Type of girl for EXO-K.

Okey, I’ve been reading a lot these pages of scenarios. And I decided to make one (a really common, but I guess it’s okay) I hope you like it ~

remember, this is my opinion, not necessarily real.


—-Su Ho, I really think he is straight. For me, no chances of being gay. 

personality: she has to be friendly, someone who cares about the others, easy to treat. Pure and innocent, that’s the joonmyun concept. 

phisically: matches with the personality. the girl of suho has to be cute, preferably with long hair but I don’t think really matters, small body, without many curves. 

short comings: suho looks like a calm and secure person. He will really trust on his girlfriend. If his girlfriend says no, he too. It will misunderstand, will be understood as he don’t mind his girlfriend. And that’s wrong.

For me, Suho is very traditional. I think he’s prefers a asian girl than american/european girl, but he may consider it. 

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