the movie?

Tony: It was okay.

Steve: I enjoyed it.

Pietro: It was terrible.



Wanda: He?

Nat: No! Why did you ask her!?




Steve: Can you two behave?!

Pietro: NO.


Wanda: Pietro it was just a movie. Calm down.

Clint: I think Peter is better. Can we recruit him instead?

Y/N: Yes omg yes a million times.

Steve: No, we are not recruiting him!

Pietro: I am right here, you know?!

Y/N: He has the cutest smile!

Y/N: and his hair is so

Y/N: i cant

Nat: She’s broken.

Y/N: He’s just so adorable!


Clint: He saved everyone from an explosion.

Pietro: Your point?

Clint: And you…

Pietro: Don’t finish that sentence.

Wanda: Pietro you know nobody can ever replace you.

Y/N: Okay but do any of you know if Peter has a girlfriend…?

Y/N: It’s for science.

Steve: I am surrounded by children.

Tony: That happens when you’re ancient.

Peter has joined the chat.

Peter: Has anyone seen my father?

Y/N: You live with your aunt…

Peter: No I live with my mum.

Clint: Nat, use your arachnid speak and find out what’s wrong with him.

Nat: Really, Clint?

Peter: You can speak to spiders? I’ve never come across a mutant like you before.

Nat: What?


Y/N: Peter?!

Peter: Yeeeees?


Peter: I believe so.

Wanda: Where is that screaming coming from?!

Nat: It’s Y/N. She’s “Fangirling.”

Pietro: IT’S YOU!

Peter: IT’S ME! Haha what game is this?

Steve: Wait so you’re not Parker?

Peter: No, unless my birth certificate is wrong.



Peter: Oh you were eating that?

Y/N: Hey. Nice to meet you. I’m Y/N. I can help you look for your dad.

Peter: My future wife is going to help me find her father-in-law. What a tale for the kids!

Wanda: Why did he have to say that?!

Tony: @god what did I ever do to you?


Peter: I like her!  <3

Steve: Y/N stay where you are! You can’t just go off with him!

Y/N: Please Steve!

Pietro: Should we not be capturing him or something!?

Peter: Catch me if you can!

Wanda: Pietro stop chasing him!

Magneto has joined the chat.

Peter: Hey dad!

Magneto has left the chat.

Peter: Maybe that was not the best time to tell him.

Tony: Who’s the freak outside?



Tony has left the chat.

Steve has left the chat.

Wanda: I am so confused!

Wade has joined the chat.

Wade: Listen up kiddos. This is what happens when you try to bring two different movie studios together. Shit gets really confusing. Don’t do ice-cream now.

Y/N: You mean drugs?

Wade: I mean ice-cream. Brain freeze is a bitch!

Wade has left the chat.

Y/N: I was in my room and now I’m outside?! What the hell?

Peter: Picnic?


Y/N: I mean

Y/N: Yeah, sure. Whatever.

Y/N has left the chat.

Peter has left the chat.

Wanda: Pietro don’t do it.

Pietro has left the chat.

Wanda: Oh my god.

Wanda has left the chat.

Clint: Nat your hair is different.

Nat: No it’s not.

Clint: I can see you right now.

Nat: I’m with Sam and Bucky in the training room. I don’t see you.

Clint: But

Clint: Then who is?

Clint has left the chat.

Nat has left the chat.

Thor has joined the chat.

Thor: My friends. When did we get a hound? He is blue. Is this common for this breed?

Thor: It is quite large.

Thor: Like a man…


Thor has left the chat.

Discontentment/Depression Starter Pack

“Oh? You’re leaving again?..”
“Why do you wanna be alone so much?”
“Did i do something wrong? Don’t go back in there.”
“I just don’t feel good.”
“Can i.. Spend some time with you?..”
“I’m busy, ___, you know that.”
“Hey. We need to talk, are you avoiding me?”
“I’ll leave you be.”
“Do you think i could spend the night?”
“I’m worried. I haven’t seen you eat for a while.”
“Are you sure you don’t want to stay?”
“Wanna spend the night? I feel like i don’t see you much.”
“Don’t think i couldn’t hear you in there.”
“Why don’t you see me anymore?”
“Hey, ___?.. Do you like me anymore?..”
“Am i bad? Am i a bad friend/sibling/acquaintance?”
“Wait-! Don’t leave!”
“I-I can’t be alone right now, don’t ask, i just can’t.”
“Stop leaving me out!”
“You don’t even care about me, if you did you’d pay attention to me, so stop pretending!”
“I never noticed you felt this way, how is it my fault?!”
“Fine, keep me here. That’ll fix it.”
“I just wanna disappear..”
“It’s so dark in here, why are you sitting in the dark?”
“Let me in! I can help you!”
“Ple-Please help me, I’m so scared!”
“Why did i find your backpack full of food, water bottles and some cash? What’s happening that you’re not telling me?”
“Where did you go tonight?! Why did you leave?!”
“I was so worried about you, why didn’t you just tell me?..”
“You weren’t supposed to find me…”
“I feel so unloved, ___!”
“You could never understand how empty i felt!”
“I wanna come, too!..”
“Why do i have to stay home when they get to go?”
“I have tried coming to you for help but you never listen to me!”

* Dates at Pops diner

* You helping on his novel

* Passionate kissing

* Passionate Sex

* You helping figure out who murdered Jason Blossom

* You finding out he is homeless

➡ “Why did you not tell me that you are homeless. I could have helped you”

➡ “(YN), I don’t need help.”

➡ “Why not”

➡”Becuase I just don't”

➡ “Ok. Hey, crazy Idea. Let’s move in together”

➡ “No”

➡ “Why”

➡ “No”

➡ “Please”

➡ “No”

➡ “Pretty Please”

➡ “Becuase you said it like that. No”

➡ “Please”

➡ “NO”


➡ “FINE”

➡ “YAY”

* You always wearing his shirts

➡ “is that my shirt that you are wearing”

➡ “Yh, Why”

➡ “Does not matter, It looks good on you”

* You Meeting the Scoby Gang

➡ “(Y/N) this is Archie, Betty, and Veronica”

➡ “Nice to meet you all”

* You being friends with Archie, Kevin and being best friends with Ronnie and Betty

* Him sneaking into your room because your parents don’t approve

* Holding his hand

* Him meeting your parents

* You meeting his dad

* Him being over protective of you

* Nose Kisses

* Neck Kisses

* Hand Kisses

* Cheek Kisses

* Watching Movies

Mystic Messenger : Day 7 ~ V Walkthrough (FULL ANSWERS)

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As one can assume based on my username I spend a lot of time thinking about Bellamy, who he is and what makes him who he is. My most recent round of thinking circled around to JRoth and his statements about Madi potentially causing issues between Bellamy and Clarke (because Clarke will do things for Madi that may not align with what’s best for their people), which made me think about what Bellamy’s relationships with children specifically over the course of the last four Seasons have said about his story arc, so let’s delve into this:

In Season 1, Bellamy’s connection to a child is Charlotte (who is 12). Through his relationship with her, we get our first real glimpse into who Bellamy actually is. Charlotte is only in two episodes (1x03 and 1x04) but her impact in Bellamy resonates across the Season.

Charlotte has a relationship with both Clarke and Bellamy and it’s one of the ways the show gives us a visualization of the differences between Bellamy and Clarke. We’re first introduced to Charlotte when she has a nightmare and Clarke attempts to comfort her:

Clarke: “Hey, wake up. It’s okay. It’s okay. It’s just a dream. You’re Charlotte, right? I’m Clarke. It’s okay to be scared. Do you want to talk about it?”

