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YES and Adam was kinda laughing at him about it UGH I KNOW I WAS NOT PREPARED FOR THIS. All the feels D:


The stadium lights beamed down like spotlights on the centre of the park, and on Brendon McCullum as he undertook the final act of the play which was his ODI career.

“As this is your last one day match, do you have any words you want to leave us with, Brendon?” prods Simon Doull.

“Just…I’ve made some great memories here, and some great friends. It’s been a real privilege to be part of this team and from the bottom of my heart I’d like to thank everyone for all the support over the years.”

Brendon paused for a moment, and swallowed down any potential tears that threatened his image of a man forever in control. “Thanks, everyone.”

Warm, genuine applause bubbled around the audience as Brendon left the stage for the last time.

There was a small hiccup from the back of the group of cricketers who were waiting to congratulate their retiring captain. Kane Williamson tried to surreptitiously rub his eyes but he couldn’t escape the notice of Adam Milne, who punched him in the shoulder and giggled at the show of emotion from his normally stoic team mate.
“You crying, bud??”
“No…” mumbled Kane, unconvincingly.

Kane cleared his throat as Brendon approached them. The prodigy embraced his father figure for the final time as part of the same team. It was his team now.


sneak peek of how lucifer’s thought process went when he tried to act like cas around dean

  • Adrien:*in class learning about trains or some shit like that but is daydreaming about Ladybug *
  • Teacher:How much does a steam train weigh on average?
  • Adrien:Oh uh.. Sorry.. You caught me
  • Adrien:...
  • Adrien:Off track.
  • Marinette:DAMMIT KITTY
  • Marinette:*runs out of the classroom screaming SHITSHITSHIT*
  • Adrien:*it hits him that she's ladybug*
  • Adrien:*bursts through classroom door screaming MY LADY*