EXO - 170822 The Power of Music #Total_Eclipse (Chinese Ver.)

Credit: Official SMTown Youtube.

EXO Reaction when you are hanging around a lake for vacation

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*Big giant is scared of the noises outside* “Jagi don’t leave me… please.. do you hear that? Do you think it’s the wolf… maybe it has come for me!”


*A man of not many words but… that eats too much* “When are the marshmallows ready? I liked the ones you guys prepared last night…”


*Would always come up with new games. You’ll never be bored* “If you catch me… I won’t let you sleep tonight jagi! ;) ;) ;)”


*He’ll enjoy his time there. Even prepare a nice soundtrack that gives him this inspiring feeling while travelling and being somewhere close to  the nature*


*So excited that he would run to the water as soon as you all arrive* “It’s cold it’s cold! Ahh I want to do that again!”


*Would literally be the kid that is always cold* “Jagi.. will you sleep tonight with me? In the same sleeping bag… please… I need you close… you are always warm..”


“Do you guys hear that? That beautiful melody that goes with the wind…it says… it’s pranking time… Baekhyun’s nature edition of pranks”


*Always hiding behind you, trying to protect himself from the bugs* “This is all so nice and everything but no one said there were going to be so many bugs here!”


“So… I heard there’s a secret sanctuary near here… if a couple reach it’s secret location… legend says they’ll last forever. Wanna try it jagi?”


“Jagi… now that we are here? Do you want to come with me and explore the surroundings? Yes?” *Is like a baby boy in his first vacation outside the city*


*Sitting the whole day near the fireplace trying to compose a new song* “Something that goes with lake? No? any ideas… I want to sing this with all of you tonight… ahh…”


“He’ll probably be the guardian of the food, trying to keep Kai and Kris and honestly all of the away from it* “If I don’t do this… we won’t have enough food for dinner… do you want some marshmallows jagi?”

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  • Someone: I want to have a deep conversation about the Stars and the universe with someone
  • Me, an intellectual: I want to have a deep conversation about exoplanet and their total eclipse and Baekhyun's honey voice floating through space.. I bet aliens are shook too

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If it isn’t to much trouble, could you please do an Arasoo vacation moodboard? (I stg I’m more loyal to Arasoo than I am my whole family and country)

I stg you guys want to kill me!
Arasoo Travel Moodboard (Kyungsoo)
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D.O. & Suho Teaser : REFLECTION Ⅰ (Performed by Song Kwang Sik)