Charlotte: “It's… my parents. They were floated and they… and I see it in my dreams and I just…”

Clarke: “I understand. My dad was floated, too. So, how did you end up here?”

Charlotte: “Well… we were taking my parents’ things to the redistribution center and… I kind of lost it. They said I assaulted a guard.”

Clarke: “I can’t say I blame you. See that bright star up there? That’s The Ark orbiting above us. I think whatever happened up there, you know, the pain… maybe we can move past that now. Maybe being on the ground is our second chance.”

The next time we see Charlotte she’s followed Bellamy and the hunting party because she can’t deal with the sound of Jasper’s pain, unfortunately before they can make it back to camp the acid fog rolls in and we find Bellamy and Charlotte trapped in a cave.  Again, Charlotte is sleeping and has a nightmare, a parallel to her first interaction with Clarke, but they differ in how they handle the situation with Charlotte:

Charlotte: “No!”

Bellamy: “Charlotte, wake up. Charlotte: I’m sorry.”

Bellamy: “Does it happen often? What are you scared of? You know what? It doesn’t matter. The only thing that matters is what you do about it.”

Charlotte: “But… I’m asleep.”

Bellamy: “Fears are fears. Slay your demons when you’re awake, they won’t be there to get you when you sleep.”

Charlotte: “Yeah, but… How?”

Bellamy: “You can’t afford to be weak. Down here, weakness is death, fear is death. Let me see that knife I gave you. Now, when you feel afraid, you hold tight to that knife and you say, ‘Screw you. I’m not afraid.‘”

Charlotte: Screw you. I’m not afraid. Screw you. I’m not afraid.”

Bellamy: “Slay your demons, kid. Then you’ll be able to sleep.”

We see the difference in Bellamy and Clarke’s handling of the situation from the get go, while Clarke tries to get Charlotte to embrace the fear and learn from it, Bellamy encourages her to run from that fear, to pretend that she’s not afraid, to slay her demons. And we know she does this with disastrous effect when she kills Wells.

Bellamy is shaken by Charlotte’s actions, because they were influenced by his words, but “Weakness is death, fear is death” is still a statement that Bellamy embraces for the rest of the Season, in fact the only reason we actually see him admit to being afraid is when he thinks he’s dying (in a moment of weakness).

They deleted a scene where Bellamy gives a rousing speech to the Delinquents, but here’s what he says:

“Everybody, listen up. I know you’re afraid, but how you choose to handle that fear is up to you. You can let it break you down or you can use it to make you stronger. Are we just a bunch of kids from the Ark who weren’t strong enough to survive? Because if we lose today, if we let the fear win, that is what they’ll say about us. But I say screw fear: I’m telling my own damn story!”

Bellamy’s rejection of fear is the first sign that he’s anything other than the asshole that the show originally attempted to paint him as and also sets up his defining arc (”Screw fear.”) for Season 1.

Bellamy’s Season 2 kid is Lovejoy’s son and he’s introduced in Episode 2x11 (not as early as Charlotte) but he is a defining moment for Bellamy:

Lovejoy’s Son: “Mister… Are you on a ground unit? My dad is training for a ground unit.”

Bellamy: “It’s pretty cool up there. I hope he makes it. They’re just kids.”

Maya: “What did you expect you’d find here?”

And Maya’s question is an accurate assessment of Bellamy’s thought process until the moment he sees Lovejoy’s kid. He really did believe that the Mountain was full of monsters (and why shouldn’t he have?). Seeing Lovejoy’s kid forces him to reconsider the plan of attack and that’s when he almost begs Clarke for another:

“She helped me escape. If not for her, I’d be dead. And, Clarke, there are kids in here. We need a plan that doesn’t kill everyone. Please tell me we have one.”

Because Bellamy can handle killing monsters. That’s just slaying your demons, but kids? That’s a violation of everything he believes and it’s being forced to help make the decision that ultimately kills 26 children (along with the men and women) that is responsible for contributing to Bellamy breaking after his actions in the Mountain. 

Because for the first time slaying demons meant killing innocents as well. 

His Season 3 Kid? Adria, the girl who Luna loves. 

Again, this child is introduced late into the Season and they don’t actually interact much, but it is the first time that Bellamy actually sees with his own eyes the carnage that the Chipped!individuals can wreak on unsuspecting towns and its then that he fully realizes that the Chipped! aren’t enemies in the traditional sense. 

His interactions with Adria (and the others on Niylah’s rig) help lay the groundwork for Bellamy’s refusal to invade other Grounder villages the very next episode and, later, his insistence that the Chipped! are not killed only temporarily incapacitated until Clarke could shut down the CoL. 

Because this time, they are going to find a plan that saves everyone, unlike the ultimate resolution for Season 2. 

And last but not least, we have his Season 4 Kid: The Grounder Slave girl he saves in 4x02, When he saves her (and the other slaves), it’s a continuation of the journey he’s been on since Season 2 and Lovejoy’s kid:

Bellamy: “We didn’t get the machine.”

Clarke: “It didn’t survive landing?”

Bellamy: “No. It did, but I had a choice… bring the machine home or use it to save them.”

Raven: “Oh, we are so screwed.”

Bellamy: “We have time, but I am not sacrificing any more innocent lives.”

Clarke: “You just did.”

Bellamy: “I made the call, and I’ll live with that.”

Raven: “Yeah. You’re not the only one who has to live with your call, as usual.”

Bellamy: “Well, go tell them. Go tell Riley I should’ve left them to die.”

Bellamy has been forever changed by his actions over the course of the Seasons, but this is the first time we see him directly reference the loses he’s had to inflict in order to save his people. This is the beginning of Bellamy’s “We save who we can save today” arc. 

We see this arc come to final fruition when Bellamy has to make the decision to close the door on Clarke and blast off. The arc that we see begin for him in 4x02, saving those who can be saved, even if it ultimately means that others will die in that episode, is what preps him to be able to make the decision to close the door on Clarke in 4x13. 

It wasn’t just Clarke’s speech about using his head (although we do see him reference her with “It’s what she would have wanted”), it was the fact that he’d already made a decision just like this. Choosing to stay behind to wait for Clarke would have meant the death of the others on the rocket and while Bellamy might have been willing to make the sacrifice if it was just him (”I left her behind. I left her behind and we all die anyway”), he could not justify making the decision for everyone else, so he saved who he could save today. 

Basically….I wrote all of this out to say we should be paying close attention to Bellamy’s initial interactions with Madi (who will likely be one of the first children he meets) in Season 5, because they obviously plant lots of little seeds for Bellamy’s overarching Season journey in his relationships with children. 


1 year later

It was one year later and you were returning to central city for the day.

Today was Caitlin’s birthday, and Cisco organised a party. You knew that Barry and Iris was there but you didn’t care.

You got to S.T.A.R Labs with a small present in your right hand. You walked through the corridors until you reached the cortex.

“Hey Caitlin. Happy birthday” you said as you walked into the cortex smiling at Caitlin.

“(Y/N), you’re back!” Both Cisco and Caitlin said before running up and hugging you. You hugged Caitlin and saw Barry and Iris standing there. But you didn’t care.

“God, I’ve missed you. How long are you staying?” Cisco asked before pulling you in for a hug. You pulled away and gave a small smile.

“Only for today, I’m staying in a hotel tonight then flying back to Miami tomorrow morning.” You say quickly.

“Oh, Barry you’ve got to help me finish that report let’s go.” Iris said pulling Barry out of the cortex. Once they left you sat down next to Caitlin’s desk.

“So… how are you?” Cisco asked rubbing your shoulders.

“I’m great, fantastic actually.” You say smiling.

“So… are you seeing anyone?” Cisco asked rubbing your holders a little harder.

