Yoongi this is for you. This is for all the times you had to wake up in the very first morning hours. This is for you having to eat less to save money. This is for you leaving home to pursue your dream. This is for you proving to everyone and me that every suffering brings you somewhere. This is for you kneeling on that stage in complete disbelief. This is for you Yoongi, this is all for you, thank you for never giving up thank you for coming this far thank you FOR GIVING IT YOUR ALL, THANK YOU FOR DOUBTING AND THANK YOU FOR STOMPING ON THOSE DOUBTS, THANK YOU AND THANK YOU AND THANK YOU


No, this is not a pokemon au, as appealing as it is.

And please don’t kill me, fandom.

But my friend triggered something within me… she was like ‘I want to read a soulmates AU wherein Yuuri and Victor aren’t soulmates, but they still choose one another.’

My brain was like… ‘challenge accepted’

So, here are some ideas about this AU

  • Yurio and Yuuri are soulmates. CALM DOWN OK. Platonic soulmates.
    • seeing the progression in their relationship made me think. I mean, what if Yurio was aromantic. 
    • He can love and stuff, but just not in romantic hold me, yes burning romance stuff. one of the reasons why he’s so antagonistic towards Yuuri is bc he was afraid their ‘bond’ would force him to conform to the commonality that soulmates were mostly involved romantically. 
    • like, he can’t. but ofc, as time progresses, he realizes that they don’t have to be that way and ofc, yuuri too knows that he and yurio aren’t meant to end up like that bc of their age… and he didn’t really see him as a romantic partner. 
    • to be honest? he just felt ‘at ease’ around him and that’s why no matter how yurio pushed him away, he was okay with it (bc he an adult and their soul mate bond pulling them in closer as soul friends, more than anything). 
    • and tbh, ep. 9 shines a light to the u can’t run away from ur soulbond forever.‘ when yurio accepts the bond, things become easier because looking out for the katsudon fatale felt right, conversely, looking out for yurio also felt right for yuuri. we see how he’s concerned with yurio despite being a bit distant from other. 
    • ref: ep. 8 where he sort of ‘senses’ that yurio was having an internal meltdown and he calls out to him - just f, their interactions, and stuff, i can add so much more but this is supposed to be a short-sort-of-post. imma post some later lol.
  • I don’t know what to do with Vicchan, tbh. I don’t know who to put in as his soulmate, but tbh, I can see him as being an aberrant. He doesn’t have a soulmate. Well, he did, but he lost them without ever meeting them. 
    • (I have a horrible idea as to who I can make into his soulmate but I am in denial but what if Chris and romance just wasn’t their style - they had flings and sex and reassurances of rivalry and such. never commitment, as what one would expect from soulmates… until ofc, Victor started wanting more, and Yuuri enthralls him with his rendition of Stay Close to Me)
    • (Expanding on that, we can connect it to what Chris says in episode 6 ‘finding someone you want to protect isn’t like you, Victor.’ And tbh? I can see them as those friends who shared so much stuff back then, but generally realized that they were better off as nothing more than friends because romance just doesn’t work for them.)
  • Victuuri
    • Okay, Victuuri. Victor goes to Hasetsu… and he didn’t expect to fall for the man who skated to his free program. At first, he came to help yuuri uneash his potential, but as he and Yuuri get to know one another, they seem to fall into place. 
    • They complement and supplement one another, despite not being bound by a soul bond. Their characters fit and they both bring out the best in one another.
    • They fall in love with the person: their quirks, strengths and weaknesses, and everything else… not because they inevitably will, but because it happened and they let it. 
    • They chose to be with one another.

Airport scene

Yuuri was prepared to let Victor go, to return him to the world who so coveted him. He just asked for a little more time with him. But Victor rejects that idea because no. Yuuri was someone he did not want to give up. He was Victor’s choice. He will always be Victor’s choice and he needs Yuuri to understand this… 

  • In conclusion, this AU would focus on the sometimes unexplored option of the soulmate AU. The one wherein you fall in love and choose someone who wasn’t your soulmate.
    • Summary: LOVE WINS.

MARK, prince of Orange
JACKSON, prince of Hong Kong
YOUNGJAE, prince of South Korea
JAEBUM, adviser, and friend to Mark
YUGYEOM, soldier, and friend to Jackson
JINYOUNG, personal attendant to Mark
KUNPIMOOK, personal attendant to Jackson

Act 3
Scene 12

MARK upon a hearth. Enter to him JINYOUNG

JINYOUNG: My lord. There is one who wishes to meet with thee.
MARK: Who wishes to meet with me?


JACKSON: It is I, my lord.
JINYOUNG: I did not permit your entrance.
MARK: Jinyoung, chilleth. Jackson, you shall not need to call me lord. Together, we are friends.
JACKSON: I will not. I only jest.
MARK: My friend, sit down.


MARK: Jaebum?
JAEBUM: It is I, my lord.
MARK: ‘Tis been many years, my old friend.
JAEBUM: We ate together in the great hall not even three hours past, my lord.
MARK: Why must all my friends call me lord? Am I only a lord to you?
JINYOUNG: It is required of I, my lord.
JAEBUM: Mark was not inquiring of you, manservant.
MARK: My friend, why do you talk to my attendant like so? He is just as much as a friend to me as he is you.
JACKSON: You have a jesting tongue, fair Jaebum. We have seen Mark’s attendant sneaking with you to your own quarters! Do not degrade him so, for you are responsible for his degradation!
JINYOUNG: Lord Jackson, if you were not a lord, I would smite thee as we stand.


JACKSON: Haha! The fool retreats like Yugyeom in the sight of women!


YUGYEOM: You speak of feces and I will hit thine about the head.
JINYOUNG: I did not permit your entrance, tall child!