Tarjei’s interview with NRK2.


Speaking - Inteviewer, Even Torgat, Sebstian Warholm, Tarjei Sandvik Moe.

I: The name “Antiteater” [translated Anti-theatre] is not a coincidence as it really isn’t theatre of the old variety that the boys are making.

E: We started Antiteateret a few years ago when I went to folkehøgskole [sort of like a college], and we saw quite a lot of theatre. And I noticed then that there wasn’t a lot of theatre that appealed to me, as a young person.

I: And these are the rules of Antiteateret:

E: That we don’t make boring theatre, and that we make theatre that is relevant to society.

I: And there’s one more you haven’t mentioned…

E: What’s that?

I: That it can’t be longer than an hour and a half.

E: Yeah, that’s also a rule we have. Can’t be more than an hour and a half.

I: The characters of the play are themselves.

E: When we started this process, we began with ourselves as the template, and then of course we’ve taken some artistic liberties in places, but that’s where we started, to make material that people could recognize themselves in.

I: Some audience members put in a little more effort than others to see the show. There’s a person coming from Korea, and I suspect it might have something to do with the guy to the right here.

T: Yeah, it’s very nice no matter who comes, but we don’t have any subtitles, so they’ll just have to understand what they understand.

I: Although he has Koreans coming to see him, Tarjei hasn’t lost his grip. He’s still down to earth?

S: He’s very down to earth.

E: He’s quite a diva.

T: I’m super down to earth!

E: He’s incredibly down to earth.

S: That he is.

I: But it isn’t only Tarjei who brings in fans - Sebastian is also recognized by many. You can’t forget Linus i svingen and Himmelblå [Norwegian shows] either, though.

S: You got me there! Can’t do that. Remember when I first came? (does take off gesture)

E: You shot up.

S: Holy fuck, yeah.

E: Yeah, that’s a problem, there’s quite a few Jul i svingen fans, all the way from Asia. From India.

I: The boys have no doubt: the premiere is gonna be a success.

E/T: It’ll be good.

S: We can’t wait.


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