“Nope, went on a few dates. Didn’t work out.” You say smiling softly.

“Ok, I’m getting right to the point. You need to get back together with Barry!“ Cisco says spinning your chair around so you’re facing him. "What? Why?” You say standing up and start to walk over to the door. “Because Barry loves you. When you left he was a disaster. He couldn’t focus on anything!” Cisco said raising his voice slightly. “Well is it my fault that he loves Iris more than me? Is it my fault that he would ditch our dates to go to the cinema with Iris? No it’s not. If you want to blame someone for our breakup blame Barry!” You say before walking out of S.T.A.R Labs. You got to Jitters, not caring if Barry and Iris were there. It’s a 99.9% chance of them being there. Anyway when you walked in you saw Barry and Iris sitting at a table. You didn’t bother to pay any attention to them so you just ordered a small tea. When you where pulling your money out someone tapped you on the shoulder. You turned around and saw Barry. You handed the woman the correct amount of change and turned around to Barry. “Yes?” You ask, unsure of what to say. “C-can we talk?” He asked you could tell he was desperate. You looked at your watch then back up at Barry. “You’ve got five minutes.” He only nods then sits down at a table behind you. “So… how have you been?” He asked playing around with the packets of sugar in front of him. “I’ve been good. Got a new job.” You say before taking a sip of your tea. “What about you?” You ask as though you didn’t already know the answer. He somehow found it possible to frown more than he already was. “Not so good. But hey, when has my life been good?” He asked sarcastically before taking a sip of his coffee. You could tell that he was mad that you left. “Look… I’m just going to go. It’s been nice seeing you.” You stood up and walked out of Jitters. You started to head back to S.T.A.R Labs when someone ran up behind you and grabbed your arm. “What the h-” you where cut of with someone kissing you. You pushed the person away only to realise that it was Barry. “What the hell Barry! What is wrong with you?” You ask before walking away from him. To be honest you missed Barry but a relationship with him when Iris is around is definitely a no. You started to walk down the street. Only for Barry to run in front of you. “(Y/N), please just talk to me! Why did you leave and why are you avoiding me?” Barry asked, again desperately. “Do you want to know why I left? I left because I was completely in love with you when your heart was set on Iris. You ditched me all the time for her when we were supposed to have a date. Oh and most importantly you find helping Iris with a report more important than our 2 year anniversary date. I was your second best. But not anymore.” You say before throwing your cup of empty tea at him then walking away. He just stood there stunned. He has never seen you this mad. But everything you said was true and Barry knew it. —— You got back to S.T.A.R Labs and saw Caitlin playing on her phone. “Look guys I’m really sorry about I reacted earlier. It’s just I came back JUST to see Caitlin and you” you say looking at Cisco. “I never came to be told to get back together with Barry. I just want to forget about him.” You say before hugging them. “We’re sorry too. Caitlin’s having a little get together after the party do you want to come?” Cisco asked smiling. You kindly agreed before sitting down and gossiping about Miami. —- Time skip after party You got back to S.T.A.R Labs where Caitlin was having the get together. You walked into the cortex only to see a lot of candles and a table set for two. You got confused, but turned around when you heard footsteps. You turned around to see Barry standing there. “Barry… what is all of this?” You ask looking at everything. “Look, I know that I was a terrible boyfriend and I honestly don’t deserve you but please just have this dinner with me and we can see if there is still a spark between us.” He took your hand and led you over to the table. You sat down and he gave you your food. It was (Y/F/F). You took a bit and sat in silence. “So how is Miami?” Barry asked before taking a sip of water. “Good” you say before taking another bit of food. For half an hour straight he would ask you questions and you would reply with an answer with less than 5 words. Let’s just say it annoyed Barry. On the other hand you found it sweet that he was asking a lot of questions, considering that’s what he does when he’s nervous. “How is your new job? What is it anyways?” You swallowed what you where eating. “I’m a photographer. It’s good.” Barry stood up and picked up his jacket. “Look, I’m sorry for everything I did last year but it’s clear that you don’t want to get back together, and I’m fine with that. I’ll see you the next time you visit. Hope you find someone that won’t break your heart, because i certainly don’t deserve you.” With that Barry ran out of S.T.A.R Labs. Leaving you shocked. You stood up and walked to the one place you know he would be. The West household. After a 40 minute walk you got there. As you where about to turn to walk down the path Barry walked out the house with a suitcase in hand. “Barry, just come back in. Please we can sort this out.” Iris said following him. “You’re the reason that (Y/N) left. And now that she’s back you tell me that you love me! What is wrong with you!?” Barry yelled. “Barry.” You say quietly. He turned and walked up to you. “What?” He asked. You didn’t know what to say. So you kissed him. He kisses back while he dropped his suitcase and put his hand around your waist. When you both pulled away you gave him another small kiss. “I love you Barry.” He smiled and hugged you. “I love you too. Wait does that mean that you’re staying or are you going back to Miami? God please don’t go back to Miami because I would literally die and that’s far away and I won’t be able to hug you or kiss you an-” you cut him off by kissing him again. “Barry, I’m definitely staying with you. But where are we staying?” You asked gesturing to his suitcase. “We’ll stay in the hotel you’ve booked then figure the rest out tomorrow.” Barry said picking up his suitcase. Part 2 of Leaving Barry because he still likes Iris (or something like that.)

anarchycox  asked:

lost a sibling in ikea eggsy/tilde would be great please and thanks

When a random stranger stops her in the middle of the Ikea, Tilde’s first thought is that she’s been found out and she needs to call her security team swiftly.

Her second thought is that this stranger is very handsome even if he looks close to having a panic attack.

“Miss, can you help me please? I can’t find my little sister!”

She had been about to quickly apologize and tell him she wasn’t part of the staff, but he looks so desperate that she finds herself nodding.

“What does she look like?”

“She’s four, about that high,” he waves his hand about mid-thighs,” dirty blonde hair, in a blue dress… Usually she doesn’t wander off on her own, I don’t know why she did it!”

As he seems to be really working himself up into a panic attack, she takes his hand between hers, the contact just enough of a shock that the words at least stop tumbling out of his mouth.

“We’ll find her, come on,” he gives her a shaky smile in answer and she finds herself lacing their fingers together before tugging him along in a random direction. She hopes to find one of the clerks, but of course none of them seem to be around at the moment.

They get through the kitchen displays and then the living room, but without any success. She can feel his grip tightening every step they take and she finds that she doesn’t mind. She just wished she could reassure him, but she knows better than to tell him not to worry. She doesn’t even know the little girl and already she is forcing herself not to think of the worst scenarios.

Thankfully, when they make it to the kid rooms display, she spots a little girl in a blue dress and she barely has time to point her out to her companion that he has crossed the distance between them and has the little girl in his arms.

“Daisy! Oh my god, Daisy!” He doesn’t seem able to say anything more than this, and he closes his eyes, his face laxed with relief as he buries his nose into her hair. The little girl, Daisy apparently, seems absolutely nonplussed for a moment, until she returns the hug with a giggle. It’s probably the cutest thing Tilde has ever seen. “Don’t ever do that again Daisy. You cannot just run off like that!”

“But Eggsy… Teddy!” She flaps the plus toy up and down, hitting her brother with it, but he barely seems to notice.

“No Daisy, even if you see a Teddy,” he’s looking at her sternly and Tilde see the moment the little girl understands just how important this is. “When we’re out, you stick with me and if you want to see something you tell me and then we’ll go together, okay?”

“Okay,” she nods, even if she looks slightly upset now, probably reaction to whatever lingering distress her brother is feeling. He notices at once and just hold her closer, kissing her temple when she hides her face in his shoulder.

