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I'm a Tracer main and I can agree that scatter arrow is the biggest load of nonsense I ever have to deal with. Well that, and Roadhog's seemingly endless hook range.


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I need your advice, a girl is in love, with the boy I love. And I don't know what to do, she's much closer to him than I am. I'm extremely worried she'll win. This ongoing war between us is getting dangerous, she's lying about me, she's spreading rumours and worst of all, she is popular. If you could spare some time letting me know how you'd solve this, that'd be wonderful!!! Ps I love your account!!

Hm. Well.

Quite a predicament…

This is a bit long sorry~

Focus on the boy you love. While she’s over there sprouting shit left and right, you can lovingly stay by his side. She can say whatever she wants as long as it doesn’t effect your relationship with your love. 

If it is, however, you can do a few things.

1) Confront her.

Most people are absolute pusses when it comes to confrontation. Make sure you know the rumor comes from her, confront her, and call her out for being a cunt. Though she is popular, it shouldn’t matter what those other people think about you. Everyone hates bitches that spread shit for no reason.

2) Make sure your love knows what’s happening.

Never hurts to play the victim card, right? Tell him about how she’s hurting you with all of these rumors. About how you haven’t done anything to her.  Though they are close, it does make people…re-think a few things.

“Is she really doing this?” “Should i trust her?” “Is she doing this to me too?”


Confessing is the scariest thing known to man, i know, but if she does it first you’re going to be sitting there bitter for the entire relationship. Trust me. This happened to me about 3 times with the same person, and it turns out that he liked me all along too. 

If you feel that your feelings might be reciprocated… take the chance!!

If he says no, continue to grow close to him. Eventually his feelings will reverse! 

(though it would be a little healthier at that point for you to try and find someone else who’s worth your time.)

That’s all i can think of for now~

If anyone wants to jump in, just add onto the post~

Slavic Languages Aesthetic

Russian: warm black tea with honey. Warmth from the fireplace after a cold day outside. Cookies and old books.

Bulgarian: Green fields and the fresh morning air. The sunrise peaking out behind a mountain. Small potted plants outside a house.

Serbian: cigarette smoke drifting through the streets of a busy city. Rain falling down harshly but gently at the same time.

Ukrainian: sunflowers in a field surrounded by blue skies and sunshine. Flower crowns and cute cats hiding among window sills.

Polish: old historical buildings and cobblestones. A dewy morning. White curtains wafting through the breeze.

Slovenian: a small boat drifting quietly down a lake. Small churches hidden behind lush trees and hills. The smell of blooming flowers before spring.

Bosnian: old coffeeshops and beautiful rugs with intricate designs. Small lanterns tinkling in a window. Bridges with arches and minarets in the distance. The feeling of warmth you get from seeing an old friend.

I will fight anyone who trash talks Harry. That boy has been through so much in his life. Growing up in an abusive household, being hunted by a mad man who killed his parents, being kidnapped, tortured until he wished for death, suffered PTSD (waking up every night from nightmares, screaming), was possessed, lost the closest he had to a dad, had survivors guilt (Cedric), was traumatized by the events in the graveyard, etc. He’s been through so much in his life, he doesn’t deserve such hate.

i wish the naruto anime ended with a team 7 moment instead of a marraige :// this story wasn’t about naruhina, it was abt naruto and his journey with bonds, goals and never giving up. i really wish it ended with naruto’s most important people – the actual main characters – the people he’s valued and cherished since he was 12. rly disappointed in sp again. tbh the anime should’ve ended at ch. 699, a team 7 moment instead of of a marraige, or chp. 698