Spring Break - Helen ‘18

So, many of you probably went somewhere warm with the sunshine, the birds, the pretty clouds, the heat, the anything that isn’t snow, and the beach. Well, I went to Michigan for spring break. Most of the international students went to Florida, a couple of them went to Atlanta, and some stayed in school. I took it upon myself to stray away from the pack and found myself in Michigan. Now I don’t know about you but when I heard Michigan, I don’t know how excited I was. During my stay there I was with Zander Willoughby and his family, who invited me. So, we arrived Michigan at night around midnight if may estimate. Zander’s sisters were asleep, but his dad was awake to welcome Zander, his mum, and I from the 2 and a half hour drive we had to make. After the basic introductions, we went to bed. AND SO THE EXCITEMENT BEGINS! Next morning we woke up I had the pleasure of braiding the hairs of the two little girls at the house, Shiloh and Vienna. I had been waiting months to do that. After braiding their hair, we went for MY FIRST HOCKEY GAME!

  I have never been so excited to see people hit a puck around. One thing I did notice is that hockey is a violent game, but that seems to be the entertainment that the people want. Well, that was my day one. Day two, I WENT ICE SKATING FOR THE FIRST TIME! Okay I fell no more than three times. Each fall I experienced was very life threatening. At least in my eyes they were. All in all I had fun! I got to use the walker to ice skate, I held the wall most of the time, and I skated around the rink once without a walker or a wall. Of course I held someone’s hand but we don’t have to keep that in mind. After getting back from skating I went to see a movie with Zoe (Zander’s immediate younger sister). We saw Cinderella, the live action movie. I have got to say, the Goose was the real MVP of the movie. The next day Zander andI set out to find dishes that I thought were only found in Nigeria. Well, I was wrong not only did we find what I had asked for, but we found everything I hadn’t bothered asking for because I thought it was pointless. So right now I am stocked on cultural foods. I can’t say that the weather was delightful. Some of the days it was extremely beautiful and some of the days it was terribly cold. Let’s just say the weather had extreme mood swings. But the rest of the days were pretty relaxed, I went to a farm, a zoo, and a butterfly garden. I saw a gigantic spider; it was fake but sill a spider.

I saw what a frozen beach looks like. It is very cold, and it has pretty icy waves. Let’s not forget the biggest horse I have ever seen in my life.

I saw the pretty sides of America. However, spring break is over. Once I came back I cannot deny that I missed Manchester. It seems like the snow followed us all to come back to school. So as the students left Manchester, the snow left with us. As soon as we got back it came too. Hopefully it won’t stay long; I was already prepared for spring. I went from seeing no snow whatsoever to months of snow. I must admit, it isn’t easy. Snow or not the excitement I have coming back to Manchester is surreal, even with snow; it looks and feels like home (minus the cold). Spring break is over, time to get back to work and make a difference not just for myself but for anyone coming in contact with me.

Tobechukwu (Helen) ‘18 is exploring a major in political science with a minor in international studies from Nigeria.


Helen From Freedom Hill Sanctuary 

When she was known only as ‘number 26’, this little calf was missing something. She wasn’t missing a mother – she had one who loved her very much. She wasn’t missing any sense of playfulness or curiosity – she was just like all the others in that regard.‘Number 26’ was born blind. Her inability to see didn’t stop her from being happy and sociable, or different in any other way. But on the beef cattle farm where she was born, she was considered ‘too difficult’ to be cared for. Already condemned to a life of darkness, and now to an uncertain future, it seemed there was no place in this world for this blind calf – until Freedom Hill Sanctuary were notified of her need for a new home – and they were only too happy to offer one. Now, not only have they committed to her lifelong love and care – but the calf formerly known only as ‘number 26’ now has a name – Helen, after the inspirational author, Helen Keller.Like her namesake, little Helen isn’t allowing any perceived disability get in the way of her enjoying a happy and full life. She has already made friends with two rescueddairy calves, and is learning to navigate her way around her new home. Her carer, Kym, describes her as, “the sweetest little girl. She’s so calm and gentle. She also likes to smell our faces & loves cuddles.”

Helen sees the word differently because she was born blind, but she has bonded for life with another rescued calf named Christina (I’ll post christina’s story later)
When Helen was a baby, she was longing for her mother, you could tell, she would lick everything. If you went to give her comfort she would just lick you, all over. You could tell that she was missing her mum, she was grieving her loss. But other times you could tell she was so happy, because even though she can’t see, she would run around and play with the other calves. It is so lovely to see her kicking her legs up with joy. 
Just because she can’t see, she was going to be disposed of, (early as a beef cow she would have been killed for her flesh) but once you get to know her you can see she values her life just like you and me. She has friends and although she has a disability, she lives a full life at freedom hill. 

the sex positivity movement can be so incredibly alienating to women who aren’t attracted to men, and i want every young lesbian to know that not wanting to be provocative and pornographic and appealing to men is fine and normal and okay. you shouldn’t feel pressured to sleep with men in the name of feminism.

MYTHOLOGY MEME: One Mythology 

Greek Mythology — “Carved on the temple [at Delphi] were the exhortations “Know yourself” and “Nothing too much,” mottoes with a similar meaning: You are only human, so don’t try more than you are able (or you will pay the price). A recurring theme in Greek myth is the man or woman who loses sight of human limitations and acts arrogantly and with violence, as if immortal. And pays a terrible price.” 

― Barry B. PowellClassical Myth

The years between eighteen and twenty-eight are the hardest, psychologically. It’s then you realize this is make or break, you no longer have the excuse of youth, and it is time to become an adult – but you are not ready.
— Helen Mirren. (via neuers)