That’s about when he remembers he wasn’t alone in looking for her and he smiles sheepishly as he walks back toward Tilde.

“Thank you so much-?”


“- Tilde. Seriously, just thank you.”

“I’m just glad she’s okay.” She smiles warmly, because she really is. For some reason, it seems to shock Eggsy and he blushes suddenly after giving her a quick once over, as if only now realising what she looks like.

Others might have minded, but she had been checking him out too and very much liked what she was seeing.

“Will you let me buy you ice cream? As a thank you?”

Before she can answer, Daisy pushes away from Eggsy with a happy cry at the suggestion and Tilde can only laugh at her enthusiasm. She doesn’t let Eggsy think it’s a rejection however, simply links her arm in his as she waits for him to lead the way.

He’s frozen for a moment, before grinning and giving her a wink.

“Alright then, ice cream it is!”

Just Go - Part II


Word Count: 1218

Player: Nico Hischier (New Jersey Devils)

feat. Nolan Patrick

Warning/s: none

Originally posted by intermissionpenguins

“Hello?”, you muttered distractedly. 

All you wanted to do was watch TV after your classes. But somehow every time you tried relaxing for the last two weeks, your phone was ringing. Sure enough, it had been Nico the whole time and not an unknown number. He had tried reaching out to you, but you made it pretty clear what he was doing when you walked out of the door. It still hurt, even now only seeing the shocked face of your roommate when you picked up the phone.

“Y/n? Hey, it’s Nolan.”, a familiar voice greeted on the other end.

You furrowed your brows in confusion. There was no plausible reason for him to call you out of nowhere. “Oh. Hey, Nolan. Didn’t expect you to call.”

“You didn’t?”

He seemed sure that you had known he would call you, the irritation clear in his voice.

“No, I didn’t. Why are you calling though? Is something up?”

“Yeah, it is. I just- I thought it was best to call you and talk about this. I’m in town and I wanted to visit Nico. What happened? He was angry at me out of no reason. He looks miserable.”

You barely held back the sigh. “I don’t know what’s going on with him. I’m sorry that he’s pushing you away.”

“Wait, what? YOU have no idea what’s going on with him?”

“Nolan… things aren’t like you got to know them. Nico and I- We haven’t talked in two weeks.”

“WHAT?” The pure shock was obvious in his words. “Okay, this is… weird. You’re his best friend. Why aren’t you talking?”

“I don’t know. He pushed me away and I guess I let him. We had a really nasty fight two weeks ago and after that, he tried calling but… I really don’t want to tell you the rest.”

“Y/n, please. He’s my friend and something’s going on with him.”

“I have no idea either! And when I tried finding out he ended up yelling at me. He said hurtful things, okay? Things that aren’t forgiven easily.”

Nolan was silent for a moment, his mind working. Why would Nico be like the way he was now? Quiet and unhappy? And then it dawned on the Flyer. He suddenly knew why Nico was acting the way he did. And it explained a whole lot.

“What exactly did he say?”


“Just tell me. Please.”

You sighed and rolled your eyes. Nolan was nice and you didn’t want to be a dick to him. He just tried helping Nico. And if Nico didn’t want you to do it, maybe Nolan could. Just because he didn’t want to see you anymore and hurt you, didn’t mean he deserved being miserable. And it would ease your mind a little.

“He pushed me away after we moved here. And I tried being there for him. I thought he was homesick, but when I mentioned it he started yelling. He didn’t like that I missed home, apparently. So he asked me why I was there at all.”

“And what did you say?”

“I told him that I moved here because I wanted to be with him. And then he yelled that he didn’t need me anymore and kicked me out of his Apartment.”

Silence. Absolute silence on the other line. And then, Nolan spoke up again. “I know what’s going on.”

“And what is it? What is his problem?”


“I can’t believe you talked me into this without even explaining what you mean.”, you muttered, spotting Nolan in front of Nico’s door. The other one just gave you an assuring smile and motioned to the door for you to unlock it.

It felt strange. Nico had practically kicked you out the last time you were there. It felt like you were breaking in, not like coming home as it used to.
You opened the door and stopped in the dark hallway while Nolan moved directly into the living room where Nico was sitting, watching sports highlights. 

“Nolan?”, he asked in confusion when his friend entered.

“Hey, Hisch.”, he grinned stopping in the doorway. “We wanted to hang out, remember?”

"I don’t know man. I really don’t feel like it. How did you get into my Apartment?”
Nolan turned around and motioned for you to come over. Taking a deep breath, you stepped next to him into Nico’s line of sight. His eyes widened in surprise and he sat up straight in his spot on the couch.

“Y/n?”, he asked, unsure what was happening. You had ignored his call for weeks, how could Nolan possibly figure out about that and have time to convince you to come with him?

“Hey.”, you said quietly, avoiding to meet his eyes. Instead, you stared at the coffee table next to him.

“Figured you two needed to talk. I’ll wait in the kitchen.”

There was no sound but the closing of the door behind you.

“I’m so sorry.”, Nico said quietly. There was honesty in his voice, you could tell he was telling you the truth. But you kept your eyes focused on the table.

“Nico… what you said, that-”

“Was stupid and I totally didn’t mean it. You’re my best friend, Y/n. Of course I need you. I just… I was an idiot.”

When you didn’t reply right away, you heard Nico sigh.

“Can you please look at me?”

Your eyes moved up to meet his. They had no trace of anger, just regret. Nico wordlessly patted the spot on the couch next to him. You gave in, just because you finally wanted to know what was going on. And you missed him.
You missed him so much.
When you sat down next to him, still looking at him, you finally found your voice again.

“What did I do?”

“Nothing. I just… I was angry at myself and when you tried to help… I didn’t want to let you and then I projected it onto you.”

“But why were you angry with yourself?”

Nico took a deep breath, just hoping your reaction wouldn’t be what if feared.
“I thought that I was ruining our friendship. Because I fell in love with you and I was too scared to tell you the truth.”

It was like a wave of feelings. Confusion, hope, sadness that he was angry with himself.
“Wha- What?”

“I thought that if I spent too much time around you, you would notice how I felt so I tried being less obvious. But it just ended with you storming out of my Apartment. I’m really sorry, Y/n. Can we please just forget this? It doesn’t change anything, I promise.”

You sighed, a small smile making its way onto your face.

“Nico… you could’ve just said it. You’re not ruining anything. At all.”, you smiled, one of your hands coming up to brush against his cheek. Nico leaned into the touch, but he didn’t fully comprehend what you were saying.

“Do you mean what I think you mean?”

“I love you, Nico.”

imagine you help dean with making a cake for Sam’s birthday even if he didnt want to celebrate it.

A/N: I thought it would be fun to make a imagine for once. I have a lot of imagines in my head so I thought why not one for Sammy’s birthday.

“dean, stop eating the cake mix. If you want me to help you then you need to stop eating the mix.” You said when you saw deans finger get in the bowl of cake mix. You two where baking a cake for Sam’s birthday even Sam said that he don’t want to celebrate it. You where his stubborn little sister so why not? You want to make one for him. You celebrate their birthdays not much and they never celebrate it. You always wanted it but they didn’t. they celebrate yours but now you are going to change it. You celebrated deans birthday so now that one from Sam.

“what do we need to do now?” dean asked.

You put the cake mix in the bake form and put it in the oven. “only need it to put in the oven and then decorate it.” You said. You looked around to spot of Sam is going to enter the kitchen soon. Dean looked confuse at you. “sorry, I didn’t told Sam about it and I’m scared that he not going to like it.”

