the sex positivity movement can be so incredibly alienating to women who aren’t attracted to men, and i want every young lesbian to know that not wanting to be provocative and pornographic and appealing to men is fine and normal and okay. you shouldn’t feel pressured to sleep with men in the name of feminism.

Mandatory shot on Helen Hwy. Had such a blast this year at SoWo; third consecutive year attending and I can say it was the best so far. Met a lot of friends from out of state, saw some friends I only see once a year, cruised up and down countless mountain roads, and all with the company of awesome people. Thanks everyone for making SoWo9 an awesome time.

  • TV Reporter:What makes a happy, vibrant, involved teen become a surly, resentful, withdrawn teen?
  • Jake Morgendorffer:Yeah, what?
  • TV Reporter:Drugs, that's what. The old story hits a new generation.
  • *door opens*
  • Helen Morgendorffer:Daria, is that you?
  • Daria Morgendorffer:Yeah, hi, goodnight.
  • Jake Morgendorffer:Oh my gosh! Helen, you don't think Daria-
  • Helen Morgendorffer:Jake, she was never happy, vibrant, OR involved.