i love sarah w my entire being ok but like that scene where mika’s like “gimme ur clothes babe i’ll pretend to be you so you can save ur daughter” and sarah’s all like “mika no” *removes article of clothing* “i can’t let you do that” *removes another article of clothing and hands it to mika* “we have to go…okay well i have to gohfdsjfd i don’t?? understand??



  • also known as: the boss (the boys of super space)
  • fandom name: master
  • all members were formerly in xing
  • when they debuted with xing in 2008, maknae jay was 14 (int. age)
  • the members are very close to former label mates x-5, who are now l.a.u
  • they have a sub-unit called popsicle consisting of members mika, karam & jay
  • they are very active in japan
  • absolutely. killer. vocals
  • ´¯`·.¸¸.· MEMBERS ☆·.¸¸.·´¯`
  • MIKA aka lee suhoon // 미카 // leader, vocal // 90.06.28
  • KARAM aka park hyunchul // 가람 // vocal // 91.06.28
  • HYUNMIN aka woo hyunmin // 현민 // vocal // 91.07.22
  • INJUN aka lee injun // 인준 // vocal // 92.03.09
  • JAY aka jeon jihwan // 제이 // rap, dance, maknae // 94.03.31
Things to note from watching Iron-Blooded Orphans

- Mika is the most savage Gundam MC of all time

- Orga picked a gay name


- don’t get attached to any characters

- what should I do next Orga?

- RAISE YOUR (death) FLAG!!!!!

- Shinoyama is almost canon and many people surprisingly don’t notice it

- everyone close to Akihiro will die

- Naze is Space Fellini

- piloting Barbatos costs an arm and a leg

- Atra is a precious little snowball that must be protected at all costs

- Kudelia’s hair in space

- Orga, Gaelio, and McGillis are all secretly competing for most fabulous hairstyle


- they named a fat kid and his sisters after food

- I must avenge Lieutenant Crank

- space rats

- Iok needs to die

- Naze admitted his ship is his harem

- Makanai is trying to compete with the fabulous three using his beard, its not going well

- Mika and Hush have a Saitama/Genos relationship where Hush is Genos but looks like Saitama with hair

- Mika doesn’t know what one fourth is

- Mika will occasionally, VERY occasionally, learn a thing (see above)

- the dude that piloted the Gusion looked like the Space Joker (on steroids)

- Gundam Gusion Rebake Full City is WAY TOO LONG

- Gundam Barbatos Lupus Rex is ALSO WAY TOO LONG

- it’s not Flauros, it’s Ryusei-Go

- did I mention Iok needs to die?

  • Mika: what do I have to do to make you stop putting your life in danger? I'll do whatever it takes.
  • Yuu: does this mean you'd do anything I ask for and all I have to do is stop endangering my life?
  • Mika: well technically, yes?
  • Yuu: anything?
  • Mika: uuh I guess-
  • Mika: -except stuff that still put you in danger like drinking your blood every day
  • Yuu: ooowww then what's the point?

I am honestly not too impressed with the Owari no Seraph fandom, unfortunately… :( 

I know this goes for almost every fandom, especially on tumblr, but it’s just so sad to see all these people who are supposedly fans of the same thing hate so much on each other, as well as the creator himself. I feel like I want to say a few things, and it’s okay if you don’t agree with me… Of course, my opinion is not ultimate. But it has been bugging me for a while;  

The shipping wars. 

One of the things that have bugged me the most. People are mad because of “yaoi” hinting, while others are mad because “the author should just say yes or no, don’t give us false hope about a gay pairing.” 

1.) Homosexual main protagonists does not make an anime “yaoi”. Yaoi is referring to… Umm… Very sexual animes… >//< 

A thing that I read was this; “I wanna know if this anime (owari no seraph) is yaoi or not. I have nothing against homosexuals, I just don’t want to see it.” 

Wow… You are going to drop an anime because of a potential homosexual couple. But oh nooo! You have NOTHING against gays as long as you don’t have to “see them”. 

I don’t even think I need to write anything for you guys to understand how that statement just shattered my hopes and dreams for humanity. -_-

2.) You can’t go around being salty about the author not “confirming” a couple to be canon or not. At least not until the story is finished. Stop saying that he is “queerbaiting”. You don’t know. 
If I were to write a manga, I would NEVER spoil a future canon couple even if people asked about it. Let him at least finish his story before you rant about it on tumblr. 

“B-but it doesn’t matter, because the author is sexist as fuck.” 