Dean drag you quick in a hug. “don’t be scared kiddo.” He looked in your eyes. “it’s Sam and even he don’t like sweets as much as you and I. he love us and of course he will be happy. It would be little weird because we never did it but he it’s a good change for once.” Dean smiled and you to.

You nodded. “you’re right.” And released yourself from the hug. you saw that dean had a proud smile on his face. You rolled your eyes. “oke Mr. I’m the best brother now help me with cleaning the kitchen.”

You and dean cleaned the kitchen. At the same time the cake was done. You opened the oven and placed the cake on a tray. “and now?” dean asked.

“waiting until its cooled down.” Dean sign. You knew that he wanted cake but if you now decorate it the icing would melt.

After a while the cake was cooled down and you and dean where ready to decorate it. Dean spread the white icing on the cake when you were jumping to try to reach the candles. After a min you saw a hand reached the candle and gives to you. You looked up and saw Sam smiling at you. “what are you going to do with those candles?” he asked.

“uhh.” You looked over to dean but there you couldn’t find any help. “Sam there are for the cake dean and I baked for you.” You looked down. “I know that you didn’t want to celebrate it but I just need to. We don’t celebrate it and I just want to do it. Please don’t be mad.”

You felt a hand on your shoulder. You looked up and saw a smile on Sam’s face. “why would I be mad at you? Okay, I didn’t want it but hey you did it for me. I love it and I love you. Come here.” he gives you the big moose hug. after a min he released his self and looked you in the eyes. “are we going to eat some cake?”

You smiled and nodded. You stick the candles in the cake and dean lighted up the candles. You saw a bright smile on both of their faces. “now blow out the candles.” You demended sam and he did what he got told. He blow out the candles and heard really hard. “happy birthday Sammy!”

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please give me feeback

Kiss Me Better (21/?)

Pairing: Bucky x Reader, Loki x BFF!Reader

Word Count: 1.2k

Summary: Bucky wants to be the man reader deserves, and realizes he needs a new approach.

A/N: Guys! I didn’t tag anyone in the alternate scenarios, but they’re linked at the bottom (under the pic) for those interested. They’re just little things that would have happened had Loki de-aged the reader instead of Bucky. There are a couple more on the way.

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Your date went surprisingly well, and though your wounds were still fresh, you were open to another date with Matt. He walked you to the tower and hugged you goodnight, bravely pressing a chaste kiss to your cheek. You texted Loki that you were on your way up, but he appeared in front of you before you could walk inside and teleported you to your room. You told him about your date, and he in turn told you about the movie he’d watched, leaving out his chat with the others. Once it got late, he left you and you fell right to sleep.

Your door flew open, and you were jolted from your slumber. “Whas gon on?” you slurred.

“Why didn’t you tell anyone you were back? We were worried sick!” Bucky wailed. He’d waited by the elevator in the lobby since he left the common room, waiting for when you returned home.

“What? I.. I just… what?” If he weren’t so upset, he’d have found your state of bewilderment disgustingly cute.

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akutagawahakuryuunosuke  asked:

Is the drabble request is still open? 19 + 94 please for Kyungsoo thx

You’ve grown accustomed to few, strange things in the past few months. And considering your boyfriend was a resident demon, you were surprised you could remember to keep up with everything.

You’d successfully learned to deal with most of what that entailed: sudden appearances and disappearances, the occasional summoning circle on the living room floor, not to mention having to clear out the entire salt supply from your pantry.


You were in his debt. And he was in yours.

He saved your life. You gave him part of his humanity back.

You were on your way back from work when it happened. Crossing the river bridge on the way home past midnight with not a single soul in sight on the road led you to relax at the wheel.

It was the worst mistake of your life, as well as your last.

In less time than you could blink, an eighteen-wheeler had inadvertently blown a tire, causing extensive skidding that a sharp turn of the wheel only made worse. You didn’t have time to react. You didn’t even have time to pray. Before you knew it, you were weightless as your car began to free fall off of the river bridge.

The initial impact of the car colliding with the water line immediately caused you to black out, and that’s when you met him.

Kyungsoo appeared to you within your subconscious while you blacked out, car continuing to sink into the unreachable abyss.

You remember seeing his face. His doe-like eyes calmed you within your dream.

“My my,” His deep voice made you shudder. “Such a waste.”

All you could see was his face surrounded with darkness.

Please… Don’t let me die.

“And just why would I do that?” The low tone resounded across your subconscious.

You… You can hear me?

“I wouldn’t be stuck in your mind if I couldn’t, sweetheart.” His sarcastic tone made you feel uneasy.

What- How- Where did you-… Is there any way you can help me?

“You just made me lose my prey, human.” The voice sneered bitterly. “I think I might just enjoy watching you drown yourself, with the police never being able to find your body in the depths below.”

If you aren’t going to help me… What are you doing talking to me inside my mind?

“Entertaining myself.”

You’re Satan.

“Please, sweetheart, give me a little credit here,” The baritone voice deepened as he chuckled. “The Big Man himself is a little tied up right now, so I just do the dirty work in my spare time.”

So… You’re a demon.

“Give the girl a prize,” The sarcasm returned.

If-… If you won’t save me… Can I please just ask that you make sure my sister is alright?

“And what would give me any incentive to do that?”

There must be some part of you that is respectable. Some part of you that values decency. Some humanity.

There was a long silence. You took the moment of absence to wonder how much time had actually been passing, and whether or not any of this was actually happening to you.

“Humanity, huh?” The demon broke the silence. “Now that’s something I haven’t heard in a long time.”

Please, she’s in the hospital just across the bridge, she has clinical insomnia and PTSD from when we were younger. If I’m not there to support her-

“Relax, human.” You heard the demon take a long, deep breath. “It means making a contract.”

I’ll do anything I can if you just make sure she’ll be alright, please-

“Do you even know what that means?” He growled.

I’ll do it, I’ll do anything you want.

There was a soft hiss and a deep, throaty chuckle. “Say my name, and the contract will be complete.”

Although he never told you his name, there was a ghostly chorus of whispers that echoed in the recesses of your mind. Repeating two syllables over and over to you.


There was an eerie, almost unbearable pause that felt like an eternity as you waited for a response.

And waited.

And waited.

“You’ve made your decision then, human.” The tone reappeared suddenly and deepened, then began to soften and fade away from your subconscious.

“I hope you’re prepared to deal with the consequences.”

You lept up from bed, clutching the sheets tightly against your chest and gasping for air. Heavy amounts of sweat made the thin material of your tank top and shorts cling uncomfortably to your skin.

You heard the thumping of rushed footsteps outside the door, followed by it being swung open.

“(y/n)?! (y/n) are you okay?” Kyungsoo darted across the room and gingerly sat down next to you on the bed.

You could only nod, still gasping for air.

You looked up at him. His big, brown eyes sparking with the blue moonlight that scattered across the room through the windows. His hair had been done up and swept to the side, as it always has been. He always looked the same, including his attire of formal black dress slacks and a dress shirt and tie.

“Words, (y/n), I need words.” Kyungsoo looked into your eyes with care and concern, studying you analytically.

“I just-” You let out a dry cough. “I just had a bad dream again.”

“Was it the same one?” Kyungsoo placed his hand delicately at the small of your back, reassuring you. “The one where we first met?”

You nodded, trembling in cold sweat.

He pulled you into his arms, the inhuman freezing body temperature of his cooling and relaxing your nervous system.

“That was a long time ago, alright? Remember?” He pulled back to brush the hair out of your face.

You sent him a weak smile. “Now I just have to put up with my demonic boyfriend day-to-day, who, by the way, made me sign a contract just to teach him more about humanity.”

He scoffed and looked down at the bed, smiling.

