Mangacap tutorial - Level 3

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Check for my other mangacap tutorials for the basic steps of cleaning a picture !

So why there are 3 levels? In my case, I don’t only clean a picture but I also retouch/redraw some of the missing parts, which you’ll see how in this tutorial.

Important to read before going ahead:

I use photoshop CS4 and since my native language isn’t English, my program is in Italian but don’t worry, I’ll write in English the tools I use. Sorry in advance for my English and sorry if I use the wrong words/terms.

Plus, this is my way of editing a image, you’re free to not follow my instructions and find your own way of editing !

Let’s start ! Level 3 - Hard

I’m going to use this picture:

and this is the result:

Ao haru ride manga by Sakisaka Io.

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First thing, I cleaned the image and removed the background with the Brush Tool, to see how to clean a picture, check my second mangacap tutorial.

In general for many of my edits, I erase the writings (or other elements as the stars in this case) and I redraw the missing parts. In order to do it, I use the following tools:

the Brush Tool (and the Eraser tool)

the Line tool

the Convert Point Tool

and the Clone Stamp Tool

(depending on the image I want to edit, I use the Healing Brush Tool as well, but I didn’t use it here, usually it’s enough to use the clone stamp tool).

Before continue, I’d like to say that you must know how those tools work (because I won’t explain how to use them), that’s why is the hardest level because in my opinion, for this tutorial you should know how photoshop and its tools/options work.

Step 1. How to redraw the lines.

From some months, I started to draw the lines using the brush tool only (opening on a new layer (very important !)), but what I usually do, especially when I have to draw a curved line, I use the Line tool to trace the line and then I use the Convert point tool to bend it. This is a good method for who isn’t good at drawing on computer because you can get clean and not trembling’s lines. (Extra: if the lenght of the line just bent is too long, you can erase it with the Eraser tool).

As you can see in the following gif:

(Plus, after I bent the line, I used brush tool and the clone stamp tool to complete the editing).

Step 2. How to retouch an image.

Besides tracing lines, I retouched the image using the Clone stamp tool, which allows you to copy one area of an image and copy it onto another area.

As in the case of the shadow of the shirt (I copied the gray and I used the brush to paint the white parts):

(plus as you can see, I erased the writings and I redrawed the lines).

And as in the skirt (I copied the texture of the skirt and pasted it on the writings):

The explanations are done but I thought… it can be even more helpful if I show you all the steps I did when I edited this image.


the other parts I didn’t show yet:

the complete version of the second gif in the step 2:

and at last:

Extra tip: for getting darker lines and a cleanest image, you can use the Levels Adjustments, for more infos check my second mangacap tutorial !

I hope I explained well and that this tutorial will be helpful to someone !

For any question you might have about this tutorial, just let me know ! ^w^