safety first (Jonghyun Drabble)

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Jonghyun was tired, he was tired of sitting on the sidelines, and he breathed in through his nose, eyes closing as he brought a hand up to cup at his cheek.

He could see you, even in the dark of the club, as you danced along, hands slipping past your body and glances that lingered to long for his liking, and he felt useless.

“Isn’t that your ‘girl’, over there?” Minho chipped in, words slurred as he shot back another drink, but jonghyun didn’t answer, watching you again as your body moved again in tune with the beat that was beating through his body as his heart rate increased.

Jonghyun was fed up.

He looked back towards Minho, watching as his hands struggled to grab at the glass he had put down earlier, and he intervened, his hand shooting out and bringing the cup up to his lips, feeling the familiar burn as he scrunched up his face.

“My drink, you fucker.” Minho blurbed, but jonghyun didn’t care, he was already charging through the crowd, all liquid courage and rash decisions.

It was a lot harder get through than he had thought at first, but he could still see your figure, moving up and down against the backs and fronts of boys as you closed your eyes, letting the music take hold of you as you sighed into the crowd.

Jonghyun moved faster, the glances from the boys and the fingers moving across your skin unknowingly to you making him nervous, making him angry.

You stuck out your hip one more time, the beat building up as you smiled into the lights, before you felt a hard hand grab at your wrist. You opened up your eyes completely, bangs falling into your face as you felt yourself start to be pulled, and you looked towards the arm in half fear.

“J-Jonghyun?” You tried yelling, the familiar back of his head and your favorite sweatshirt on him calming your nerves as you flexed your wrist underneath his grip, but he didn’t hear you, and you only felt yourself being pulled out further, your heels making small steps as you tried not to slip at his face pace.

You tried to jack your hand back, but he didn’t let you, determined to get you out the club, and he zipped past the bodies, past the tables.

Minho thought he saw you both, but he was too drunk to care.

Soon enough, you felt yourself breathe in the cool air that was tinged with cigarette smoke, your wrist burning as you felt his grip on you tighten and you wanted to ask him where he was taking you, but you just let him drag you as you focused on not tripping, and you soon found yourself near his car, and you cocked your head.

“Jong, where are we going?”

“Shut…up.” He breathed, and you sunk in your eyebrows, unsure of what you had done, but you didn’t get a chance to ask as you felt yourself get pinned down into the seats of his car, and the door slam in your face.

You didn’t say anything, watching as he crossed across the car and leaped into his side, sticking the keys in the ignition as you gulped again, watching as he stepped on the gas, and moved to face you, his face straight and set as he stared into your eyes, and you felt your flushed cheeks shine on the night.

“Just shutup, and put your goddamn seatbelt on.”

Because even though he was boiling with anger at you, it was always safety first, and payback second, and he sped off into the night, minho still swiping at an empty glass at the table as you leaned into the seat comfortably, knowing you were in for one hell of a night.

SHINEE REACTION - Their girlfriend is trying to be an idol and tried out for a different company, but they didn't know she wanted to be an idol


Onew is glad to see you trying to be an idol too. He is ready to support you with whatever you need.

He is glad to see you in the music’s way, but he is kinda sad because you didn’t told him that you wanted it before.

Key was surprised to know that, but he is so happy to have a girlfriend who shines by his side. 

Minho is kinda disappointed, he wants you in the same company, to spend more time with you, but he is supporting you anyways.

Taemin is really glad for you, he is thinking about a lovely collaboration already.


Personally….I really want a idol girlfriend to my Shinee!!!! haha

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Marriage?! (A Taemin imagine)

So I wrote this a while back but I figure I should post something to start off with, so here you go! 

Pairing: Taemin x Reader


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It was definitely spring. The scents of freshly cut grass and newly planted flowers hitting your nose as you stepped out onto the front steps of your house. It was a small, modest looking pile of bricks, but it was yours and you loved it. You loved it because he had helped you with every thing in it. He helped you pick out your furniture, and the colour scheme. He helped you move your few boxes of possessions into it on the first day you lived there, and he laughed and joked with you through the entire process. Lee Taemin, your best friend. You’d known him for years now and since then you had always been practically inseparable. But there was one more tiny detail: you were completely in love with him, and not just some silly teenage crush. You had always hoped that he would feel the same way. Well, at least until he met HER. She walked - no, not walked, - paraded into his life as though she owned his soul from day one, and he allowed her to do it. You could never understand why he even looked twice at her, but no matter the reason, she was his priority now. You felt neglected and alone a lot of the time now, and you were always hoping that they would just break up soon, so you could have your best friend back. You weren’t afraid to let him know how you felt about her either, but he wouldn’t listen. Her parents were also particularly forceful, so he felt very pressured to stay with her and make her happy. 

 Then, it happened. It was on a day just like today, warm and beautiful, and you had just stepped out of your front door - to see Taemin, actually. You had finally decided to tell him how you felt, whether or not he loved her. It didn’t matter anymore. He stepped out of his car and you smiled as he strode toward you. Both of you began to say “I have to tell you something”, at the same time. A cute pink blush crept up both of your faces. But he looked so adorable, you had to let him go first. And as he spoke, your lighthearted smile began to fall, and then you felt your heart shatter into ten thousand pieces. He had proposed to her, and they were getting married. Married! You didn’t know what to say, just stood there with your mouth half open, trying desperately to blink away the tears stinging in your eyes. 

