Teen Boat: an Epic

so I was in my high school library when I found this fucking book

the angst of being a teen… the thrill of being a boat

it’s literally animorphs but he turns into a fucking boat i’m

he doesn’t even turn into the boat he just kinda folds inside of one

doctor this is the worst case of yaoi hands we’ve ever seen

and if you think this is bad wait until you see the concept art for his transformation

option 1) he turns into the Crabman. he ejects into the stratosphere


teen boat also has a diverse cast of characters including

mary columbus sue, a european exchange student. exotic

Ebony Dark'ness Dementia Raven Way

is that fuckin eminem

Not-How-Trousers-Work Girl


yes she is eating a whole babbage

and then there’s also the point in the book where the tone does a complete 180

excuse me what the fuck

is this loss.jpg

Drarry sober vs. drunk--

Draco while sober:
Harry: I love you.
Draco: Shit, Potter, can you stop being so gay for just five minutes?!

Draco while drunk:
Harry: I love you.
Draco: *sobbing into Harry’s shoulder* Harry, I don’t even deserve you.

Harry while sober:
Harry: God, just looking at your arse makes me randy as fuck.
Draco: Charming.

Harry while drunk:
Harry: Sometimes it hurts to look right at you, that’s how beautiful you are, baby; you’re so pure, your hair is like silken, spun gold, your eyes sparkle like diamonds–
Draco: I don’t know him, please help me.

We always think that Victor and Yuuri embarrass Yuri in front of Otabek but Kubo said that Otabek has a bunch of mischevious friends. So I’ve been thinking…what if his friends tease Otabek in front of Yuri?
Like, what if Otabek has a crush on Yuri and he tells them about it. And they all joke around, follow Yuri on all social media, everytime Yuri is mentioned on tv they all just become the ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) face. And one time, Yuri is visiting Almaty and Otabek invites him to a party where he is going to be DJing. And ofc Yuri is all like yes??? Otabek has a bike AND is a dj???? He is so cool!!! And they come to the party, Otabek does his thing and he comes down in the crowd to meet up with Yuri and Yuri finally meets Otabeks friends. They all immediately start smirking, nudging them towards eachother, always sending just the two of them to get drinks. Some of them even start hitting on Yuri for Otabek. Yuri is slightly confused, but Otabek wants the ground to swallow him whole. He is a red, stuttering mess and he is so thankful that the lights in the club are dim. Now in every friend group theres The Mom Friend™ and they are ready to start some shit. They would probably pull Yuri aside and be like “What are your intentions with my friend?” and Yuri would realise what was happening and he would kinda open up to The Mom Friend™ and tell them that he likes Otabek too. And The Mom Friend™ would all be proud and smiley, but just before they reach the group, they would whisper in Yuri’s ear: “If you hurt him I will hunt you down and hurt you five times more.”

The people who ran the official anime twitter were major trolls. Remember the wonderful scene in episode 23 where Edgeworth serves Phoenix tea in his office? This is what they tweeted:

なるほどくんに熱い… . .紅茶をそそぐ御剣。 彼のやさしさと温かさが、身に 染みます 。 

Mitsurugi pours Naruhodo-kun hot….tea. His kindness and warmth are deeply touching.

Okay, but what’s with the “…..”? Turns out they’re being a bit cheeky.

紅茶を注ぐ means “to pour tea.” (I’m using the kanji here, but it’s written phonetically in the tweet.) If you substitute 愛情 (love/affection) in for tea, it turns into an idiom meaning “to dote on” or “to shower with affection.” When describing a physical thing like tea,  熱い simply means “hot.” When used to describe an emotion, it means “fervent/ardent/passionate.” 


熱い紅茶を注ぐ = to pour hot tea

熱い愛情を注ぐ = to shower with ardent affection

Here’s the tweet in question, for posterity.

I see you back there, dirty-minded person. Yes, it does sound downright lewd when translated literally. Judging by the reactions I saw among Japanese users, it’s not just you. Behold, the rare triple entendre.


Everything is so linked to the mini films IM SCREAMING

  • Jungkook who screams Hyung and cries, HE ACTUALLY SEES RAPMON MAKING HIM DRINK THE POISON (plus he’s asleep at the very beginning, and there’s this bed in Begin and the feathers could explain the wings marks in bs&t)
  • Jimin, we all thought in LIE, the bed next to him was for Hoseok, but what if it was for himself ? His alter ego or smth ? Because we can definitely see that there’s two Jimins and it’s obvious that they’re trying to hide his second self (Suga blocking Jimin’s view just when he’s about to enter the room) There’s the Jimin that runs away from Suga, and the Jimin waiting with his apple
  • Near the end, Namjoon’s hand are hurt, because of the broken glass or the way he punches the phone cabin
  • Suga, the drip drop of water we can hear in First Love, is probably Jungkook that throws up in the toilets, and he runs to him to help him, and obv Jungkook rejects him, which reminds us of the fight scene in Run where the roles were reversed
  • For Hoseok, well the thing with the pills is still there, just like in the prologue or epilogue (I can’t remember smh) he ends up throwing them away
  • Tae is definitely cray cray, on drugs probably judging by the filter and his solo shot near the beginning, he’s probably at the police station because of the tags he’s been doing with Namjoon, but DO YOU RECALL WHEN HE WAS FIGHTING AGAINST NOTHING WELL IT WASNT NOTHING IT WAS JIN
  • I feel like Jin is the one aware of everything, he knows everything that’s happening, maybe he’s beating up Tae because he knows he’s gonna kill his dad. In Awake (plus the title, awake, says it all tbh while all the others are getting crazy, he’s the only one awake) there’s this thing with the polaroid pictures, which are now big and huge paintings, by watching them, he sees everything (?)


