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What trap are you talking about? My body? What do you take him for? He knows better than you how to put on an act. He not only gets inside me…he worms his way into my heart like a snake. Deeper. All the way in. I take him in like a slave. I play my part faithfully…so I, too, can get to his heart. Every time he hurts me until I bleed and scream. Then he is satisfied. Then he feels alive. In the dark, only he knows it’s all real. That’s why…That’s why I can torture him until he can’t stand it any longer, and still I go on until we collapse from exhaustion. And when he finally comes inside me, I think maybe this is it. Maybe this is when you’ll rush in and shoot him in the back of the head…and his blood and brains will cover me!

Disney’s “Mulan”

With Disney announcing a live-action version of Mulan, there’s been a lot of talk over who will play the lead female role. I saw the Chinese live-action film Mulan: Rise of a Warrior years ago but I’m excited for a Hollywood take on the story (that is, hoping they don’t butcher the film) as I loved the Disney animated film growing up.

Taking into consideration their acting chops, appearance and fluency in English, here are some of my personal picks for Mulan:

1) Yifei “Crystal” Liu

2) Rila Fukushima (Yes, highly unlikely because she’s Japanese but I still love her and will include her. And hey let’s not forget, Zhang Ziyi did play a geisha.)

3) Tang Wei

4) Zhu Zhu

4) Grace Huang

Who are your picks?