April Fools day is here lets let the trollin’ begin
1. Koreaboo you be lying I know
2. Onew fansite turned into SHINee’s manager fansite
3. Taemin’s fansite becoming a website for tampons
4.IKON’s Bobby fan account turned into an account for strawberry jam
5.Bangtan fan acc turned into the Davao City Mayor
6.Taemin fan acc as an OTAKU
7.VIXX Leo’s fan acc changed to Taemin
8./9. Onew turned into tofu and key, well, hes a key now.
10. I’m 100% so done with kpop.

Protecting Nature

Okay so this is from one of my torture posts for @keybangs from so so long ago my grape probably doesn’t even remember, but

Jinki isn’t exactly human, but he fell in love with a very opinionated, strong personality environmental science major named Kibum, and he’s not quite sure how he’s supposed to come clean about the whole not being human thing. And this is where circumstances add up to where Jinki kind of has to tell him no matter what. 

There’s like 3103 words or something like that so enjoy! I might revisit this sometime in the future.

The candles on the sink, the back of the toilet and the toilet seat flickered slightly, but stayed lit. They casted a nice warm glow against the white walls of the small bathroom. The bubbles around him were slowly beginning to pop. He stretched his leg out to turn the water back on with his foot, and sighed as the hot water fell against his skin.Holding off on healing was draining him and he didn’t want to use energy he didn’t have. His phone dinged from it’s place on the toilet, but he had no intention of seeing what it was exactly. As the water warmed up with the added hot water he sunk further into the tub with a deep sigh.

“Jinki it’s time to go.” Came the soft reply, quietened by the thick bathroom door.


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