 Of course your initial reaction was shock. But then, you got angry. You spoke with a frown on your face, “Tae. You’re joking me, right? This is a joke.” He looked at you with the exasperated expression he always had when you argued over his girlfriend - well, now fiancé. “No, y/n. I’m completely serious” he said in that soothing voice of his, running a hand through his silky hair as he turned away from you. “I’m going to marry her, and I’ll send your invitation in the mail soon.” You scoffed at first as he started to walk away, but then out of fear of losing him, you forced your voice and face to soften. “Then… Then I’m happy for you.” You plastered on a fake expression of happiness as he turned back to face you. He smiled, and it was breathtaking as usual. “Really? Thank you y/n-ah! Your support means a lot to me.” He said as he hugged you tightly, his toned arms wrapping securely around you. You inhaled his sweet scent, it was intoxicating, you never wanted him to let go. But of course, he did. Then he got back in his car, waving and smiling as he left. That’s when you finally let the tears fall… 

HONK HONK! The sound of a car horn tore you out of the painful memory, “Come on, y/n! Let’s go crash a wedding!” You grinned and hopped into your friend y/f/n’s car. They were getting married today, but your invitation never came. Hi lovely bride decided that you weren’t coming, so there was no invite for you. But you were going to show up anyway, to stop your best friend from making the biggest mistake of his life. When you arrived, y/f/n headed straight for the refreshments table, not even trying to blend in or hide, of course. Your lips turned up into the hint of a smile, watching her with amusement. Inside the chapel you could see Taemin’s family along with the other SHINee members on one side of the aisle, and her family on the other. His friends looked concerned, as they should, you thought. Since everyone was sitting down, you assumed that the ceremony would start soon. So you decided to hide behind one of the heavy, pastel purple curtains at the back of the room. Not long after, you watched Taemin saunter up to the altar to wait for his “beloved bride”. You almost stopped him then, but forced yourself to wait. He looked nervous, his eyes seeming to be searching the large room for something. He blinked rapidly and shuffled his feet a bit, giving his four friends a shaky thumbs up. Then, the music started. It was awful, and sounded more fit for a funeral. You grimaced and watched as she practically floated on down the aisle toward the beautiful man at the front. You almost laughed out loud, she looked ridiculous in that huge, puffy gown. When she got there, she grabbed his hand and smiled a sticky, lipgloss filled smile. 

It seemed endless - the ceremony - and you were beginning to think that it would never end. But finally, the words came. The ones you had been waiting for the minister to say for almost a half hour. “Should anybody object to these two people being bound in matrimony, speak now, or forever hold your peace.” The silence in the room was deafening, and after only a moment of hesitation, you stood out from behind the curtain. “I-I object.” You stuttered loudly. The collective gasp that filled the room was almost as deafening as the previous silence. You barely heard the shriek that came from the bride, because your only focus was Taemin. He looked shocked, and - relieved? You strutted down the aisle - trying to appear confident - to stand in front of them, all eyes on you. “I shouldn’t even be here, I know that.” You started, “But I can’t let you do this, Tae. Can’t you see what a big mistake you’re making here?” You gestured to his bride, who’s face had a redness equivalent to a tomato. “Look at this, all of this! Is this what you really want?” He looked unsure, staring blankly at you with his deep eyes and blinking in quick succession. They were easy to get lost in, those eyes.. His voice snapped you out of your slight daze. “What do you suggest I do, y/n? I need to build a life for myself, a family.” You looked at him in disbelief. “You have a family! You have the hyungs, and.. and me! Taemin I’ve been involve with you for years!” Another gasp around the room. “We are your family, we care about you. Please. Leave this place with me right now and just… Be happy. She can’t make you happy, you know that!” You felt a tear run down your left cheek, then the right. The hyungs stood up behind you and nodded in agreement. “Neh! We love you, Taeminnie!” You heard Key say. Jonghyun was in tears. 

The bride’s mother stood up from her place in a pew, completely astonished. “Well, I never! Someone remove this repulsive-” “No.” Taemin cut her off in a harsh tone as he moved toward you. “Y/n-ah.” He took your small hands in his. “.. Let’s go.” His voice was almost a whisper, his eyes locked onto your own. “I’ll meet you outside once I sort this out, and we will go away from here, together.” “R-really?” You couldn’t believe it, this was not happening. You never thought he would actually agree to come with you. “Of course. I… I love you too. I always have, and I should have known you loved me back. I can see it right now, in your eyes.” He gently wiped a stray tear from your cheek, and then turned to face the other people in the church. “The wedding is off! I can’t marry this woman.” He looked back at you. “See you soon, y/n-ah.” He turned and walked through a side door to a changing room. 

A wide grin split your face as you practically ran to his car in the parking lot. You texted your friend that you no longer needed a ride, and turned to smile and wave at the other SHINee members as they exited the church. Minho gave you a thumbs up as Jonhyun wiped his tears, Jinki grinned widely, and Key patted Jonghyun on the back. That’s when you favourite member found you. “Hi” you said breathlessly. “Hi” he smiled, and his hands gripped your waist as he pulled you into his him gently. He hesitated only a moment, blushing. “Can.. Can I..?” “Kiss me?” You smiled, “Of course.” You watched as his perfect lips curled into a grin before he gently brought them down onto your own. It was the best kiss of your life, slow and sensual. His soft lips moving against yours in perfect synchronization. Finally, you had him. The man of your dreams. “I love you” he mumbled against your lips. You pulled away to look up at him, tearing up once more. “I love you too.”