“Seriously!” You weakly shoved him in playful spirit. “What kind of demon are you? No soul-stealing, no eternal servitude, no human barbecue, nothing!”

Kyungsoo huffed and grunted. “I like to think of myself as more mature and dignified than that.”

You leaned forward and landed a quick kiss on his lips to silence him.

He looked at you with a worrisome expression. “Are you sure you’re alright?”

You nodded, leaning forward to wrap your arms around him in a tender hug.

“If I didn’t know any better, Kyungsoo,” You mumbled against his shirt before looking up at him with affectionate, grateful eyes.

“I’d say you were my guardian angel.”

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Soooooooooooooo this went places. Weird places. I apologize if this went to some too weird places. Also writing this at 1am after studying for 8 hours so spell-check was a luxury I am too sleep-deprived to obtain and utilize at this moment. IM ALSO SORRY THIS TOOK SO LONG OML but I hope it was worth the wait?? From here on out I’ll be on a mini-hiatus due to exams so please be patient while i go walk off a cliff. Demon!Soo just seemed so adorable and sexy at the same time so I went with it~ Hope it was okay!!



Jon Snow War Council and Sansa warning Game of Thrones 6x09

In defense of Sansa and my love for Jon and Sansa’s dynamic

I would like to talk about this scene since this scene is all kinds of awesome. First, I heard from the GOT Cast & Crew Commentary that the scene of Jon and Sansa is the director’s wife favorite scene that she has seen of the GOT series as she thought “It is just so real”. Which I thought wow she is right Jon and Sansa’s relationship dynamic has that openness to it, they are themselves whenever it is just the two of them talking. And of course another wow because yeah she is right Kit and Sophie’s acting here is so good and real and they bounce off each other with such rawness and should I say trust??? Their scene felt to me like they are just so comfortable with each other that they know they can be just as intense with each other and know that the other can totally give as good as they get. Hence, the media making so many mentions of their explosive chemistry which translates on-screen as unresolved tension in the sexual/romantic variety. I believe it came off like that because even when they are arguing I can still feel their mutual affection for each other (both from the actors and I believe also from both the characters as I felt that was what they are going for and also what the direction was going for). Which give us this gift of a scene.

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Ideas For Modern AU's

• We’re stuck in an elevator together and I’m literally pressed up against you this isn’t awkward at all

 • I accidentally passed you an embarrassing note that was meant for my best friend dON’T YOU DARE READ IT

• I just got dumped horribly and I’m crying so fucking bad right now and I just bumped into you in the hallway wow talk about hella awkward

• Neither of us have partners for dance so we’re stuck together for the slow dancing unit and neither of us can dance

• I just twisted my ankle while running laps in gym and you’re the only person near me please carry me to the nurses office I’M DYING HELP

• I just heard a weird sound in the middle of the night and woke up to find you stealing food from our kitchen aND WHY ARE YOU TOUCHING MY NUTELLA

• There are not enough lockers in the school so we have to share one for the rest of the year did I mention I have a huge ass tuba I haul around everywhere?

• I just stepped on your new iPhone aND I AM SO SORRY I’LL MAKE IT UP TO YOU PLEASE DON’T KILL ME

• I’m on my way to the swimming pool in our building but the elevator got stuck. So now I’m alone with you in an elevator wearing nothing but a skimpy swim suit

More Bodyswap Soul Mates AU

Might be posting this BEHEMOTH sometime tomorrow, we’ll see.

Yuuri’s lips are soft and vanilla-flavored from Viktor’s expensive lip balm. Viktor wants to spend the rest of his life gently applying lip balm to Yuuri’s lips in dry ice rinks, and also licking it off later in dark bedrooms and under warm showerheads and reclining together on overstuffed couches.

“That was the only thing I could think of to surprise you as much as you surprised me,” says Viktor, who has dedicated his life to surprising people. Part of him hopes that Yuuri meant it that way; as the only fitting declaration of love for a man whose drive to surprise had been his defining characteristic for so long.

Viktor’s new defining characteristic is, dangerously enough, loving Yuuri Katsuki.

“Really?” Yuuri whispers, and his lips finally stretch into that sweet smile. “Well, it worked.”

Viktor wants to kiss him again—wants it so bad that it burns in his throat like a sob—but there is a minor uproar happening around them and a pair of security guards are looking at him from the boards. Their faces say remove yourselves or be removed. Viktor doesn’t have the best track record with the ISU and he would rather not be banned from the floor before the season really even starts, so he gets up and helps Yuuri off as well. There is an official on the mic now, switching between Chinese and English to say, “Please quiet down—the judges are deliberating to determine if a penalty for raucous behavior will be awarded to Yuuri Katsuki.”

In the end, Yuuri gets a small reduction for the scene caused but still scores high enough for the podium. Viktor doesn’t see Yuuri between the final scores being announced and Yuuri ascending the risers to stand next to Phichit with his silver medal raised high. There are as many cameras on the podium as there are on his own face, and he doesn’t deign any of them with a look. He keeps his eyes firmly fixed on Yuuri.

In the moment between the ceremony and the presser, Viktor pulls Yuuri into a less-trafficked corner and says, “Say whatever you want if they ask. I’ll back you up. If you want to say we’re soul mates, I’ll go along with it. If you want to say it was just a—a lapse of judgment I’ll go along with it. If you want to tell them I went crazy and tackled you—”

“Vitya,” Yuuri whispers, and the rest of Viktor’s words, along with his breath and heart, lodge in his throat. Yuuri turns his face up to Viktor’s, raises a hand and presses it to Viktor’s cheek. He feels Yuuri’s thumb against his bottom lip and remembers a moment, not very long ago, when he had done the same to Yuuri. He understands now, why Yuuri’s pupils had grown so large and his breath so fast. “What did you mean it as?”

Viktor breathes out shakily and whispers, “An offer. To be yours. For as long as you’ll have me.” Please keep me. Please let me stand by your side until I can’t anymore. Please let me kiss you and lay beside you at night, at least until you find the person who was made to do those things for you—and then, maybe, you’ll just let me help you keep winning. And smiling.

Yuuri gasps, like he somehow hadn’t expected that answer. Viktor hears the wet sound of him swallowing, feels his thumb slide away to be replaced by his lips. They taste just like the first time. Yuuri’s fingers grip into his shoulder, his body shakes. Viktor soothes a hand up his waist and feels his own muscles shudder. Yuuri creates an inch of space into which he whispers, “Yeah, that's—” Kisses him again. “That’s good. I—yes. Mmm-hmm.” His lips are going to be too red at the presser. His mouth tastes clean.

“My coach is a very affectionate person,” Yuuri says when the question is inevitably asked roughly six seconds into the presser. Mr. Katsuki, is Viktor Nikiforov your soul mate? “From certain angles, it may have looked like…more than it was. Viktor was…excited. He was congratulating me. That’s all.”

Tony Stark is a giant sap. Everyone slowly caught onto this fact in the way Tony passively tries to take care of them all. It’s the little things he does that give him away. And they appreciate it.

But the day Tony sheds the Iron Man armor through a small grade sporadic lightning storm to pull the poor mutant responsible into a hug is a new side to his soft side they haven’t seen before. Even through the static of the team line they can hear Tony talking to her. 

“Hey. I’m not going to hurt you and I know you won’t want to do this. You don’t wanna hurt anybody. It’s just too much, right? It’s gonna be okay kiddo. I’m going to make sure you’re safe.” 

It’s dangerous but Tony manages to get to her and pulls her into a hug, that she practically vibrates into before collapsing into him with awful gasping sobs. Tony just holds onto her and lets her cry, air still riddled with static around them both. They can hear more now and her words are broken up by gasps and slowly quieting sobs. About how she didn’t mean to do it but they just kept coming at her and she’d reacted and it happened. Then it got worse and she couldn’t stop it.

