shinee day: ninth anniversary party ♡ 170521
translation: z0eyyy

the members played an initial game with the letters that spell out “shinee day”. for the letter “i”: “impression” was chosen. park ji sun (the mc) asked them about their first impressions of each other. onew said that his first impression of jonghyun was mistaking him for someone older as, when they met, jonghyun was telling him about everything around them during his first visit to the practice room. (“here’s this, here’s that.) so, onew thought that it must be nice to have a ”hyung like him“.


Jongyu being dorks…and Minho can’t handle it 😂

MTTM ~ SHINee World FIVE Yoyogi 170428

Imagine this: The next SHINee album...

To feature a collaboration from every pairing. And the repackage to contain solo tracks from each member.