Mutt Monday!

Nomino: Amarillo, TX

Female puppy, 11 weeks old, currently 13.2 lbs. Nomino is very playful and adventurous. She also thinks she is a lap dog and will fall asleep in your lap at any given opportunity. Nomino is the only puppy with a long tail. She is a beautiful sweet little girl.

She has been fully vetted to date. She has been thoroughly socialized, crate trained, and paper trained. She has been around children and have met and played with 8 other adult dogs and around 30 people. We are still working on leash training and house training, but we are making a lot of progress in both areas. Adoption fee is $300 to cover cost of vet bills, food, and other expenses. They also come with a gift bag that includes food, 1st round of heartworm pill, coupons, treats, and a toy. 

Applications are processed through http://sirtx.org/application.html. Contact Kim at kimdouglass@hotmail.com for more info. Nomino is in Amarillo TX.