I got this a while ago when I wrote a post. 
And I got curious. Was this true? Is the anime/manga sexist and I just didn’t notice? So I did what every reasonable person would do. I asked around, and looked into the matter. What did I find? SJW tumblr crap… -_- 

Okay, so maybe not everyone will agree with me on this one, but hear me out! I will argue back at some points people messaged me about, and maybe I will change your opinion on it? That is if you are one of those who blindly believed this, or maybe misunderstood because other ONS blogs were talking about it. 

What I will do is write down some arguments used against me, then reply to them, proving that most of these points are mere… SJW whining. 

- “All the women are in love with the main character. ALL OF THEM!”

Wow. I didn’t know. Guess Shinoa, Mitsuba, Krul, Chess, Horn, Sayuri, Mito, Kimizuki’s sister, every single woman in the show, are all in love with Yuuichirou? How odd. 
No, seriously. The only two shown to have a crush on Yuu are Mitsuba and Shinoa. Also, Shinoa is the only one shown to have a long-lasting crush on Yuu. Well, maybe besides Mika… >.> 
How is gaining a crush on a boy sexist? I don’t get it. If I was in Owari no Seraph, I would have gotten a huge crush on Yuu, and he is not even that appealing as a character, especially compared to Mika (I would die for that guy <3). We have come to the time where having a crush = weakness. ;_; 

- “All the women have low self esteem!” 

No. No, not at all, are you stupid? 
These are 15-16 years old teens, fighting against monsters and vampires! Mitsuba started out harsh, because she is afraid of fucking up so that someone dies. Dies. 
Shinoa is the squad leader and have responsibility for her team. They might die. Did I mention that they might DIE? 
These characters do not have low self esteem because they are nervous about the choices they make in a world where they might get killed. It’s actually the opposite. Mitsuba is upset about being promoted because she didn’t feel like she deserved it. This is not a girl with low self esteem, but a girl who wants to work hard and is not pleased with something she gets without deserving it. 

Now look at Yuu, who is afraid of getting too close to people, fearing he will lose them. 
Or Yoichi, who felt like a cowardly burden to everyone in the first episodes. 
Or can we just talk about Mikaela? A guy who thinks the main character will hate him, and think of him as a monster. Who only sees himself as an ugly vampire (his words, not mine). That is not low self esteem? (Or maybe he is just blind or something. >.> Mika is so hot, I am dying…) 

- “The girls are just standing in the background, while the men chooses everything.”

Well yes. Because… Let me think… The boys are the main characters? *mindblow* Yuu and Mika are the main characters, the others are not as important. That’s just how it is. The two other male characters are also just there in the background. Hence, it’s not sexist. 

Besides… Did you even check what kind of show this is? 
Owari no Seraph is a SHOUNEN. Shounen. You know. Boy. It’s a show focusing on boys! Of course the female characters are not as important! >.> 
Watch a Shoujo anime if you want characters that “little girls can look up to”. Because Owari no Seraph is not for little girls. The little girls were all murdered in the first freaking episode. 

My point is: Stop whining. It’s annoying and is driving people away from the fandom. 
If I have lots of people feeling the need to send me more arguments to “prove” that the author is sexist, I will just update this post here… >.< But please understand that calling people sexist is actually pretty serious, and you should stop, unless you’ve got real proof. 
If I get lots of hate from SJW for posting this, then fine. If I lose all my followers, I’ll just delete the blog and stop drawing ONS art. That’s how easy it is. ^^ 

You are of course allowed to disagree, just please, don’t be rude about it. 
Stop acting like whiny children, and act more mature. Please. 
I know this is tumblr, so… I will probably get hated anyways, haha! x3


(It’s a little long, so be warned.)

So. A few days to a week ago I was reading a YuuMika fanfic (I know, don’t say it). In this fic, Ferid Bathory was an important-ish side character. He wasn’t that much of a big deal—that is until I fell in love with the way he was portrayed. Like, when I first saw and got a taste for his character, I was like “oh, so he’s that kind of douche-bag. Okay. I can live with that.” Wasn’t all that into him. But because of this fic, I wanted to read more about him (idk, maybe I was in denial about him being a douchy character or maybe hoped that some part of him cares on a vulnerable, emotional level.

Now. You may be wondering what this has to do with Mika being a Prince, right? Well I’m getting there.

SO. I go to the only place that has more information on Ferid Bathory than any other place on Earth….the Internet. Or more specifically, the Owari no Seraph Wiki page. So there I am reading up on the first part of his wiki page when I noticed something.

