DO YOU EVER JUST!!!! Scream about how tiny Razorbeard is….like what the heck…why is he so small…so cute…..i love him so much im gonna die

And likE???? He has that tall af chair,, so tall everyone has to look up to him bc otherwise he’s literally the shortest of all….the infamous Admiral Razorbeard….im dying i would die for him



Today was our grad dinner and dance. It hit me the most when our song started playing and everyone was slow dancing with their date. I felt left out cause it was suppose to be me and you on that dance floor. You were suppose to be my date like you said when we talked about it freshman year. I started bawling when I came home when I saw your text congratulating me cause even tho we’ve ended things a long time ago, you’re still what I always think about. The love you and I had was something I’ll never forget. It sucks so much that you weren’t with me tonight celebrating but I know you’re happy. Knowing that, it makes me happy too.