Soulmate AU HELP!!!

Okay, so I had an idea and it seems beautiful to me. I’ve always been super into soulmate AUs, and recently Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them has taken over most of my thoughts, so I’ve been looking through the tags for my ships, and there are a lot of great AUs, and while that happened, I thought of one. A soulmate AU where the pairing dies and comes back to each other every time and it’s beautiful, and eternal, and tragic, and all that. I know that’s been done with other ships, but I think it’d be amazing for this fandom. So, I can’t write all that well, and I don’t have a ton of followers, but I figured if I tag all the details, an awesome writer in this fandom would find it and be like “wow, plot bunnies, I’ve got this!”

"Lafayette", The suspense story

(The perspective of a French general, a friend of the American general, Washington.)

The Antagonists

As you walk across the fields, you hear whispering and comments of negativity…
and the negativity sends a blasting cold shiver down your spine as as you feel this “negativity” spreading miserably around THE WHOLE ENTIRE CAMP.

You realize now that your whole entire youth as an orphan after all your relatives died, has passed by you swiftly as your “shy ego” comes back to you again.

You say nothing about the “snickering” and hope to keep the anger inside…

But no. It never happens.

You suddenly feel the tears rushing down your face, as your mind screams to you: “HELP ME!”.

You dash away like some wild gazelle…


You can hear the rest of the members of your “beloved and most admired” friend’s camp laugh out loud as you continue dashing through camp, hearing your heartbeat in your chest as the tears rush down your face, flowing by with the wind…

You hear the last snarky remark which, now, will be stuck in your head and heart forever: “General Washington, little French pet..runnin’ around finding something to do”.
You believe it sounds rudely sarcastic and disrespectful.
You continue to run….

And run…

And run..

And run— Until you see a bunch of antagonists…that’s right! ANTAGONISTS!
and they look at you with their evil eyes waiting to insult you, to intimidate you..

It’s getting dark and the moon starts rising up in the sky, constellations crowding the dark black night sky ubiquitously.

The antagonists are still standing IN YOUR WAY! What, will you do? You can’t do anything, even though your strengths are equal. You stare at them, the tears still rushing down your face, as you frown at them.

Your anger and sadness mix in and you have yet realized what the adrenaline will do to you…

The tears are still rushing down your face, and the expression of ill temper still hang on.
As you attempt to calm down, but cannot because of all that has happened, you put one foot forward, as you begin to advance toward the antagonists who were in your way about a half an hour or so, simultaneously taking out your sword from the scabbard.

The antagonists are now frightened. They look at you with wide surprised eyes while gasping suddenly. As the crickets cover the silence of the night, no voice between you and the antagonists can be heard, but the sound of shuffling through the grass.

As the antagonists are still in their emotion of fear and horror, and as you continue walking towards them, sword in hand, you create a chain reaction: as you continue more and more to advance towards them, they decide in thought: “It’s better if we walk away from this 19 year old lad, he looks very mad indeed, but still, we have to keep—” their thoughts are interrupted by you walking towards them at a speed they’ve never recognised before, not even in feeling. They can hear you starting to growl, but it’s coming from inside and not the lion’s roar. You keep on approaching them as if to take them down. Then you start running after them, again, as if to take them down. They don’t know your speed rate nor your velocity. And they certainly don’t know your emotions..well..sort of.

As you run after them, you suddenly hear the faint sound of horse hooves thumping on the ground..and as you keep running after these antagonists of evil nature, the sound of horse hooves thumping on the ground get louder…and louder…and louder..AND LOUDER! As you keep running, you start to feel the vibration of the noise, and the sound with it. As you are about to strike one of the antagonists…

And as you are still hearing the sound and feeling the vibration…

You are suddenly cut short of that anger bottled up inside—

“WHOAH THERE!!” comes a cry, “EASY…” comes the same voice.

You turn around..

The antagonists have fled, but you still wish to hunt them down, as you attempt to take one last step. But you hear the sound of shuffling through the grass and the sound of an exhausted horse slowly trotting through the grass also.

You don’t know what to do and you are conflicted: Either you make the choice of discovering who is walking towards you or continue to run after those rapscallions who were recently IN YOUR WAY.

You think about it..

For a long…long…long…long…long..very long time.

As you decide to turn around, your shyness…OH YES! YOUR shyness COMES BACK and gives you a terribly hard time. TEARS start running down your face like water going down a waterfall.

“Marquis..” the voice speaks, “WHAT do you think you were doing, advancing towards those men!?!”

You panic. You think you are in trouble, and because of your shyness now in the way, you “sort of” fail to recognise the voice you knew when you first came to the “New Country”.

You start to quiver and shiver and even sob and sob some more as tears rush swiftly down your face. Now you don’t know what to do, for your fear is growing..and possibly making your “shy” emotions EVEN WORSE.

“Ge-general?” you try to reply gently, but barely. “C’est vraiment vous, General?” (“It’s really you, General?”) you say.

As the tears continue rushing down you face, you suddenly rush towards the man you always knew and whimper like a little bairn (child). “I’m so terribly sorry!” you cry out loud as you shed your tears onto the man’s coat, but really onto his chest. You sob and weep continuously, as you cry out your apologies. Your anger starts mixing with your sorrow. You start clutching the General’s coat while you weep intensely and you exclaim in a “sort of” half cry, half whisper: “I didn’t know what to do! They seemed as if they were about to get me and take me down! A belle et bien (genuine) one to three attaque! (attack).”

“I’m so very sorry–I could not help it, I was much fed up with utmost rage..” you whisper upsettingly in anger and through much whimpering.