When I see the “Michaela” part I just have a total “DON’T READ A WEBCOMIC CALLED HOMESTUCK” moment where I go “what’s this shit?” I get over my slight shock of Ferid being a Mika (because I had mistaken it for Mika’s name). I realize, “oh look at that, it’s a link for another wiki page. I’ll just click it to see what I’m missing.

Turns out, I wasn’t missing much…..or was I? well either way, there wasn’t much information written on it. (But I’ll tell you my thoughts. Because, you know, you care for some reason. Mika’s probably that reason but onwards).

First, we find out it’s rare. Kind of saw that coming. BUT! I DID MATH! YAY! So, I thought to myself, I thought “Aquarian, how much would one out of tens of millions be? Well what if I took our modern day world population and divided it by 10 million? So we could get an ‘at most’ guestimate?” so that is what I did. I divided 7 billion by 10 million and got a total of 700. So, as far as my NOT-mathematician ass can tell, at MOST approximately 700 boys had the Michaela trait BEFORE THE APOCALYPSE.

BUT! Because it said “tens of millions” that means there was MORE than 10 million. It could have been 20 million or 30 million or even 40 million. So the number of boys before the apocalypse that had the Michaela trait could be even less. Now after the apocalypse, maybe a handful? (again this is my thought process). Now onto the next piece!

“Known people with the Michaela trait……Only three known so far? WAIT MIKAELA HAS THE MICHAELA TRAIT!?!?!?!? ….I feel like I should have seen that one coming…..” (again, my thought process)

Then I thought “wait, what if this is the trait that makes you have the ability to become a Seraph?” So even though I did not see Yuuichiro, or Mirai on the list I believe that perhaps it was simply a mistake on the website’s part. BUT! I was slightly surprised to see Crowley’s name on the list. I guess I didn’t expect it.

Now, I’m going to skip the “Legend” part because that’s where things pick up but I also want to talk about the “Story” and Saito.

So Saito, of course, is Ferid’s sire. He also apparently knows about the Michaela trait and seems to be the one that introduced the topic of the trait to us. This is speculation (as far as I know), but perhaps the reason he turned Ferid was because he wanted to see how the trait would react to being part of a vampire body. Maybe. Maybe that’s why he abandoned Ferid, because nothing happened, maybe the trait DIDN’T react.

Now the Crowley part throws me off. Ferid was somehow able to watch over Crowley even before Crowley was even born? Maybe before he was even a thought? What the fuck? I haven’t read The Story of Vampire Michaela series yet (but god do I want to) so I don’t know if Ferid ever explains this. I can only think at the current moment that perhaps the trait can be traced? Because it seems a little too coincidental that Ferid simply happened to be able to watch a human that hasn’t even been born yet for 150 years that simply HAPPENED to have THE Michaela Trait.

If I follow the train of thought that the trait can be traced by certain individuals, then that would explain why Ferid was so interested in Mika. Maybe that’s why he thought Mika’s blood tasted so good (though, if I’ being honest, that’s a little bit of a stretch.)

Now this is kind of where I branch into two directions, though both made me think that Mika is special.

Going back to the “Legend”, it says that the angel Michaela fell to the earth (for now we’re ignoring the part that this “Michaela” caused the creation of vampire because that is possibly a whole new can of worms about this angel probably being the vampires’ Father a.k.a. the first progentiter possibly. Anyways this isn’t what this post is about.) So, I took my search, momentarily to google.

Not much appeared other than fanart and quite a few facebook pages. But then I noticed the ad about the archangel Michael. I thought nothing of it because I was looking for MichaelA not Michael and I believed there was a distinct difference. Turns out, there really wasn’t that big of a difference.

So I before I came to the earlier realization, I googled the meaning of the name “Michaela.” Cue eyetwitch. After a moment of facepalming, I realized that I recognized the meaning of the name (cuz, you know I was hoping for a difference. Turns out that Mika’s name “Mikaela” is ALSO the feminine form of Michael, as in the Archangel Michael. )

Finally I was like, “fuck it, Aquarian. Let’s just see what is up with this Michael dude.” I was raised “Catholic” but I honestly never paid attention and I hated going to church. I knew Michael was some form of important but I didn’t realize HOW important? Like I thought he was just a name you throw around when you feel scared. 

(Note: the image is one i edited in order to get all quotes that i find important for my “argument” in one picture because if i had done it one by one this post would be MUCH longer.)

