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Oberyn Martell and Tamina Lannister

“My Princess, who did this to you?” Oberyn asked shining the torch across Tamina’s face. She averted his eyes not opening her mouth.

“You are my wife and the mother of my child, I will not stand for this,” Oberyn said his anger rising.

“Cersei and Joffrey,” Tamina replied softly.

“I will not stand for this!” Oberyn said through his clenched jaw.

“No please don’t do anything, father will be angry,” Tamina pleaded as she grabbed onto Oberyn’s robes.

“And what would your father say about your pain?” Oberyn asked facing the door.

“Nothing,” Tamina whispered a tear sliding from her face as Oberyn’s robe slipped from her hands as he glided out the room.

You Are No Lion

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Favorite fictional couples: 5/?

Prince Dastan & Princess Tamina – The Prince of Persia

“Who said you were a beauty?”

“There must be a reason why you can’t take your eyes off me.”

“You’re…I…I don’t trust you. And you’re not my type.”