Your Fave Is Problematic: Phil Lester

-innuendos every five seconds
-can (and will) flare his nostrils
-comforts people by offering them food
-killed his badger children in Shelter
-actual YouTube dinosaur
-once called a bowl “big daddy”
-drops things a lot
-has cheekbones that could cut a man
-steals cereal (specifically dan’s)
-doesn’t wear his glasses nearly as often as he should
-joked about falling off a stage then actually did it
-snapped a stress mushroom (definitely not a dildo what)
-still doesn’t understand the concept of the sound barrier?
-once bought grass sandals?? and it wasn’t a joke???
-has driven over a poor, defenseless flowerbed
-leaves socks literally everywhere

someone stop this man before its too late

What instrument should you play?????
  • Violin:do you hate being ignored? Want to be a child prodigy and have all the solos and love to back stab people for that first chair?? Want nothing but melodies and egos??? The violin is just for you!!
  • Viola:if you were bad at the violin, fear not! The viola is waiting with open arms!
  • Cello:if you have expressive facial expressions, like to rock back and forth, and if you have been called "overly dramatic" in the last five days, the cello is for you!
  • Double Bass:want to do nothing but play tonic and dominant notes all through the piece????? LOOK NO FURTHER!!!
  • Harp:never want to be heard?? Do you have an extra $30,000 to spare???? The harp is for you, my friend!
  • Bassoon:If you excelled at oboe, level up to bassoon! If not, stay there.... In the oboe section,.Please
  • Flute:want to make grown men cry and shriek with terror at your high notes?? flute gives you all the power you could ever want!
  • Clarinet:do you like hardly ever being heard in the orchestra??? But you want a lot of solos?? Is cappricio espagnol your dream clarinet-orchestra piece?? Make that dream a REALITY!!!1!1!
  • Bass clarinet:Clarinet.... But with more OOMPF AMIRITE YES!?,,??2!
  • Trumpet:play as loud as you can, whenever you can!! Want your lips to fall off as well??? Come join the trumpet cult!
  • Trombone:If you like long slidy things that go woo-OOO then this if for you. Or if you like alcohol. If not, don't think about it.
  • French horn:Silent, yet do you secretly judge everybody??? Play this, and you can judge everybody WHILE PLAYING AN INSTRUMENT!!! 10/10 IMPROVEMENT!!
  • Tuba:If you are a double bassist wanting to expand your notes that you play by three more, come to the tuba section!
  • Percussion:want killer biceps??? (Jk not really) join the perc section!
  • Piano:are you lonely and melodramatic at heart? Then the piano is perfect for YOU!

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How do you think Kacchan will react/reacted when he sees/saw Deku's body? I mean Deku probably has no muscle definition before inheriting All Might's quirk.

I think, at first, Deku’s trying hard to avoid his body getting seen; that’s why he’s the last one to finish wearing his costume during their first battle training. I can also imagine him hiding away during P.E. when they’re changing in and out of their uniforms. Between those times and the Summer Camp arc, somewhere along the way Deku started feeling comfortable with his body.

The following images depict the first time he changed with the rest of the boys during P.E.

Warning: Lots of naked Deku, swearing Kacchan and awkwardness.

Later Denki was sent to Recovery Girl.


I… have no idea how to respond to this video.


This is so not what you expect and it’s marvelous.

The Types according to similarminds.com

I picked the “funniest” and strangest things that this website wrote as parts of the description of every type. Enjoy. (some types had more weird descriptions than others)

ISFP: “prone to discontentment”

ESFP: “dislikes science fiction”, “values organized religion”

ISTP: “can be insensitive to the misfortunes of others”, “anti-tattoos, anti counter culture”

ESTP: “content”

ISTJ: “does not appreciate strangeness”, “anti-tattoos”

ESTJ: “does not like weird or strange people / things - intolerant of differences”

ISFJ: “prone to crying”, “afraid of many things”

ESFJ: “loves getting massages”

INFJ: “attracted to sad things”

ENFJ: “anti-tattoos”

INTJ: “not much fun”, “familiar with darkside” (bonus: “dictator” was among the favored careers)

ENTJ: “desires fame/acclaim, image focused, narcissistic”

INTP: "does not think they are weird but others do", “does not like happy people”, “more likely to support marijuana legalization”

ENTP: “experience junky”, “pro-weed legalization”(this time is no doubt true, apparently) (bonus: “dictator”, “assassin”, “cia agent” and “fbi agent” were among the favored careers) I really envy ENTPs now, or I want one as my friend

INFP: “wounded at the core” you have no idea how much I laughed, “prone to dreaming about a rescuer”

ENFP: “attracted to strange things”, “easily talked into doing silly things”