NOPE. Michael is considered a prince by many branches of Christianity/the religion with God in it? Like? Some say he’s the prince of the lower classes of angels but that’s only if you keep the “A” in archangel to a lower case. If you capitalize it, then it becomes the Prince of ALL angels, Seraphs included. It was around this time that I got the feeling that maybe Seraphs of the end and Michaela Trait Possessors are a little different.

Alright, this is where I backtrack a bit and remind you how I said I was branching off but the two branches are somewhat connected. Well, the other branch continued on to Saito. Lemme explain.

Well, I was curious about the vampire who sired Ferid Bathory. (because remember that that is how I got started on all this “research”?). So I clicked a link and it led me to his wiki page.

As I was reading through the personality part of the profile, I read about how differently he treated Mika and Yuu. NOW I can say I read that book, more like that part specifically. Saito DID treat Mika kindly and everything. Even going so far as to tell Mika to stay away from Guren (though that might have been a jab towards Guren). UNFORTUNATELY, I DIDN’T read the part with Yuu and Saito. But from how it is explained, that treatment was a far cry from how Mika was treated.

At first I wondered why. “why would he treat them so differently? Aren’t they both children? Unless the age doesn’t matter to him. Well they do have different personalities. Maybe he just liked Mika’s personality more? Mika IS more polite while Yuu was apparently ‘temperamental’ on the way to the orphanage. Maybe that’s it. Maybe he just hates children in general and just appreciates the ones that only speak when spoken to or are just plain polite. Especially since he said all the orphans were unwanted (which is actually him being bluntly honest about stuff)…” but a small voice also said “but what if they were treated differently because Yuu is a seraph and Mika is an archangel?” I promptly told the voice to shut up but to keep talking at the same time.

So after a few more minutes, I click the link that says “Relationships” and I got this. Not only is Mika described as a LEADER (*cough cough* ARCHANGEL MICHAEL *cough*), he is also described as a “seraph with high experimental potential” while Yuu only got “a young seraph”. IDK about you guys but I noticed the special-ness usually goes to the main-main character. I actually would have bet that Yuu would have been the more powerful Seraph….maybe even a PRINCELY seraph (*nudge nudge* *wink wink*)

Okay now before I go I have one last thing to point out.

As I was reading Yuu’s part of the picture above, a little piece of a sentence hit me like a ton of bricks. “[…] Mika, who becomes a vampire.” The title of the book where the Michaela Trait is mentioned? THE BOOK OF VAMPIRE MICHAELA. WHO SHOWS UP IN THE BOOK? MIKAELA HYAKUYA. WHO IS A VAMPIRE WHILE THE MICHAELA THAT THE MICHAELA TRAIT WAS NAMED AFTER WAS AN ANGEL NOT A VAMPIRE.

Okay now a total mindfuck moment…

What if Saito COINED the term Michaela Trait? Okay, so, if the Michaela Trait CAN be traced, and that’s a big IF, what if Saito watched Mika for hundreds, perhaps thousands of years like Ferid did to Crowley. And Saito named it the Michaela Trait after the Mika he watched??????

Alright. I’m done. I need some sleep. And to do homework.

(thoughts? Opinions? Angry noises?)

Please Like, reblog, make comments i need to know I’m not crazy and skeep deprived.

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Idk if anyone has said this yet, but can you imagine that one day Yuu asks Mika if he wants to "Netflix and chill" and Mika has never heard that phrase so he literally thinks netfix and chill, so he agrees only to be pounded into a few minutes after he arrived at Yuu's room screaming/moaning his voice out. (Tho he doesn't mind it at all lol) This could be modern or regular AU

I actually haven’t gotten anything like this before lol and omg poor clueless Mika, ok but now you got me thinking like, Imagine Yuu keeps stealing glances at Mika as the blond watches whatever movie they chose and he keeps wondering why Mika won’t make a move. They’re snuggled up together on the couch, the lights are dimmed, and the mood is perfect, but Mika seems to be really engrossed in the movie. 

Yuu then thinks, oh he wants me to take the lead, right of course. Yuu pulls Mika closer, sliding his hands down the blond’s back. He starts to lean down so he can kiss Mika’s ear when Mika pulls back, one delicate eyebrow raised in question. 

“What are you doing, Yuu-chan?” Mika looks on as Yuu’s face turns pink and the boy starts fumbling with his words.

“Wait, I asked and you said ok, but wait…you don’t want to?” Yuu scratches the back of his neck to try and diminish his embarrassment. 