Your friend looks at you sympathetically as he puts his hand on your dear head and replies:

“I believe you marquis..though only seeing half of the skirmish, I could see that you were in a fit of deep anger, but I worried most of what might happen to you if you continued to follow them..”

“General, my friend,” you reply, still a bit weepy, “thank you for worrying about me..your friendship, to me, is the picture to my frame..”

As your friend pats your dear head as you silently weep..and the silence fills the air with the sounds of the crickets…but not for long….

The sound of walking through the grass is heard by both of you—but you know not where from. ‘Tis strange indeed to think that everything was going to be alright..but now everything seems to change from one event to another: the antagonists have been in your way, and you nearly chased them abroad. You have been insulted by some of the men in your friend, the General’s camp, Now you fear the worst:

Who are the ones walking through the grass? You thought you chased them away…haven’t you? But not really..the antagonists were frightened by your haunting angry looks but they “somehow” managed to walk back…

And surround you both.

In vengeance?


Late repentance?

No, not that either..

But you realize that you and the General have something in common that will drive these antagonists away…somehow.

Borrowed tales of Greek mythology in masonry. Inexplicable things that have been passed from one “secret” mason to another…

You decide to use that tactic by making these evil eyed antagonists shy away..

But will it work?

You silently look for your mason sword, the one that everyone used to refer as the “Arthurian medieval” sword—and no, it cannot be used to fight with.
And so you think back to your childhood education..what you learned..what you were taught..

And so you look back at the antagonists..HA! They were behind you! You wonder how they must’ve came back and walked back through the woods as you gently turned around..your anger comes back and it starts to rage inside you..the ferocious temper arises as you stare at the antagonists, as waves of disappointment sweeps over your shoulders..you sigh heavily…and cannot help but let the moonlight shine upon your masonry sword…the silver, gold and navy and royal blue colored one as the light reflection bounces from the metal to your adversaries..

The antagonists quickly cover their faces. Your friend warns you of the danger..you look at the antagonists as you slowly approach them as if to be “all up in their grill”.

“Marquis! Wait!” your dear friend calls to you in a worried and anxious voice. “You mustn’t go near them!”.

You hear his plea, but continue to walk towards them. You quickly put away your masonry sword and fetch your battle sword and violently shove your adversaries (the antagonists..and yes, that’s what they are) from their feet onto the ground and attack them..your final blow..and then turn around and run to your “beloved” friend and whimper many many tears of sadness.

You have done all you could and feel like you can do no more.

If you think your bravery has gone, no, it hasn’t. It just slightly faded away, but will soon return..soon.

Then, you look up at your “beloved” friend, then suddenly look around you and discover that you have forgotten where you are in these parts of the woods..

Was it dawn, or did the moon not yet rise? Now you wonder how it came to be that you “ran like some wild gazelle”? and now you think you are lost and realize you have no compass with you AT ALL. The thought of the idea frightens you as you start to shiver and quiver all over, the cold fear going through your shoulders and back.

“Are you alright, Marquis?” your comrade and General at arms asks you.
You don’t know what to answer and you think you are lost forever..your “shyness” attitude comes back as tears run down your cheeks, your whole entire figure flushing red. You think of the times you did well in battle, keeping those Americans in line…

You ask your “beloved” friend if he remembers at least where the path was and where he came from. He answers you that he does and asks if it would be alright if he gives you a ride back to camp on his horse (“that’s what was making the ground vibrate?!” you think). You reply that it’s alright and you say that that would make you feel much safer if you weren’t stuck in those miserable dark woods of nothingness…

When you finally arrive back at camp, you see a couple of dark clothed men, whom you recognize from the forest, when you escaped from that place of “danger”. You see that they are tied up against a tree. You remember that those were the antagonists that tried to take you down…

Now you remember the whole entire episode where you were insulted by some men of Washington’s camp just because you were new in the world…
Then you lower your head and sadly, gently shake it..sighing much, but crying little because you thought you had them…just when you thought you had your final blow..but you realized, while replaying the whole entire scene in your mind, that through your anger and deep sadness, you have failed to take them..but they were discovered among the woods by a loyal and trustworthy soldier from the camp of your friend, the well known American General: Washington.

You look over your shoulders..then you look in front of you..

EVERYTHING COMES BACK, ALL IN ONE ROW: The tears, the shyness, the anger.. and it upsets you..


As you look around, you think you don’t see your friend..but you realize that with all the anxiety coming back, you remember that he had asked you for a ride back to camp. So now you remember: you are with him..on his horse..

And when you come back, everyone comes rushing towards you and the General as the horse brings you and your devoted friend back to camp. Everyone is overjoyed by you and the American General’s return.

There are cries of “Huzzah!” and “Long live General Washington!” and “Hurrah for Lafayette!”..as you hear those cries, the tears build up as you whisper.. “Oui..Vive le generale..” (“Yes, Long live the General..”).

But is it the end yet? What will happen to those godforsaken (no offence to the readers and listeners) antagonists? Will they be thrown into prison for “negatively” treating you?
Will they deserve their own punishment? Will they escape and do more evil?
Are they going to someday break up and “migrate” to the enemy country, England, and side with the “Great King of England” (not, because over the course of history, during the 1700’s dear reader, he has angered the colonists—-SHAME ON HIM!)?

What will they do?

NOTHING. Because the only thing that those dark and dreary antagonists will need for now…


Being put in prison…
So they will not bother you..

No more.

The End.

(I did this for a class during…maybe my sophomore yr? It was fun to write, and I’m pretty proud of it. I hope all of you enjoy reading it. :D )