I’ve addressed this before, but since there still seems to be some confusion and I’m actually at this episode, let’s talk about this scene.

Sam did not pressure Danny into recreating the accident. She didn’t tell him that it was his responsibility to get his powers back and fight ghosts again. In fact, she’s the one to question it, and from her tone of voice, you can tell she’s concerned.

Danny was the one who wanted to do this, even though he wasn’t sure. He asked Sam to help him recreate the accident. Even though he’s afraid of ghosts, if he can do something to help people, he wants to. He’s trusting his life to a stranger here, and a stranger who herself isn’t sure this is a good idea, but he still wants to do this.

This is honestly the best scene in this episode. I have a lot of problems with it, but this moment right here shows what’s most important to these two. Sam may get the most joy out of fighting ghosts, but Danny’s safety and well-being are more important to her than that. Danny may want to be a normal kid and live a normal life, but if someone needs him and he can do something, he can’t turn away.

Just something I want people to remember. These kids mess up, but they’re good kids. They care about each other and they want to do what’s right.


Legends of Tomorrow Comic Con panel


ET caught up with the cast of the HBO show at San Diego Comic-Con on Saturday

dear people who have fucked up:

you don’t have to try to explain why you fucked up. you don’t have to come up with a reason for why you fucked up. you don’t have to give excuses for why you fucked up. all you have to do is say ‘i fucked up and i’m sorry. i hear your concerns and i’m listening. i’ll try to do better next time.’ that’s it. that’s all you have to do. stop trying to defend yourself and just own up to it.