“Don’t want to what? You asked me to come see a movie with you, didn’t you?” Mika was now looking perplexed. It was then that it dawned on Yuu that Mika had no idea what netflix and chill actually meant. His face burned as he pulled himself away from Mika, sitting on the far edge of the couch. 

“Crap, yeah you’re right, I’m just…I thought you knew what…” Yuu was too embarrassed to actually get the words out.

“Knew what? What are…oh.” Mika drew out the last word, cheeks reddening. “You want to have sex?” 

“Well, yeah, but-” 

“Then why did you ask me to come watch TV if you wanted to have sex?” Mika’s brows furrowed cutely. 

“Well, that’s what you say, Mika. I don’t know, it’s like a code or something?” Yuu wasn’t too sure of what he was saying, but really, Mika needed to spend more time on the internet.  

“That’s so stupid, if you want to have sex with me then just say so.”

“I want to have sex with you.” Yuu snapped, hating when Mika was right. Mika’s reply was to grab Yuu by his shirt’s collar and pull him into a burning kiss.  

I uhh got a little carried away lol


I made a thing today… this was so funny XD

I tried to be with my parents as realistic as possible, leaving aside ships o/

Note: I know well the relationship that Mika and Yuu have. I am the first person who wants them stay together and happy, they deserve it, so stop bothering me with things like “they aren’t siblings bc they have no blood relation” or “They are definitely gay”, because they grew up seeing each other as family, I KNOW they have no blood relation, and I KNOW they can have a relationship perfectly, so, stop please. Shipping them is apart from the frame of the series and I won’t be angry if they will not became canon, in fact, I think that their relationship exceeds the limits of love, they would die for each other and I think that that is more important. As a shipper, I am just being realistic about OnS, that doesn’t mean I don’t see them as a cute duo, I LOVE them together. I only made this for having a good time, if you don’t like it, just ignore.

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The small blond walks over to Tatsu and wraps his arms around her. Seems like the bluenette got turned into a child once again, well at least now he'll have someone to play with. "Tatsu-chan~!"

“Hi, Mika!” The young vampire hugged her little brother and pressed a kiss to his forehead. It was good to know that she wasn’t the only child. She was worried that she would be all alone. “Are you okay? Do you know where dad is?”

Yuu gently raises his hand and tries to brush mika’s hair aside to uncover his ear. Mika recoils and spins around and covers that side of his head with his ear. “What the hell, yuu?”
“Im sorry mika. just wanted to look to your ear. What’s wrong?”
Mika blushes. “I just.. don’t like them. I don’t like them!” Mika starts to get upset. “They’re gross and ugly and awful and I wish I could just rip them off!”
Yuu smiles. He steps over and gently guides mikas hand down, then brushes his hair behind his ears. “Well I think they’re wonderful. You have nothing to be ashamed of mika, especially not because you’re a vampire. I love your cute little elf ears”
Mika blushes harder. He looks down for a moment, then hugs yuu.

Emma and Julian Sex on the Beach Scene in Lady Midnight: A Summary

Emma: *is dying* 

Julian: NOOOOOO!!!! *rescues Emma* 

Emma: Thx. 


Emma: Jeez Jules, I’m fine. 


Emma: Aw! That’s really sweet! 

Julian and Emma: *furious make-out sesh* 

Julian and Emma: *removing one another’s clothes*

Me: Well that went from 100 to a bazillion really fucking quickly. 

Julian and Emma: *engaging in sexual intercourse* 

Me: *extremely uncomfortable* Meeee-kaaaaahhh. 

Mika: What? 

Me: They’re having sex again. 

Mika: Ick.  

Mika: Well, at least they’re together. 

Julian and Emma: *waking up 8 hrs later to footprints on the beach* 

Me: You two are idiots.  

Julian and Emma: *get into a passionate argument about whether or not they are in love with each other when they just had sex and have been in love with each other since they were fucking twelve* 


  • Shinoa: "By the way, Mika-san. Why are you still single? I mean you're handsome, you have good manners, you're strong. You're basically the dream of every man and woman so it's hard to understand why you still aren't dating someone..."
  • Mika: "Well, it's not like I wouldn't have anyone I would like to date..."
  • Shinoa*confused*: "Then where's the problem?"
  • Mika: "Wait, I show you."
  • *walks up to Yuu*
  • Mika: "Yuu-Chan, Will...Will you go out with me?"
  • Yuu: "Of course, Mika. Why not? Where would you like to go, the town, the beach...?"
  • Mika*to Shinoa*: ""And that's exactly the reason why I'm still single..."
  • Shinoa: "Ouch..."