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A list of how Arthur would have died

This is a list of how Arthur would have died in each episode if Merlin was too late to save him. 

1) Arthur would have died with a knife in his chest. 

2) A deadly snake bite. 

3) Killed by a really ugly deformed creature. 

4) Killed by a boar. 

5) Poisoned wine. 

6) Killed by a Griffon. 

7) Drowning. 

8) A zombie relative 

9) Killed by a fatal arrow attack. 

10) Starvation. 

11) A fatal wound by a beast. 

12) Probably held captive or killed by possessed Merlin. 

13) Assassination. 

14) Killed by a troll. 

15) Killed by a panther. 

16) Killed by an overprotective father. 

17) Killed by an undead knight. 

18) Killed by Kilgarrah 

19) Many, Many head injuries. 

20) Passing out a lot. 

21) Dying from not getting an antidote. 

22) Dying from a deadly quest. 

23) Killed by a serious leg wound. 

24) Killed by the Dorocha

25) Choking. 

26) Another assassination attempt. 

27) Death by burning in a bath. (Like skin melting off)

28) Death by arrow when close and vulnerable.

28) Death by vase. 

29) Death by massive sword. 

30) Death by Lamia. 

31) Death by Lancelot. 

32) Death by biggest foe. 

33) Death by ghost possessed Elyan. 

34) Death by Uncle. 

35) Death by sister. 

36) Death by serious poison. 

37) Death by heart break. 

38) Death by arrow in front of kingdom. 

39) Death by own father. 

40) Death by explosion and an added fatal head injury. 


I’m late again as always. Happy New Year!

While this past year has probably been one of the worst emotionally for me, having the tumblr community and the fans of Ghost around made it just a little more bearable though the crummy moments. But I don’t want to dwell on the past too much and want to better myself for 2016 and keep moving forward. 

Anyway I wanted to make a thank you gift for everyone to celebrate and what’s more reminiscent of New Years then taking pictures? I had a lot of fun with this image and I hope you all enjoy it too. Also Lewis honey you need to practice smiling for pictures like your friends. :Y