They’ve been doing drugs during their party in RUN and Big Hit just showed us the consequences, so the MV is actually a morale


Monsta X Cinnamon Roll Meme

Shownu: Looks like he could kill you, can actually kill you by being a cinnamon roll.

Wonho: Looks like he could kill you, is actually afraid of cinnamon rolls.

Minhyuk: Looks like he a cinnamon roll, can actually kill you by being a cinnamon roll.

Kihyun: Looks like a cinnamon roll, can actually kill you using a cinnamon roll.

Hyungwon: Looks like a cinnamon roll, is actually eating the cinnamon roll.

I.M: Looks like a cinnamon roll, can actually kill you by eating your cinnamon roll.

Jopheon: Looks like a cinnamon roll, is actually a murderer cinnamon roll.

Imagine Grantaire and Enjolras being hopelessly in love with one another. Lazing about on the green grass by Champ de Mars, all Les Amis scattered about on various picnic blankets.

Imagine faces buried in the crooks of neck– a sanctuary from the rest of the world–, imagine fingers carding through blonde and black curls, imagine sweet nothings whispered in ears.

Secretive smiles given easily and widely, no longer gazing at each other longingly from opposite ends of the Musain, which has Courfeyrac tearing his hair out trying to decipher.

Jeers from their friends, but that only makes them smile harder, noses brushing and gazing into each others eyes like the lovesick fools they are– two trees breathing through each other’s spectacles.

Relaxing as the sonder through the green in the bright Winter light while R mumbles Frank O'Hara into Enjolras’s curls and Enjolras just breathes. Smiles. Allows himself these few minutes of peace.

“I look at you,” He recites. “And I would rather look at you than all the portraits in the world.”

Enjolras twisting up to look at him, a knowing smile on his face. “Except the Van Gogh.”

“Except the Van Gogh,” R concedes. “But that’s on the way to The Museum of Fine Art, anyways.”

“I’ve never seen it,” Enjolras will say, reaching his hand up to trace the contours of R’s cheekbones. “So we can go together, when it comes back.”

“It’s a date.”

And the promise- like all of them now- is sealed with a kiss.

okay but: neil and puns
• he makes puns about everything
• literally everything
• they’re not even good puns
• they’re the super cheesy awful puns
• the Foxes love it because every time he makes a pun he gets this smile on his face
• and hes so proud of himself
• and the Foxes are like loO K at thsi lOoK at O UR sO N heS hAPP Y s O pUr E,,,,,,,,
• wymack’s just like “i don’t get paid enough for this”
• but secretly he enjoys seeing neil smile just as much as the rest of the Foxes ((wymack makes me cry so much okay he is so good and i just,,,, come talk to me about wymack, actual dad™ who has adopted all the Foxes i’m crying i love him so much))
• they can’t bear to tell him that the puns are awful
• his favorite thing to make puns about though is how he and andrew met
• “he really swept me off my feet.”
• “he took my breath away”
• “i couldn’t breathe for a full 10 minutes after seeing him”
• and the worst one: “it was like i’d been hit with an exy racket.”
• every time
• every fucking time anyone asks him about how they met
• he will make a super awful pun
• andrew raises the percentage every time he does it
• because what the fuck neil???
• but anyways
• at this point no one knows how they actually met
• they know it was when andrew, kevin, and wymack went to offer neil a spot at PSU
• but that’s it
• even the Foxes don’t know
• they try to pry it out of kevin or wymack (they think neil and andrew would never tell them)
• kevin’s response is “‘why aren’t you focusing on exy, we’re at practice nicky, what the fuck, go play exy"
• or if its a reporter he’ll just stare at them and steer the conversation back to exy
• wymack just walks away
• eventually they give up
• so at first when neil makes a pun out of it they just smile softly like oH my gO D that’s so pure????
• until they see neil smile with that little grin he gets every time he makes a pun
• and andrew rolls his eyes, mutters a number, and walks away
• and they’re like what??? is he making a pun??? what is happening??? how did they meet??? what the fuck neil
• basically neil makes puns and no one knows how andrew and neil met

• nicky: hey andrew how did you and neil meet
• andrew: *rolls his eyes and looks at neil*
• neil: oh he hit me with an exy racket
• foxes: what the fuck