klance spooning where keith is the little spoon and lance’s arm under keith is starting to go to sleep, so he tries to move it but keith instead clings to it and stubbornly says “no.” and lance is like “dude please i can’t feel my arm.” and keith says “no. cuddle me.” and lance just “please i’m begging you. keith. keeeeeeeeiiithhh” but keith just ignores him and pulls lance’s arm tighter around his waist so lance eventually sighs and gives up and resigns himself to the fact that his arm is just gonna be numb but at least keith is warm and soft and smells nice


wmag:  #IAmAnImmigrant. No fewer than 80 of fashion’s most recognizable faces, including @Anja_Rubik, @therealDVF, and @iamMariaBorges, come together to make a statement in solidarity with those affected by the refugee ban: I am an immigrant. Video by @Kloss_Films.