Jinki frowned when Junghee shuffled into the room. Her long hair was pulled up into a messy bun, her huge shirt hanging off her frame besides in the middle where her stomach pushed out the fabric. “How ya feeling?”

The woman made a face before scowling down at her baby bump. “Pregnant. I feel pregnant.”

He quickly went over to cup her cheeks and kiss her nose. He then placed his hand flat on her tummy, “Have you tried the shampoo hun?”

She frowned, “No. I didn’t even think of that.”

“Just go sit down I’ll go get it.” She smiled at him before making her way over to his recliner. She was cozing up when he came in carrying the bottle of shampoo. She beamed as he popped the cap open and squeezed some of the air in her face. “Better?”

“A little thankies.” Junghee held the bottle close as he tossed a blanket over her.

“Gonna be in the laundry room if you need me.” He gave her a quick kiss and disappeared down the hall.

Later when they went to sleep she grabbed her large pillow and as soon as she nuzzled her face into it she squealed. Jinki leaned out of the bathroom with a raised eyebrow and a muffled, “You cool?”

Junghee just shook her pillow with a huge smile. “It smells like the shampoo!”

Jinki was smiling as he finished brushing his teeth and climbed into bed. He pressed a kiss to her cheek, hand on her tummy. “Just trying to make you comfy Babe.”

Once settled with him behind her and his hand snug around her she whispered, “You’re going to be a great dad.”

He nuzzled his nose into her neck and smiled, “Well mother knows best right?”


It’s a prequel to this [x] And it’s about Junghee and Jinki finding out their gonna be parents ^^ 

When Jinki returned home he expected to find Junghee somewhere in the house curled up with chocolate, a heating pad, and raspberry tea. He knew that she usually started sometime in the next couple days and had stopped to get her a sweet and pads because he also knew she always forgot to buy more. He had noticed she was low the day before. After setting the brown paper bag from the bakery down the street on the table by the couch he made his way through their apartment to find his tiny little fiance. 

He found her sitting on top of the washer, book in her hand as she swung her legs. With a smile he leaned against the door frame and gently coughed. Junghee looked up with wide eyes before they softened and a smile tugged at her lips. Her book was closed with a soft thud and set beside her. Jinki slid over between her legs and kissed her as he wrapped his arms around her thin waist. “Can I ask why you’re in here?” 

“I’m drying my blanket. I wanted it extra warm.” 

“Ah is it bad this time Baby?” He liked how her fingers were playing with his hair, the soft look in her eyes as she focused on it, but then she was making a face and her hands were falling to her lap. 

“I’m late Jinki.” 

He blinked at her, words to say escaping him. “You could just be a little off?” 

She shook her head as she pulled her bottom lip through her teeth. “I’ve started the same three days for most of my life. I’ve never been this late.” 

“But it’s only been 2 days.” 

She gave a smile and touched his cheek, “It’s been 9 baby.” 

“But I brought cake… and pads. I thought I was being good.” He said with a pout. 

Junghee kissed his nose, “Thank you. Mind coming with me to get a test?” 

His answer was the way his arms lifted her off the washer and gently set her down. He intertwined their fingers and kissed the back of her hand. “Of course. My car is probably still cool.” 

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“actually every year when my birthday comes, what i feel is that, ‘each year, nothing much has changed.’”

while you feel like nothing has changed, more and more people fall in love with you every single day. you become more and more talented, more and more successful, and you gain more and more love. with each passing day, you make more and more people smile. you deserve the world, kim jonghyun. happy birthday ♥