“You stopped it. Look. See it stopped.” Tony coaxes.

When the girl lifts her head and looks around at the now dimmer street she finds he’s right. “You did that?”

“No that was all you. See you can, sometimes you just…need a little help. Know everybody needs it sometimes. Why I keep these guys around.” Tony is trying to make jokes and he’s easing back from the girl slowly. “We’re going to make sure you get the help you need, okay?”


Tony sticks out his hand after that. “Tony Stark.”


“Let me introduce you, Jordan. Who do you want to meet first?”

“Black Widow. Please.”

Tony laughs and nods. “She’s pretty popular. But you know War Machine’s my favorite.”

With her parents they tie Jordan to Charles Xavier’s capable hands. Tony is there personally talk the family through it. Never once has Tony given away any kind of misgivings about children or mutants or anything of the like. Instead he’d been perfectly fine with accepting the hug from Jordan and handshake from her parents. Gone on to tell them about what the school could do to help her. How they were familiar with a number of the staff personally and had brought kids to their facility before.

And Jordan takes to it almost immediately, more than a little smitten when she meets Storm. Tony hands the family off to her very capable hands and promises to say goodbye to Jordan before they leave.

And they linger awhile. Tony wants to not just leave on them, he has flight plans for Jordan’s parents to return to the states to hand over and well he meant it about not leaving without saying goodbye.

Steve and Natasha catch Tony in a small crowd of the younger kids who don’t seem too gun shy, as some of prone to with humans. Instead Tony is asking them all about what hey can do looking excited by each power he hears about. Asking all kinds of questions and never tripping over the idea of any it might seem strange or scary. Instead he just sounds absolutely spell struck.

Any idea they have of Tony pretending is very firmly ruined when one of the kids, maybe ten looks at Tony with wondering eyes and says “You really think it’s all amazing.”

“Because it is kiddo.”

And maybe it’s easier to wrap their head around Tony thinking Bruce was all that and a bag of potato chips was completely genuine. How Tony wasn’t scared of the Hulk.

The kids downright don’t want him to leave. Even the teenagers seem to not hate Tony. Who doesn’t flinch away even when someone sets something on fire or grows spines out of their skin without warning. Tony is still all curious questions and impressed.

When it comes time for him to go Tony does promise to visit. Is given more than a few hugs. And does say goodbye to Jordan before they leave, wishing her luck and mentioning some of the kids she might want to talk to he met.

On the flight back everyone is giving Tony amused looks.

Stark is their Tin Man alright, much more heart than he gets credit for.

Million Reasons

Okay so this wasn’t requested by I sort of got the idea from Million Reasons by Lady Gaga (definitely recommend listening to while reading this). It hasn’t been edited or anything so I’m hoping it’s okay, if not I’m really sorry!!!! As per usual, please please please to send me any requests or ideas! TBH I sort of have a thing for like joker being a dick and then begging to get her back? Next time I pinky promise it’ll be lighthearted and no arguing!! Just good ol’ Joker fun 

Pairing: Jared Leto Joker x Reader

Warnings: Nothing really? I guess maybe like mention of physical abuse ??? but honestly nothing really. 


This was your dirty little secret. No one knew, not your best friends, not your coworkers, and especially not your boyfriend. The Joker would not be okay with you going to church. You only went on special occasions such as a bad fight, emotional confusion, anything that made your chest heavy. It was nice to just be able to talk without having to worry about people hearing your every word.

Tonight was a an especially bad fight. Joker had always had a bad temper, never really calm, always unpredictable. Being his girl was hard, you never knew if today was going to be a good day or if today was going to be the day he finally snaps on you. Tonight was the night that he lost it. Never had he laid a hand on you that you didn’t want. Tonight was the exception. You didn’t have a clue what had happened, one moment he was fine and then the next his hand hit your face with incredible force. The sheer power behind the hit confirmed your fears of an awful black eye. That’s why you were at the church across the city where you were sure he couldn’t find you.

“I don’t know what I did wrong… I don’t know why he hit me. I just don’t know what to do. Please help a girl out?” It seemed as though you were talking to yourself but really you were talking to the man upstairs. You had no clue if he was actually real or not, you weren’t a huge believer but it still felt good to feel like someone was listening to you. “I just want everything to be okay. He’s given me a hundred million reasons to leave but he could give me one good reason and I would run back to him like a helpless little girl. I didn’t want this life. I wanted to find love and I wanted the man of my dreams to cherish me… Is that too much to ask God? Is it too much to ask to be loved? I’ve lost everyone… I’m completely alone. Lord show me the way…” At this point the mix of the painful mark on your face and the emotional pain that came with analyzing your life caused a single tear to slide down your bruised cheek. You quickly wiped it away, refusing to let this get to you.

“It’ll be okay y’know?” You jumped at the unexpected voice. You snapped your head around to see a friendly face, shoulder length brown hair, sparkling brown eyes, a supportive smile. She seemed friendly enough.

“At this point I don’t know… I’m completely lost. I don’t even know where to start. I don’t even know if anyone is listening to me up there. I just need everything to be okay. He doesn’t even love me.” She moved up to sit beside you. With a deep breath in she looked at you. You didn’t see pity in her eyes as you expected, but empathy.

“The bruise will go away and eventually so will the heart ache. I’m assuming the man you love did this to you?” she said, moving a piece of hair that had fallen over your face. You nodded and looked down at your feet, embarrassed that you had let it get to this point. “I know it’s a lot easier said than done but you shouldn’t stay with him. You need to love yourself as much as you love him. Take all the love that you’ve devoted to him and give it to yourself. Love yourself to pieces, respect yourself, admire yourself and how strong you are. It’s hard, I know, I’ve been where you are. When I was with my Andy I loved him to pieces regardless of the bruises that he gave me, regardless of how awful he made me feel. The last straw for me was when I ended up in the hospital with a bad concussion from him. A nurse told me something when I was lying in the hospital bed. She said, ‘The love you give him must become the love you give yourself. The best way to show him he hadn’t completely broken you is to show him how strong you are. Show him that you are much stronger than he could ever be. Love yourself darling, give yourself everything he couldn’t.’ I think about that a lot actually. I think about how much that one woman changed my life. I figured I’d pass the message on,” her voice softened towards the end attempting to create a calm atmosphere.

“I wish I could leave him but I can’t. He’s all I have left. I can’t leave him.”

“Y/N. Why are you in a church?” The voice you were dreading to hear came from behind you. The weight collapsed on your chest making even the simple task of breathing impossible. You simply looked down rather than answer him. “Y/N answer me.”

“I come here whenever I don’t feel good. When we’ve fought, when you’re angry at me for lord know what reason, when I just don’t know what to do, when I’m lost. I come here to talk with no consequences okay? I come here when I need to think.” The words came out in one fast breath, worried that if you tried to breathe you wouldn’t be able to say a word. He stayed silent, processing what you had said. He hadn’t realized that he had caused so much turmoil in your life. He never meant to hurt you, he just didn’t know how to care for people.

“Y/N come home.” You shook your head, face scrunching up as you really started to cry. You couldn’t handle this anymore. You were utterly terrified of the man you loved. He had never said ‘I love you’ but you always thought that deep down he did, that deep down he cared for you and he needed you. You couldn’t live in fear that he would hurt you again. You turned around, facing the front of the church and stayed silent for a moment.

