w:tang wei


What trap are you talking about? My body? What do you take him for? He knows better than you how to put on an act. He not only gets inside me…he worms his way into my heart like a snake. Deeper. All the way in. I take him in like a slave. I play my part faithfully…so I, too, can get to his heart. Every time he hurts me until I bleed and scream. Then he is satisfied. Then he feels alive. In the dark, only he knows it’s all real. That’s why…That’s why I can torture him until he can’t stand it any longer, and still I go on until we collapse from exhaustion. And when he finally comes inside me, I think maybe this is it. Maybe this is when you’ll rush in and shoot him in the back of the head…and his blood and brains will cover me!


One of my favourite moments from Lust Caution. The irony of the song just worked so well with the scene, with the Japanese geishas singing in the background and when she closes the door to sing a song about first love, which just makes her character EVEN more tragic. I mean, you just know then that’s when she was going to have to die, but its only at that moment where they can just pretend she’s an innocent youth with her lover. 

小妹妹似线 郎似针, 
郎呀, 穿在一起不离分

That line was particularly heartbreaking, with Tang Wei singing it so quietly yet with so much emotions, and Tony Leung just looking at her, not saying anything else. (He always does that so well, sniff.)