Anche se non sono buono, sarò buono con te. Anche se non mi curo, mi prenderò cura di te. Anche se non sono giusto, sarò giusto per te. Anche se morto, mi rialzerò per te. Anche se non ho un cuore, batterò per te. Anche se sono al buio, splenderò per te.
—  Caneda

Emanuele Dascanio is masterful at hyperrealist art. The video within post shows how time-consuming and detailed his shading technique is. All of the greyscale images in this post are charcoal and graphite drawings on paper, and the colored ones are oil paintings on boards. And an extraordinary one to mention is “Father” (at top), this Jesus looking man is actually Dascanio’s real dad.


The Oscars have completely changed my career for the better. There’s also a danger that it becomes this thing, that you’re constantly seeking this validation, that you’re trying to do something to get a particular response. I don’t like that type of acting … Bad acting is being self-aware, being self-conscious.