“J you hit me.” Your voice was shaky and quiet but clear and loud enough for him to hear. Those words tugged at the Joker’s heart. He never meant to hurt her, especially not physically. He never meant to tarnish her flawless skin. As much as he hated to admit, in fear that it might take away from his ruthless image, he cared for her quite deeply. You studied his face as he fell silent, unable to produce enough words to form an acceptable apology. He simply just shook his head in shock and backed away from the girl of his dark, twisted dreams.

Your face fell at the lack of his apology. You hoped he would at least try to fix things so that you had that one single reason to stay with him. You were desperate to have someone by your side, desperate for someone to take care of you, to give you everything you need or want, you were desperate for someone to fill the void left by the loss of all of those you ever loved. You were desperate for him.

“J if you can’t make this better then I’m going to go. I’m too strong to let you hit me. I’m too strong to let you control me. I’m too strong to be in fear of you and the things you’re capable of. “If you can’t fix this then I’m done J…” It pained you immensely to say those words to him. He wasn’t on for emotions and you knew that but the look in his intense blue eyes showed you everything he was thinking. They showed that he regretted his decision to hit you, you could see every emotion he could ever feel.

“I can make this right. Anything you want, anything you need, I can get it for you. I’ll pamper you and spoil you and I’ll treat you like my queen. You’re the light of my life Y/N. You keep me as sane as I could ever be. You can’t leave me Y/N. You can do this to me. You’re the one I want, you’re the one I need. Baby if I was king you would be my queen. You’re good for whatever bits and pieces of my soul are left. I can’t do this without you Y/N. I’ll make this better baby,” he rambled, in need of your acceptance and approval. “Give me one more chance Y/N, I promise things will change. I would do anything for you,” he pleaded.

You gave one sharp nod and headed towards the doors of the church. He exhaled a deep breath of relief, elated that you agreed to come home. You didn’t know if you were making the right decision or not but love makes someone do crazy things. Maybe you were blinded by your love for him, maybe not, but you trusted yourself to give him this one last chance. He walked up behind you and placed his hand on the small of your back and placing a single kiss on the top of your head.

“You’re mine Y/N, you always will be and I will always be yours.” You slightly leaned into him and rested your head on his shoulder. He visibly relaxed as he felt you against him and pulled you in closer. In this moment you knew you were his and he was all yours. Entirely devoted to you til death.


It hurt. The blood dripped down your back down to your own feet and to the floor.
Tears stremed down your (S/C) skin and mixed with the dirt and blood. You didn’t know why they did this to you. But that was a question for later when you could be sure you were safe.
Those ‘Monsters’ , you didn’t know how to call them, they just did the worst thing that could ever happen to a Fairy like you were. Their fingers wrapped around your fragil body. Their evil laughter stilled ringed in your ears. How they would grabe your winges and ripped them with full force out of your back. You screamed. Loud. But you knew no one would hear your screams of pain in the abaounded warehouse.

After those ‘Monsters’ were done with you they left. They left you on the ground. Bleeding and in pain. You cried for a long time you assumed. To that time it was dark outside and the stars were shining together with the pale Moon high above you.
Your Body was shaking out of exhausting and pain but you still managed to stand up. You took a shaking breath in and out before you ran.  Just ran , you thoughts screamed to you, you didn’t even know where you would ran of but you just hoped to reach a safe place somewhere where those ‘Beasts’ could not finde you. And than, after hours of running into the woods you saw it. A Bunker. Not just any Bunker. This Bunkers belonged to the Winchester Brothers. You heard plently of stories of them from other Creatures you met. A sigh escaped your lungs and banged on the doors of the old Door in hope the Brothers could help you and not just kill you off. You had no Idea why you would asked Humans to help you but deep down you knew they were not odinary Humans.

Sam rubbed the sleep from his eyes when he heard a banging on the Bunkers doors. Confused as to who could be banging on the door at this Time he grabbed his gun and slowly walked to the Door. He grabbed the door know and slowly turned it, gun pointed to it always ready to attack the unknown stranger.
But before the taller Brother could even react or shoot a small figure ran into the Bunker and closed the Door in fast move. He looked down to the Girl who is now leaning on the Door. ‘‘Who are you?’‘ he asked and pointed the gun at the Girl. But before the Girl with (Y/H/L) (Y/H/C) could answer Sams Brother apperd in the room pointing a gun to the door ,too. ‘‘What is it Sammy? Demon? Ghost? Ghoul?’‘ he asked on high alert but lowerd the gun when he saw the Girl infront of the Door. Her clothes ripped but still covered here private aeras (Y/H/L) (Y/H/C) clinging to her face. Blood and dirt all over her body. She look in the eyes of the Brothers and raised her hands to show she means no harm. ‘‘Please, don’t shoot me. I need your help.’‘ she merley whispered tears falling down her face.
Sam looked into her eyes  and said ‘‘who are you? And why do you need help from us?’‘ The Girl hold back her tears and answered still al little shaky ‘‘ I’m (Y/N). A Fairy from a forest not far from here…I think…please some help me someone’s after me.’‘  she begged with her eyes.
Dean laid the Gun down. ‘‘A Fairy huh?’‘ he looked you up and down. ‘‘How did you find us?’‘ he didn’t trust her at all. 

You sank down to the floor wincing when the material of the door hit ypur wounded back. ‘‘He heard a alot about you and your Brother. That I found you was just coincidence. Rellay. I will not hurt you’‘ you tried to steady your voice but the pain and the exhausting from the whole running took a toll on you. ‘‘Dean she is badly hurt I don’t think she will hurt as’‘ Sam the taller one said to his older Brother Dean. Dean just scrunched up is nose. ‘‘I don’t trust Fairies. Hurt or not she should better leave’‘ After the words sank in you lowerd your head and looked to the ground biting your lip to stop the tears that were rolling down your cheeks. ‘‘Please’‘ you said quite. ‘‘The stole my wings. Please help me find them.’‘ you whipsered.

But Dean crossed his arms. Sam looked from his brother to (Y/N). ‘‘Dean we should at least take care of her wounds’‘ he said worried knowing that you must be in big pain right now. Dean growled something that sounded like ‘‘Fairies …I never get near one again’‘ than he looked up after he heard some flutting of wings. Castiel stood right behind Dean and the green eyed Man jumped a little after he saw the Angel of the Lord right behind him ‘‘Cas what did I told you about Personal space?!’‘ The blue eyed Angel looked into the eyes of his friends ‘‘‘I’m sorry Dean.’‘ then he looked to Sam who is now kneeling beside you and looked the wpunds up and down. ‘‘Dean what is a Fairy doing here in the Bunker?’ he asked curiosity nagging on him.

You looked up after you heard a deep voice talking to Dean and you met the most beautiful blue eyes you ever saw in your life. The man who stood beside Dean was as tall as Dean and wore tan Trench coat over a black Suit with a blue tie around his neck. His dark Hair was messy but still the most capturing sight was the blue of his eyes. Castiel, as Dean called him, too looked in your (Y/E/C) eyes and looked you up and down before he spoke again. ‘‘What happend to you?’‘ he approched you and kneeled down beside Sam. Castiel looked into your eyes and made sure not to hurt you. ‘‘I..I don’t know’‘ you answered him. ‘‘I jsut remeber those hand…grabbing me and taking me to this warehouse. They touched me everywhere and than…they just my wings out.’‘ you started to cry when the pain in your back came back. But than you felt two fingers on your forehead and you looked up into Cas eyes. ‘‘I’ll make the pain go away don’t wory’‘  and after a moment of silence the pain was gone.
Still tears streamed down your face. Castiel spoke again ‘‘I know how you must feel right know. I know what it is like with no wings. I will help you get them back’‘ Sam and Dean looked totally confused to their Friend and then to eatch other. Not really sure what is going.

You smiled a little. Glad to know that someone was there to help you…


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